The Mayoral elections received plenty of media coverage with KVOR radio also covering in great detail all candidates to include suggestions by media for voters to visit the individual web pages of each to get more information on their platforms. Here is a brief review of some of the candidates speaking and please go online to get more from several media releases available and Youtube. I have been busy with University program and all I could say is please pray for the city of Colorado Springs and our Nation for these are delicate times. In God I trust to give us good candidates that will take in consideration the need for the people to be secure in their persons, property and with the liberties which have been part of our founding. No doubt that today more than ever voters need to pay attention at the issues so we do not lose our jobs, liberties, vital neighborhoods and ability to live well with our families.

    Some Random Pictures from Stargazer

Candidate for Mayor Brian Bahr was on an adoption sudden trip and here is an update with information from his site. Click Here. Yesterday the wind storm flew one of his signs in the back of the yard which must have gone over several fences and I am not superstitious but in all fairness with his trip to care for the two children here is the picture of his sign below.