Just as in our historical past, people in our country are very concerned over the loss of liberties, land (Agenda 21), air (chem sprays from airplanes to include the new push for drones to be  allowed to fly all  over our skies or over our homes) and water(“Clean water Act”- one more gimmick behind the scenes legislation that is placing our water in the hands of the bureaucracy for the future total control by the United Nations (UN). Many lives were lost during the civil war over the same issues for those wishing to control irresponsibly our nation, yet we have become complacent and more enslaved today than in those times from the past. Long gone are the days in which American men would fight for their women, children, liberties and land. How easy it has been for everyone to forget how many died brutally in order to unite and preserve this beautiful United States. It is a total shame how we are allowing America to die, our economy destroyed, the permitting of incremental machinations of environmental assaults via calamities to our communities( on crops chemtrails metals related drought-BP oil spill etc), our food and once beautiful landscape deteriorating before our very eyes.  Our Constitutional Republic (representative of the people) is deliberately being dismantled to make way for centralization of power which will be more freightful (interdependent/dependent hydra central monster) and super controlling over our lives than the real threat of any one other nation’s possible demise. Sad to see so many complacently going about life as if so many dysfunctions were normal when in reality they are down right crazy. We cannot allow the loss of our second amendment for the minute we do we will have the Transhumanists making their rounds over our cities selling us their abomination of robotics. Think about it carefully (emergency disaster mode the new trend-even apps to track disasters and weather calamities are being created, even charging for the service:sad but people buying them); run for public office, make calls and keep your towns under guard over other possible disasters that are designed to weaken us at all fronts. Wake Up! Do something and stand up for yourself or country or else we die in the hands of tyrants.

Transhumanists making their rounds in US cities selling us their abomination of robotics.
Who gives them the right to declare themselves Gods over the lives of others?
destruction of human biology Singularity Transhumanism
Sensationalism occurs when public display of loss created yet under Monsanto controlled genetic modified food, our livers are being destroyed and proven by scientists, so we are being killed slowly. Is it Ok for special interests to assault our bodies even alter them incrementally without our consent, also hidden with no label? Killing is killing whether done overtly, covertly (hidden under the radar or via power) or in plain sight.