United Nations, Kyoto Accord and bases such as Fort Polk

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Well, after world war II which was in itself funded by the usual special power players and with the excuse of reconstructing war torn Europe the League of Nations which then became the United Nations (engineered by the of course banking financiers) along with the newly formed World bank and International monetary fund pretty much decided that they would lead the new post war world into recovery. What most nation states or individual countries failed to see was that in actuality on paper the trio  created a self-serving bureaucracy that would incrementally make them the centralizations of power and of course passing over the world assets for themselves to own and manage regardless if it makes sense or not such as the insanity they are allowing to occur all over Europe and the middle east to include endorsements of nanotechnology, technocracy, wifi- radiofrequency power grid that affects human health and altering plant/animal biology with genetic engineered patented new life forms and polluted food supply that they will further own via the so call “free-trade” harmonizing nations ways of growing food even if polluted as in China. One could add to their new repertoire plans at shaping the world according to their self-serving apocalyptic views and profits a trans-humanist society in which they plan to merge human biology with robotics and if you have any doubts watch the meeting being planned for Russia and the movie the Transcendant man in which politicos such as Obama, Clinton, Col. Powell etc, make an appearance and actually endorse such monstrosities’. These transformations of man is so that no one will be able to revolt or take the power back from them for they are self-declared autocrats and un-Godly. The promotion of all kinds of human societal degradation is not because they truly care about gays, the poor, individual nation’s empowerments, health etc, but to use these wedge issues as useful to divide and conquer later to destroy and enslave all of society. Slowly but surely they have destroyed the sovereign economies of many nations in Europe with Spain and many others experiencing about 100 suicides per day. The so call Fed- reserve plans one more round of bailout money Q3 quantitative easing 3 which will further destroy the dollar plus add to that all the outsourcing of our jobs, and a trade policy that deliberately allows China to gain over and surpass our economy.

Even many bases such as Fort Polk, Camp Lejeune etc, were allowed to deteriorate so poorly to the point of some exploding if by poisons such as bad water, radiation, gases etc. and the military wellness of soldiers and their families compromised for they just plain do not care. Today many bases temporarily fixed up to ease and make a bit better the transitioning for the further wars and further fire power to further along their madness and futuristic evil world where there will be no privacy and no liberty.  Many at Camp Lejeune got cancer and no one got compensated. Obama even blocked a male soldier that got breast cancer from getting any kind of compensation then later extended bill for medical care but many died before that signing due to block delays to not pay yet they wish for them to so easily volunteer to go to fight and die in the never ending wars. These entities need to be taken to court for abuse and crimes against humanity. The logistics to carry on a centralized one world type of governmnet is tyrannical to include almost impossible and would require a suffocating grid of weird drones flying all over the place not to count their record for potential total human abuse and degradation to the people.

After WWII the dynamic Smart-grid, appliances, weapons, surveillance system etc, trio created the BRAC base realignment bureaucracy so that little by little after they accomplish their harnessing of the world; then bases will once again begin to start closing or as they label themselves Base Realignment Committee–realigned for shut down down the road so a small town should not depend on their bases as a source of supporting local economies for best to grow your own economy out of the weapon dependent economy.  Once bases shut down then China et al., will move in with the cash reserves to buy out the US to make ready for the “One world centralized by autocrats elitists economy taking society back to a feudal system.  Public law 87-297 Freedom for War- is still in the books that allows everything to be transferred over to the United Nations and no one will be allowed to have the 2nd amendment that we now enjoy to protect ourselves from harm; especially our right to protect ourselves from an autocratic Mao like Madmen & women that love central government under a United Nations so elitists can run it all and the financiers monarch’s from the old world taking over world assets just like the good old times when only Queens and Kings ruled the world.  It all seemed to work and convinces others until their killing-sprees and lack of respect for human life has become ever so more evident. I was one to suffer under their yoke and still machinations delivered so that I lose my military retirement care after being a spouse over 20 years and being exposed to their evil chlorine gases no different than the ones allowed at Auschwitz. I risk a lot but Americans need to wake-up and protect themselves for this existing and future evil that is being incrementally unleashed on our nation and the world. The carnage has to stop and it is totally madness to attack Iran and many other nations for they keep exposing the world to more and more poisons just to continue their dysfunctional archaic world of old same power players evil- ran society that is actually stopping real progress and the potential for people to live a real beautiful productive world that is not dependent on old sociopaths but a check & balances society that will respect individuals worldwide. Do something each day to stop them for we all stand to perish.


Candidates Merry Go Around

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It seems that most candidates are serving the same special interests and as of late there is less difference on the issues among them except for Dr. Ron Paul and yes of course he is being totally blacked out of the media (so much for us being a true Democratic Republic, people in foreign lands perhaps have more democracy than us) and the only one not following the same path to more wars, globalization (centralization of power) and banking power grab from the people and the private sector.

Here is some info. on Newt Gingrich from Liberty Gun Rights:

NewtNewt Gingrich is a possible contender in the future for the United States presidency. He is currently circulating a letter advertising a DVD called: “America at Risk” for which you may obtain a copy if you send him $35.00 or more. On page 3 of his six-page letter he says: “Today the choice is yours: You can either sit back and allow Barack Obama and the liberal elite to disarm our country, leaving us defenseless against enemies who explicitly desire to erase America from existence.”

