Problem, Reaction, and Solution is the method being used to bring in Nanotechnology which is in reality a step towards transhumanism. California is an important state for our food supply and the constant aluminum being sprayed over the years is affecting plants and trees. Researcher Sophia SmallStorm noticed heavy chemtrails near her property and started to do research with other nearby scientists that were experiencing similar problems with their fruit trees dying and or developing molds. It was discovered that the USDA had approved a batch of GMO (Genetic Modified) Eucalyptus trees to grow that were engineered (altered) to be resistant to Aluminum. Through further discovery they concluded that the constant aluminum spray over the years could have been to bring out a problem (trees dying) and then bring out for testing (GMO trees) to be like a solution which could forever change our entire ecosystem readying it for Nanatechology. Many other particules not found in nature (lab made) seem to be surfacing on our environment with some people experiencing a symptom called morgellons. Its almost like a Sci-fi novel but lab test and transhumanist writings seem to point in that direction for the wish of science to forge or transcend natural biology and society. Many of the GMO’ trees of the planned future will bear no fruit and be grown for a specific outcome. Is best to take notes and also learn that many elected officials are endorsing and even placing funds into these biological alterations of society and biology. Many of these decisions and spraying of particulate matter over the our US skies or private properties are being done without public consent or scrutiny nor in being able to verify the exact content of the materials being sprayed to include who are the manufacturers. Sad but true.