Vote Mitt Romney to buy America Time

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Vote Mitt Romney, America needs you.
Please vote Mitt Romney to buy America time so as to restore our checks & balances form of government and take back our nation via sound economic policies and responsible business growth. It is deceiving to ask voters to just write in names etc, for we all know that these candidates will not get elected and then we lose the party. We must nurture a future leader starting today so as to prepare to lead us into the future. Run for office and displace the candidates who are there as change agents to communism and one world government for predatory special interests. Our nation and all citizens to include our children are in great jeopardy and we must pull together and work hard in whichever small way during our daily tasks to make America once again a nation of diverse cultures but united in purpose and in opportunities at a better life with liberty to include right to be secure in our persons and property.Trust me on this one, Vote Mitt Romney.  It will be a bumpy ride from this day forward but it is in our destiny to not be slaves to others but leaders to the world living in liberty, prosperity and harmony with our families and neighbors.  Your nation needs you, Vote today.

Media and Special Interests Deciding our Presidential Leaders

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Pink Slip for Congress in not representing the will of the people.

Pink Slip from We the People to Congress

Its seems that as we go from war to war and from one economic disaster to the next the “mainstream” media becomes bolder in black listing and blocking out many voters impression at candidates wishing to change status quo.

One continues to hear the same justifications for more war with most news outlets incrementally escalating their war news stories with Iran. Obama claims to be withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan but this is just a ploy to make it look as if he kept his promise while at the same time preparing us for the next planned war with Iran; after all it would be too obvious that it is insane to keep so many simultaneous wars at once or their real explanations with what seems to be a global dictatorial government forming in the backdrop, to those going without while funding these never ending conflicts. (Include Syria, Libya, and Egypt or Pakistan special ops with tax payers’ subsidies). I would buy the argument better if these poor selfish leaders would have at least taken the bother to improve the quality of the lives of the citizenry in general; however on the contrary, global corporations and governments have been working hand in glove with 24/7 surveillance monitoring to locals while growing exponentially in wealth with people growing in hardships, budget cuts, unemployment, and more austere measures affecting food prices, stability, and escalating crime rates. America is a Constitutional Republic and not just a so called plain “democracy” in which Oligarch’s can take over the rights and well-being individuals living in a community subjecting them to abuse. One cannot even travel for business without being subjected to invasive scanner machines and radar 24/7 monitoring system often ticketing those trying to go from point A to B to conduct business and even attempt at helping grow a local economy or possible future jobs. In the end, this dysfunctional system will end up with big Power Players at the top destroying each other like ferocious Piranhas’ while local economies dry up or die. Lets add to this scenario their silent forest genetic engineered tree plans, nanotechnology electronic family and post human trans-humanist society with the plans to effeminate all males; American males in particular who are gun owners under the dwindling 2nd Amendment; perhaps so no new offspring would ever arise to take back our once ethical and beautiful Constitutional Republic of liberty and Justice for all born with rights to be secured in their person and private property which by the way is being taken away deliberately under Agenda 21.

Poll after poll, only the cherry picked Presidential candidates get their name mentioned so as to imprint them in the minds of unsuspecting voters who are so busy working lots of jobs to stay afloat the economic madness. In the meantime plans are underway to even entangle the US economy with that of Europe further risking our economic stability and independence from their hope at a global elitist money making world Casino. All the mainstream candidates right or left support the plan for more war except for Dr. Ron Paul and more than likely due to the huge money involved and special lobby investment interests or religious cause stance they will win. The public should at least do lots of research for our future lives are at stake and learn more to see if these new wars are truly justified or pre-planned for some special global agenda. Is it truly to help humanity or to control all that lives along with their local assets or property? Are humans supposed to live in a subjugated manner or have self-determination with free will to choose? Do growing in power Oligarchs wish to eliminate all competition; especially via patents for life on earth alteration later controlling all that lives, exist and breathes often playing God or wishing to surpass Gods creation? Will they succeed at re-engineering or recreating all that lives to suit their own selfish personal interests? How is it that as citizens we have allowed so many corrupt vultures to take over our congress, media and entire governing system even at local levels? The real surprise is that many know that answers to all our problems do have solutions and published online but those ruling thirst for power and total control. Our government of checks & balances was good in that it was fair and allowing individuals who worked hard to excel but some took public office, served way too long and took it upon themselves to sell our Nation to others without our consent and with covert hidden agenda legislations such as the fake free-trade and Nafta nonsense destroying our ability to build for ourselves making us dependent on others.

Many see Mitt Romney as more sincere than Newt when it comes to religious belief for consistent and never endorsed a book or chaired a nanotechonolgy conference; however both have explored Obamacare areas.
Few examples of tweaked media results below among many not to include the name calling to supporters or disparaging remarks:
Question 8: Do you want to hear more from Ron Paul in the debate?