Yet, if you check on the voting list of those who voted “yea” on Public Law 101-216 in 1989 (an update to the General and Complete Disarmament Law, Public Law 87-297) you will find that Newt Gingrich voted in favor of section 2 of this disarmament bill which reads:
“(2) as defined in this Act, the terms ‘arms control’ and ‘disarmament’ mean ‘the identification, verification, inspection, limitation,
control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement to establish an
effective system of international control’;”
Should we trust a man who professes to be so concerned with our security and right to have armed forces, who also votes to give them away to the United Nations for a world army? The last thing we need is someone who professes to protect us, while at the same time, is planning to sell us out!Bernadine
Second Amendment Committee
on Public Law 101-216 More here, Public Law 101-216 (87-287 Freedom from War so banks owne it all).
Newt Gingrich-the Grench that stole American’s Christmas plus Nation and economy to Internationalist Globalists is more likely.
This document was written after WWII by bankers and special interests which many orquestrated these wars in the first place (Search Professor Anthony Sutton) then to come up with an excuse for World Disarmament so all Assets go to them the centralization of Power Grabbers as its happening now with their next World banking Collapse Orquestration.
More on why (getting rid of Nation States and Sovereignty) “Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trillateral Commission with David Rockerfeller in 1973, summed up the “network” in his 1970 Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era:
The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the prin¬cipal cre-ative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” [Emphasis added]
Unfortunately, this is the reality of the matter.

With interational banks at the center and various multinational companies in the periphery, the network continues to dominate and control the course of world events. The citizens of the respective countries are little more than objects to be taxed and manipulated.(The August review, 2011). So, under this so called future Dictatorship type of “Human Global Management” (yes, this is a United Nations, UN wacky document in which humans are no different than insects and the implications thereof), everyone will suffer the Jews, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Puerto Ricans, Russians, South Americans etc., for they are tweaking with their FRANKEN SCIENCE the planet earth like sociopaths.
Proof: Scientist concerned are researching for more BlueNOMore and Coalition Against Geo-engineering.

Geo-engineering Weather Manipulation

Well, why bother taking so much out of my time, losing income and ability to spend time with family? Well, what good is it when all that we work so hard for is at severe RISK? Under the Kyoto accord and now the new being tested kyoto card (Smart Grid future money replacement) we all become sitting ducks to bureaucrats who believe themselves above sovereign citizens and they are taking away our food supply integrity, land, water, health care, Nation, children and gambling with the entire econo-system since proof also surfaces that they are tweaking natural world biology (Creators Natural Order of the Universe) and using Nanotechnology, harmful radiofrequency with the Smart Meters, Genome alterations, Insects bio-engineered, GMO’s that harm our liver and that of our children, massive controversial global vaccination programs that also pose altering via DNA-viral added ingredients etc. etc, the list goes on…and watch out for Smart dust now landing in some of our yards… (Newt discussed on a video for had knowledge on some of these bio-engineering programs at a hearing held). It will surface later as nation keeps deteriorating.
About Public-Law 87-297 which takes away from our Second Amendment rights-and places us under a future United Nations total control-Read this research e-mail and visit Libertygunrights.com for more on subject.
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Pub. L. 87-297 entitled Arms Control and Disarmament Act exists today; in fact, it has been amended several times and is codified in Title 22 of the United States Code, beginning with section 2551. If you would like to see the law as amended, you can use the United States Code . From the home page, click on Search the U. S. Code. On the following page, insert 22 in the space for Title, 2551 in the space for section, and click Search. On the following page will be a link 22 USC sec. 2551; click on it. The text of the codified law will be on the next page. To move from section to section, click on the arrows at the top and/or bottom of the page. If you would like to see a list of public laws that made up the code section, go to the set of parentheses labelled Source at the end of the Code section. You will see that some sections of the Act were amended as recently as the 107th Congress (2001/2002). Although the law remains in force, the agency was abolished and reorganized under the Secretary of State.
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Is public law 87-297 , The General and Complete Disarmament Law still in effect and is it real????
So, after WWII, they lie and allow our nation and military bases to deteriorate slowly and some fixed later to keep toppling nation states(BRAC Base gradual closure and Realignment still active, even hired new people in 2011). Purpose stated of BRAC, “(b) PURPOSE.–The purpose of this part is to provide a fair process that will result in the
timely closure and realignment of military installations inside the United States.” Click here, BRAC.gov; only to further their centralization world hemogeny since they are NOT concerned about our well-being but that of the banks (league of nations creators later called the UN and special interests) that allowed so many to include Camp Le Jeune have POISON water (hurting tons of Marine families killing many of their offspring) and at Fort Polk while I was walking my dogs a chlorine valve exploded that HURT me burning my skin but it affected me and my ability to get employment etc, and care for my two kids. Even today some interference in my ability to conduct my business pursuits have occured but I will continue to be successful and plan on making the Department of the Army compensate me and responsible for their lack of informed consent and cover up while I tried to get medical care; answers etc. and with their pet projects at Polk risking injury later covering up so as not to compensate. These people are COWARDS (globalists profiteers planners) and Do NOT care who Lives Nor DIES. Take it from me since I know by experience suffering at the yoke of their Madness and self-interests and profiteering. We need to protect our right to bear arms and protect ourselves; especially in the event that more poisons are unleashed to the general population. Education is mightier than force so no excuse for deliberate death is killing whether overtly, covertly or in plain sight;especially if for forming a global government behind the scenes that has no respect for the individual life or planet biology right to have its natural integrity and not altered for no scientist is God nor creator of the natural order of the Universe. Enough said, take action to save your local community before its too late to reverse the process. The madness against our Nation and our people has to end.