Protecting our Land, Food and Water: American History

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Just as in our historical past, people in our country are very concerned over the loss of liberties, land (Agenda 21), air (chem sprays from airplanes to include the new push for drones to be  allowed to fly all  over our skies or over our homes) and water(“Clean water Act”- one more gimmick behind the scenes legislation that is placing our water in the hands of the bureaucracy for the future total control by the United Nations (UN). Many lives were lost during the civil war over the same issues for those wishing to control irresponsibly our nation, yet we have become complacent and more enslaved today than in those times from the past. Long gone are the days in which American men would fight for their women, children, liberties and land. How easy it has been for everyone to forget how many died brutally in order to unite and preserve this beautiful United States. It is a total shame how we are allowing America to die, our economy destroyed, the permitting of incremental machinations of environmental assaults via calamities to our communities( on crops chemtrails metals related drought-BP oil spill etc), our food and once beautiful landscape deteriorating before our very eyes.  Our Constitutional Republic (representative of the people) is deliberately being dismantled to make way for centralization of power which will be more freightful (interdependent/dependent hydra central monster) and super controlling over our lives than the real threat of any one other nation’s possible demise. Sad to see so many complacently going about life as if so many dysfunctions were normal when in reality they are down right crazy. We cannot allow the loss of our second amendment for the minute we do we will have the Transhumanists making their rounds over our cities selling us their abomination of robotics. Think about it carefully (emergency disaster mode the new trend-even apps to track disasters and weather calamities are being created, even charging for the service:sad but people buying them); run for public office, make calls and keep your towns under guard over other possible disasters that are designed to weaken us at all fronts. Wake Up! Do something and stand up for yourself or country or else we die in the hands of tyrants.

Transhumanists making their rounds in US cities selling us their abomination of robotics.
Who gives them the right to declare themselves Gods over the lives of others?
destruction of human biology Singularity Transhumanism
Sensationalism occurs when public display of loss created yet under Monsanto controlled genetic modified food, our livers are being destroyed and proven by scientists, so we are being killed slowly. Is it Ok for special interests to assault our bodies even alter them incrementally without our consent, also hidden with no label? Killing is killing whether done overtly, covertly (hidden under the radar or via power) or in plain sight.

United Nations, Kyoto Accord and bases such as Fort Polk

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Well, after world war II which was in itself funded by the usual special power players and with the excuse of reconstructing war torn Europe the League of Nations which then became the United Nations (engineered by the of course banking financiers) along with the newly formed World bank and International monetary fund pretty much decided that they would lead the new post war world into recovery. What most nation states or individual countries failed to see was that in actuality on paper the trio  created a self-serving bureaucracy that would incrementally make them the centralizations of power and of course passing over the world assets for themselves to own and manage regardless if it makes sense or not such as the insanity they are allowing to occur all over Europe and the middle east to include endorsements of nanotechnology, technocracy, wifi- radiofrequency power grid that affects human health and altering plant/animal biology with genetic engineered patented new life forms and polluted food supply that they will further own via the so call “free-trade” harmonizing nations ways of growing food even if polluted as in China. One could add to their new repertoire plans at shaping the world according to their self-serving apocalyptic views and profits a trans-humanist society in which they plan to merge human biology with robotics and if you have any doubts watch the meeting being planned for Russia and the movie the Transcendant man in which politicos such as Obama, Clinton, Col. Powell etc, make an appearance and actually endorse such monstrosities’. These transformations of man is so that no one will be able to revolt or take the power back from them for they are self-declared autocrats and un-Godly. The promotion of all kinds of human societal degradation is not because they truly care about gays, the poor, individual nation’s empowerments, health etc, but to use these wedge issues as useful to divide and conquer later to destroy and enslave all of society. Slowly but surely they have destroyed the sovereign economies of many nations in Europe with Spain and many others experiencing about 100 suicides per day. The so call Fed- reserve plans one more round of bailout money Q3 quantitative easing 3 which will further destroy the dollar plus add to that all the outsourcing of our jobs, and a trade policy that deliberately allows China to gain over and surpass our economy.

Even many bases such as Fort Polk, Camp Lejeune etc, were allowed to deteriorate so poorly to the point of some exploding if by poisons such as bad water, radiation, gases etc. and the military wellness of soldiers and their families compromised for they just plain do not care. Today many bases temporarily fixed up to ease and make a bit better the transitioning for the further wars and further fire power to further along their madness and futuristic evil world where there will be no privacy and no liberty.  Many at Camp Lejeune got cancer and no one got compensated. Obama even blocked a male soldier that got breast cancer from getting any kind of compensation then later extended bill for medical care but many died before that signing due to block delays to not pay yet they wish for them to so easily volunteer to go to fight and die in the never ending wars. These entities need to be taken to court for abuse and crimes against humanity. The logistics to carry on a centralized one world type of governmnet is tyrannical to include almost impossible and would require a suffocating grid of weird drones flying all over the place not to count their record for potential total human abuse and degradation to the people.

