Book author Dr. John Coleman states that powerful global financiers along with some members of our congress are deliberately participating in the planned destruction of the middle class in America since it existence hinders the planned post-industrial society which is one based on less growth. This is one of the many reasons for the controlling of agriculture and the many new regulations over food, energy and water. Th author wrote the book, Socialism: The Road to Slavery and the controversial club of Rome. What is even more amazing is that this video presentation was made around the time Clinton was in office and today the information is even more riveting; especially in view that even our light bulb choices are being regulated. Also, at that time the so-called health care reform was basically in the discussion stage and now after one more President in office a current reality. FDA was conducting studies on implantable devices for a health care reform registration database since 2004. It is of great concern the many unconstitutional laws, violations of our privacy, health, space and even the possible threat to access to the very air that we breathe. Carbon credits are purported to be like a new money-making commodity with Gore having an investment firm ready for that piece of action In London. Also, today there is talk of a Smart Grid which is slowly being implemented with incremental radio-frequency products such as Smart energy meters that benefit the system and planners but not so much the health of the people. Daily exposure to radio-frequency products does have health effects on the human body to include possible violations of privacy and inimical outside exposure to your daily activities on a grid. Many of these so call changes were presented as great since they would lower costs and make things convenient but the opposite has occurred; especially in California which most people’s utility bills actually went up. Americans are daily losing liberties and something must be done for we must not allow ourselves to be subjected to possible abuse nor changed without our consent from being human beings to later be transformed into something more like a battery having our energy and frequencies being monitored or read on a daily basis. I am a woman, mother with children and just have a small chihuahua dog but American MEN in this country need to protect their women, nation and their children and quit being so darn passive by just watching this great Nation being usurped and destroyed to poverty, looting, Treason and enslavement. Everyday there is a new violation to our humanity and our form of government is being overthrown and something must be done before it’s too late. So, Wake-up America and fast unless we all wish to become just someones’ money making profit taxable frequency battery. Enough said.