Thank you for voting!
Yes 68.33% (10,387 votes)

31.67% (4,814 votes)

Total Votes: 15,201
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Question 6: Were you satisfied with Gingrich’s and Romney’s answers about health care mandates?
Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
Yes 28.6% (2,649 votes)

No 71.4% (6,614 votes)

Total Votes: 9,263
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Who won the 11/22/2011 CNN Republican National Security Debate?
Ron Paul…………………5497 votes………85%
Newt Gingrich…………….311 votes……….5%… More


Pink Slip and Unemployment form for Congress not representing the will of the voters and the American people.

Pink Slip and Unemployment form for the Congress not representing Voters concerns.

Joyce Riley a Registered Nurse who has been a Director of Nursing of four institutions and has been a heart, lung, liver and kidney transplant nurse sent a public warning to Vets. She also served as a Captain in the USAF in support of Operation Desert Storm, flying active duty missions on a C-130 aircraft from Alaska to Cuba. She warns for soldiers being let go early from active duty to study the motives behind it since this could be an attempt at avoiding to pay them compensation at current or future incoming combat related illness. (, Joyce Riley R.N.). Note: Warns VA hospitals were receiving about 409 suicide calls per day and many do need their benefits plus ongoing help to decompress and return to community to get new work and not pass these costs to local government when federal policies took them to war and should care for them after goals accomplished. Below is the real voting record of Newt Gingrish which clearly shows he is no supporter of a Constitutional government for the United States but an Internationalist with global agendas not aligned with that of the American people nor tax payers or small business.

Precinct 368-cor Caucus 2008

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      WE had a chance to witness the high turn out of straw poll voters and like most “grassroots” efforts it was not perfect and maybe even disorganized however it was very effective. In our group it was suggested for us to maybe just go into having Primaries but below are some links for the State of Colorado explaining the importance of the election Caucus and as we witnessed it weeds out weaker Candidates that ran but without having the “guts” that it takes to tough out the electorate process. For example, right after the many Caucus events around the country even though candidate Mitt Romney had a great majority of votes in many states to include Colorado he jumped ship and decided not to run showing no determination to go out to the finish line. So, here the Caucus system served to weed out for lack of a better word Candidates that showed no true dedication to represent the interests of the People and Nation and definetely not healthy to have them later give up right before a final election race.  As you study links below see that for El Paso County Mitt Romney had 6,507 votes at the Caucus, MCCain 1,649, Huckabee 1,870, and Ron Paul of Texas 991.

     Many are dissapointed and specially in our precinct group that favored Mitt Romney over McCain for the later tried to revive the infamous amnesty bill that would later lead to overpopulation, over use of State resources such as water etc. Our economy does indeed work naturally with visas, special stays etc, however some special interests hope that down the road the overwhelming numbers will later help form like a North American Union something similar to the European Union in which there are no “real borders” between countries in the group and free flow of people. This is great for bureaucracies, Corporations, banks, and Money Power people but not for the American People who have already a Nation of checks and balances and a Constitution that forbids merging our government with others specially by special interests who do not understand the importance of a Nation of the Peopleby the People and for The People and and not one just for the banks and special interests.  In our Constitution the words, “We the People” is the part that places the Constraints of us on the government and that curtails excess spending, inimical laws that hurt us as a People and that we and our children matter not just profit adventurists.  The  NAU will so  form a “partnership” but as in Europe it became a merger with each country here like Canada/Mexico/United States having appointed officials instead of elected officials as we do today with our Electorate. So, indeed we are concerned specially as we read in our newspaper the Gazette that water will be like the next oil problem for by the year 2012 or sooner that prices for water will go through the roof and many may not even be able to afford their homes between water and oil prices.  Also add that “deficit” spending is like a back door paying of Taxes for that bill will become due and if we default our Nation will go to those holding our devalued paper currency.  So, please keep researching your candidates available and what their “Platform” policies truly are for “socialism” may not be too far ahead of us with so much spending and programs that are bankrupting our Treasury. Here are some research links and please remember that this is all volunteer for our neighborhoods future. Thank you everyone for attending and participating and even improvising when volunteers of years past could not attend this year. Our area is still fairly new and that is why it seems to still be in the developing stages.


  here people could sign up to help during elections at our voting place- Stetson Elementary, 4910 Jedediah Smith Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80922 Voting prescinct=5101521368.

       More info. to research on deficit spending and steps taking place for a back door forming of a North American Union and the costs to the American People to make it happen and not directly to the interests at hand that benefit directly.

Basic Pres. Platform for MacCain info. = Does support all Free Trade with WTO/Gatt/Nafta/etc. that will lead to end of US sovereignty.

Basic Pres. Platform for Dr. Ron Paul and Does not support Gatt/WTO/Nafta trade that dissolves US Sovereignty

In the democratic platforms Obama has been favored for more sound views and in you could find more information on these candidates by typing the name and then the word on the Issues or platform.