After WWII the dynamic Smart-grid, appliances, weapons, surveillance system etc, trio created the BRAC base realignment bureaucracy so that little by little after they accomplish their harnessing of the world; then bases will once again begin to start closing or as they label themselves Base Realignment Committee–realigned for shut down down the road so a small town should not depend on their bases as a source of supporting local economies for best to grow your own economy out of the weapon dependent economy.  Once bases shut down then China et al., will move in with the cash reserves to buy out the US to make ready for the “One world centralized by autocrats elitists economy taking society back to a feudal system.  Public law 87-297 Freedom for War- is still in the books that allows everything to be transferred over to the United Nations and no one will be allowed to have the 2nd amendment that we now enjoy to protect ourselves from harm; especially our right to protect ourselves from an autocratic Mao like Madmen & women that love central government under a United Nations so elitists can run it all and the financiers monarch’s from the old world taking over world assets just like the good old times when only Queens and Kings ruled the world.  It all seemed to work and convinces others until their killing-sprees and lack of respect for human life has become ever so more evident. I was one to suffer under their yoke and still machinations delivered so that I lose my military retirement care after being a spouse over 20 years and being exposed to their evil chlorine gases no different than the ones allowed at Auschwitz. I risk a lot but Americans need to wake-up and protect themselves for this existing and future evil that is being incrementally unleashed on our nation and the world. The carnage has to stop and it is totally madness to attack Iran and many other nations for they keep exposing the world to more and more poisons just to continue their dysfunctional archaic world of old same power players evil- ran society that is actually stopping real progress and the potential for people to live a real beautiful productive world that is not dependent on old sociopaths but a check & balances society that will respect individuals worldwide. Do something each day to stop them for we all stand to perish.

Elect Mitt Romney To Buy America Time

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We all know that Ron Paul wont be allowed to win the election for his going back to Constitutional Republic nation of checks & balances type of nation drastically and even his son is far from us when siding with insiders on certain issues so for now all we have left is voting for Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Voting for Romney is like placing a band-aid on a huge problem that America has; however it will buy us time to later come up with a more truly caring of America leader. We need a leader that will support and lead our nation as a Constitutional Republic not a future nation of vultures for democracy only where mob rules over the rights of individuals nor a candidate that supports The Transcendant Man movie ideology (endorsed by  Obama even making an appearance in the movie)  of turning humanity into a robotic controlled  dictatorship led by transhumanists central control top to bottom society of feudal workers to the State. We are all in great peril and in a way both parties act like a one monster with two heads slowly  taking America to an Orwellian dark path of reinvented feudalism which is nothing but the Monarchs of years past taking back control of all assests in the entire world, subjugating nation states to their whims and future plans of even Altering  later human biology with robotics via Nanotechnology and biotech transforming food, seeds, altering the environment/ climate  without our input nor consent. Wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage, war positioning  etc., are just distractions wedge issues that mask the real destruction of our individual  rights we enjoy regardless of backgrounds with Bill of Rights & as a Constitutional Republic (checks & balances between branches of gov)  to self-shield, sovereinghty, prosperity, ability to enjoy privacy, private property and to be secured in our persons and homes.

Today, without our consent we are being subjected to harmful altered food, seeds, radiofrequency, climate/biology incremental changes, wars for centralization of power or central one-world government bureaucracy etc, you get the picture. Please, do not be deceived nor waste your vote with those destined to not win and vote for  Mitt Romney and yes to many of us is a band-aid but will buy us some time until we get the hero and honest candidate that believes in the right of individuals to  have liberty, private property & to be secured also in his person with liberty & Justice under one nation indivisible for has many cultures,  under one creator of our natural and beautiful humanity.

Plant biology and Aluminum Contamination:

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Problem, Reaction, and Solution is the method being used to bring in Nanotechnology which is in reality a step towards transhumanism. California is an important state for our food supply and the constant aluminum being sprayed over the years is affecting plants and trees. Researcher Sophia SmallStorm noticed heavy chemtrails near her property and started to do research with other nearby scientists that were experiencing similar problems with their fruit trees dying and or developing molds. It was discovered that the USDA had approved a batch of GMO (Genetic Modified) Eucalyptus trees to grow that were engineered (altered) to be resistant to Aluminum. Through further discovery they concluded that the constant aluminum spray over the years could have been to bring out a problem (trees dying) and then bring out for testing (GMO trees) to be like a solution which could forever change our entire ecosystem readying it for Nanatechology. Many other particules not found in nature (lab made) seem to be surfacing on our environment with some people experiencing a symptom called morgellons. Its almost like a Sci-fi novel but lab test and transhumanist writings seem to point in that direction for the wish of science to forge or transcend natural biology and society. Many of the GMO’ trees of the planned future will bear no fruit and be grown for a specific outcome. Is best to take notes and also learn that many elected officials are endorsing and even placing funds into these biological alterations of society and biology. Many of these decisions and spraying of particulate matter over the our US skies or private properties are being done without public consent or scrutiny nor in being able to verify the exact content of the materials being sprayed to include who are the manufacturers. Sad but true.