The Voting System, Status Quo, and America’s Incremental Demise

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Many of us may believe that we live in a Constitutional Republic; however the people’s voice and concerns are not being heard nor taken into consideration. We have many incumbents rubber stamping the status quo coming out of dysfunctional Washington D.C. and there is a cozy relationship developing not allowing new ideas or ways at dealing with problems such as what to do independently from the Top Tier dysfuntional directives which are not truly the people’s voice but those of the United Nations, Pentagon, Council and Foreign dis-Relations (CFR), EPA, FDA, etc along with the many other special interests of alphabet soup to include quasi-governmental non-profit organizations or Foundations that is all about profits but claim otherwise and are not aligned with the interests of the voters nor the American people in general.

We have so called health care exchanges which are inside Obamacare that are but a stepping stone to full health care mandates which one could think of a million reasons NOT to have so called government involved in health care when in reality 98% of the time act unethically and corruptly and with that plan money from that system going into “research” which God help us for when they say “research” one could bet its for some so called “health transformation system” written about that could be used to ready the future for the push in Nanotechnology, Singularity (by definition its when human and machine via nano and other technologies merge and irreversible or when being human is snuffed out by technocrats fixated in creating a technocracy society with smart meters playing an initial role) and who knows what other strange un-Christian or un-Godly projects. Please note that once these transformations get implemented humanity becomes more like working robots and since part machine wont object to being used like a working ants for the top tier of plutocrats. This is very un-American but as shown being endorsed by many political figures that hope to make money on this via investments. Why would Obama be included along with former President Clinton, Ret. Colonel Powell and other politicos in a film about a near future world in Nanotechonology which is under current research titled The Transcendant Man? Under who’s permission or consent do these special interests claim to be transforming our world? There are many that do not wish to become part of this power grab over the individual and or right to be sovereign secure in their person and in their property. The last thing America needs is a “health mandate” when so many other actions on their part are destroying our economy, our sovereignty, independence, health, way of life, future of our children and once more respectful of itself and others Republic.

Voting has become a horse & pony show in which sincere individuals trying to make a difference cant’ since media, radio, powerful special interests, foreign governments and status quo incumbents at all levels continue to rubber stamp America to oblivion and destruction. Almost 70% of what media says is partly false, made-up or embellished for special interests benefit purposes taking us each year and each election farther away from our roots, system of checks & balances, independence and functioning economy. Many precincts have no leaders for it is extremely dysfunctional dealing with the games, nonsense, sham, incumbents and establishment people that no matter how much more America sinks down continue to place the interests of special groups or lobby to include religions and foreign goverments ahead of their own no matter how detrimental the path seems to be.
When asking how is that even agenda 21 which may take away our property rights via public private partnerships and other centralization of business organizations or local government independence projects the answer given is that it is the “free market” or when asking about how is it that in Iraq leaders in US allow Monsanto to take power of seeds with their genetic modified forms which if they continue to harness the global seed market can jeopardize the entire planet many answer that it is our “free Market system” etc. Well in my opinion this is not free market but looting of other sovereign economies to include later our own for the love of money in itself has no mother land. Almost everything under the sun seems to be for sale with many nations in Europe collapzing, the middle east, part of south America and in the end God protect us from this mess perhaps our Nation as the last piece of the puzzle. In the end we could end up with a global centralized goverment in the hands of the few managed by powerful banking (profits over interests of citizens) and self-declared autocrats. This not a functioning “free-market” but a managed market by World Trade Organization that 90% of the time bypasses the sovereign independent nation-states standing rule of law directives, banking, corrupt technocrats and or autocrats with no loyalty to the electorate of any nation. This looks more like a scientific dictatorship developing vs. the so called that they are spreading democracy across the world. There is a difference between responsible capitalism and abuse. There is a difference between a Constitutional Republic with true representation of its people vs. fake democracy for special central elites across the world.

I refuse to give any legitimacy to the current voting system and the day will come when America for its own safety may have to ask these corrupt leaders to step-down or we will all perish to death at their hands.
I do not see any party as sincerely wishing to improve America but looting it and deceiving it with the many orchestrations. I will be closing this blog for I no longer feel that the “establishment” in the party are aligned with the values they claim to hold nor do most truly fighting for the wellness of their citizens but a super minority that often takes abuse from top tier. I would vote out all incumbents and try to do all possible to improve the economy and independece of each of our states across the United States but the Voting system in place is no longer legitimate and pre-determined by those owning the media and infamous Rothchild family which by the way bought a weather service company in the state of Wisconsin and could profit from our weather demise and later control for more profit under control of people climate change. Enough said and plan to stay away from this dysfuntional non-repesentative of the people voting system and often self-serving going along with America’s demise party. Something has to be done to rectify this problem and the people must educate themselves very quickly in coming up with answers for our time is running out since we are reaching incrementally each year a possible irreversible future checkmate.


Candidates Merry Go Around

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It seems that most candidates are serving the same special interests and as of late there is less difference on the issues among them except for Dr. Ron Paul and yes of course he is being totally blacked out of the media (so much for us being a true Democratic Republic, people in foreign lands perhaps have more democracy than us) and the only one not following the same path to more wars, globalization (centralization of power) and banking power grab from the people and the private sector.

Here is some info. on Newt Gingrich from Liberty Gun Rights:

NewtNewt Gingrich is a possible contender in the future for the United States presidency. He is currently circulating a letter advertising a DVD called: “America at Risk” for which you may obtain a copy if you send him $35.00 or more. On page 3 of his six-page letter he says: “Today the choice is yours: You can either sit back and allow Barack Obama and the liberal elite to disarm our country, leaving us defenseless against enemies who explicitly desire to erase America from existence.”

Yet, if you check on the voting list of those who voted “yea” on Public Law 101-216 in 1989 (an update to the General and Complete Disarmament Law, Public Law 87-297) you will find that Newt Gingrich voted in favor of section 2 of this disarmament bill which reads:
“(2) as defined in this Act, the terms ‘arms control’ and ‘disarmament’ mean ‘the identification, verification, inspection, limitation,
control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement to establish an
effective system of international control’;”
Should we trust a man who professes to be so concerned with our security and right to have armed forces, who also votes to give them away to the United Nations for a world army? The last thing we need is someone who professes to protect us, while at the same time, is planning to sell us out!Bernadine
Second Amendment Committee
on Public Law 101-216 More here, Public Law 101-216 (87-287 Freedom from War so banks owne it all).
Newt Gingrich-the Grench that stole American’s Christmas plus Nation and economy to Internationalist Globalists is more likely.
This document was written after WWII by bankers and special interests which many orquestrated these wars in the first place (Search Professor Anthony Sutton) then to come up with an excuse for World Disarmament so all Assets go to them the centralization of Power Grabbers as its happening now with their next World banking Collapse Orquestration.
More on why (getting rid of Nation States and Sovereignty) “Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trillateral Commission with David Rockerfeller in 1973, summed up the “network” in his 1970 Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era:
The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the prin¬cipal cre-ative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” [Emphasis added]
Unfortunately, this is the reality of the matter.

With interational banks at the center and various multinational companies in the periphery, the network continues to dominate and control the course of world events. The citizens of the respective countries are little more than objects to be taxed and manipulated.(The August review, 2011). So, under this so called future Dictatorship type of “Human Global Management” (yes, this is a United Nations, UN wacky document in which humans are no different than insects and the implications thereof), everyone will suffer the Jews, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Puerto Ricans, Russians, South Americans etc., for they are tweaking with their FRANKEN SCIENCE the planet earth like sociopaths.
Proof: Scientist concerned are researching for more BlueNOMore and Coalition Against Geo-engineering.

Geo-engineering Weather Manipulation

Well, why bother taking so much out of my time, losing income and ability to spend time with family? Well, what good is it when all that we work so hard for is at severe RISK? Under the Kyoto accord and now the new being tested kyoto card (Smart Grid future money replacement) we all become sitting ducks to bureaucrats who believe themselves above sovereign citizens and they are taking away our food supply integrity, land, water, health care, Nation, children and gambling with the entire econo-system since proof also surfaces that they are tweaking natural world biology (Creators Natural Order of the Universe) and using Nanotechnology, harmful radiofrequency with the Smart Meters, Genome alterations, Insects bio-engineered, GMO’s that harm our liver and that of our children, massive controversial global vaccination programs that also pose altering via DNA-viral added ingredients etc. etc, the list goes on…and watch out for Smart dust now landing in some of our yards… (Newt discussed on a video for had knowledge on some of these bio-engineering programs at a hearing held). It will surface later as nation keeps deteriorating.
About Public-Law 87-297 which takes away from our Second Amendment rights-and places us under a future United Nations total control-Read this research e-mail and visit for more on subject.
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 8:09 AM
Subject: Library Question – Answer [Question #2643274]
Hello Theresa
Pub. L. 87-297 entitled Arms Control and Disarmament Act exists today; in fact, it has been amended several times and is codified in Title 22 of the United States Code, beginning with section 2551. If you would like to see the law as amended, you can use the United States Code . From the home page, click on Search the U. S. Code. On the following page, insert 22 in the space for Title, 2551 in the space for section, and click Search. On the following page will be a link 22 USC sec. 2551; click on it. The text of the codified law will be on the next page. To move from section to section, click on the arrows at the top and/or bottom of the page. If you would like to see a list of public laws that made up the code section, go to the set of parentheses labelled Source at the end of the Code section. You will see that some sections of the Act were amended as recently as the 107th Congress (2001/2002). Although the law remains in force, the agency was abolished and reorganized under the Secretary of State.
Hopefully, this information is helpful.

Law Library Public Services Division
Question History:
Patron: To the American Memory Team:
Is public law 87-297 , The General and Complete Disarmament Law still in effect and is it real????
So, after WWII, they lie and allow our nation and military bases to deteriorate slowly and some fixed later to keep toppling nation states(BRAC Base gradual closure and Realignment still active, even hired new people in 2011). Purpose stated of BRAC, “(b) PURPOSE.–The purpose of this part is to provide a fair process that will result in the
timely closure and realignment of military installations inside the United States.” Click here,; only to further their centralization world hemogeny since they are NOT concerned about our well-being but that of the banks (league of nations creators later called the UN and special interests) that allowed so many to include Camp Le Jeune have POISON water (hurting tons of Marine families killing many of their offspring) and at Fort Polk while I was walking my dogs a chlorine valve exploded that HURT me burning my skin but it affected me and my ability to get employment etc, and care for my two kids. Even today some interference in my ability to conduct my business pursuits have occured but I will continue to be successful and plan on making the Department of the Army compensate me and responsible for their lack of informed consent and cover up while I tried to get medical care; answers etc. and with their pet projects at Polk risking injury later covering up so as not to compensate. These people are COWARDS (globalists profiteers planners) and Do NOT care who Lives Nor DIES. Take it from me since I know by experience suffering at the yoke of their Madness and self-interests and profiteering. We need to protect our right to bear arms and protect ourselves; especially in the event that more poisons are unleashed to the general population. Education is mightier than force so no excuse for deliberate death is killing whether overtly, covertly or in plain sight;especially if for forming a global government behind the scenes that has no respect for the individual life or planet biology right to have its natural integrity and not altered for no scientist is God nor creator of the natural order of the Universe. Enough said, take action to save your local community before its too late to reverse the process. The madness against our Nation and our people has to end.

Elections 2010 and County Clerk Information

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Corry for County Clerk

There are new candidates running for county clerk and here is information sent by Corry for County Clerk, giving information about candidate Charles Corry with his writings’ and research. Corry has over the years and not just during election time written extensive articles about voting, elections, family life and other topics for a better America and Colorado. Charles Corry has been very active politically and dedicated most of his life serving his country not just as a former marine but as an active concerned citizen who often volunteered his time teaching about the caucus, liberty and the justice system. Other articles will be featured on other candidates as they surface and we wish to dedicate this special New Year piece to Charles Corry and his family for their dedicated service to the community.

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.
Republican Candidate for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder
     Many of the most basic functions of our government devolve upon the office of the county clerk and recorder. That is a wise and deliberate policy to keep citizen affairs at the lowest practical and most responsive level. However, that makes the selection of a responsible clerk and recorder more critical than it would seem at first sight.
      The clerk and recorder in El Paso County has many and varied responsibilities, the most critical of which is the conduct of fair, honest, transparent elections using a secret ballot. The Clerk is further charged with archiving and preserving many of our most critical documents as well as issuing licenses, titles, and registrations. The county clerk is also responsible for documenting the actions and decisions of the county commissioners.
      Unfortunately, county clerks are also the targets of many unfunded mandates by state and federal legislators and bureaucrats. An example might be the requirement that the clerk enforce statutory diesel emission control requirements.
      By the 21st Century most of the functions of the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder were heavily dependent on computers and electronic devices, e.g., relational databases, graphic interface systems (GIS), and document scanning and electronic archival storage. As the complexity of the equipment used in the office has increased so have the educational and technical abilities required of the staff and clerk. Gone are the days when voter registrations were kept on 3×5 index cards and paper documents were stored in files.
     While technicians might service and maintain such equipment, technical management at the highest level is now required. To ensure the systems are integrated and perform the functions required and are not just some vendor’s pipe dreams and promises technical project management experience is a must. Database architecture and management; computer system administration, security, and networks, mapping and geodesy for GIS systems; Internet and web design and access; etc. are not something attorneys, accountants, or MBAs learn. Today the county clerk for even a medium-size county like El Paso needs an advanced degree in engineering or science, as well as project management experience.
      I am the only candidate with the experience, education, and management experience needed for a 21st Century clerk and recorder. Additionally, I have ten years of research into election issues. Want to find out what voting principles are basic to an honest and transparent election?  Go here.  Curious about what can go wrong with electronic voting equipment?  Go here.  You don’t like mail ballot elections but want to know more about the problems?  Go here.  You want to know more about what has gone wrong in local elections.  Go here  or  here. Want to find out what has driven voter turnout in El Paso County from 1992 to 2009? Go here. Looking for a primer on election fraud?  Go here.  And the clerk can’t stop fraud if they don’t know how it is done.
       And if you want complete resumes of my professional and database experience go here. Now try to find the same information about the other candidates.
     As a precinct committee person I am asking for your vote at the April 2010 assembly and would very much appreciate your support now. Donations can be made at or by sending a check payable to Corry for Clerk to the address below.
                   Chuck Corry

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.
Republican Candidate for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder
455 Bear Creek Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906-5820
Telephone: (719) 520-1089
Vote Fraud and Election Issues