Precinct 405 Colorado New Map Area.

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Due to neighborhod growth and new county district map; precinct 391 which was formerly voting precinct 368 has become a new voting precinct number 405. Stetson Hill Elementary is still the Caucus and public voting area for this district.
Feb. 7, 2012 Colorado Springs, Caucus-
January 21rst Central Committee meeting Election of new House and Senate district officers
• Election of division leader
January 15th- February 1st Caucus Training – Times, dates and locations to be announced later
FEBRUARY 7th-7 PM CAUCUSESMarch 17th – County Assembly at UCCS
April/14th -State Assembly in Denver
May 29th – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
October 9th – Last day to register to vote in the General Election
WEEKENDOF OCTOBER13th- MAJORWALKS!!!! – Clear your calendar
October 15th – first day to mail ballots to voters
WEEKEND OF OCTOBER 20th – MAJORWALK!!!!!- Clear your Calendar
WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 3rd – GOTV- Clear your calendar
NOVEMBER6TH- ELECTIONDAY- as many as possible for as much of the day as possible (noon on is most important).
FAQ: Republican Precinct Caucus InformationWhen is the Republican Precinct Caucus?-Colorado Republican Precinct caucuses will be held throughout the state on the first Tuesday in February – on February 7, 2012 – beginning promptly at 7:00 pm. We recommend that participants arrive at their designated Precinct Caucus location no later than 6:30 pm to allow for registration and check-in.
What is a Precinct Caucus?-Precinct Caucuses are held every two years, and are essentially neighborhood meetings of the registered Republican electors who live in the same precinct. The primary purposes of the Precinct Caucus are to elect local representatives of the Republican Party (called “precinct committeepersons”) and to select and delegates to political party assemblies that will then designate Republican candidates to the Primary Election ballot. In Presidential Election years, eligible Precinct Caucus voters also participate in a non-binding Presidential Preference Poll.
Am I eligible to vote in the Republican precinct caucus?-You must be a registered Colorado voter, affiliated with the Republican Party no later than December 7, 2011 (at least two months prior to the Precinct Caucus).
-You must also have been a resident of your precinct for at least thirty (30) days. If you moved into the precinct or registered to vote less than thirty days prior to the Precinct Caucuses, you must attend the precinct caucus that corresponds to your prior address, but you may be ineligible to be elected as a delegate or precinct committeeperson.
-For key dates and additional information, please.
Where is my precinct caucus?-Most Precinct Caucus meetings are held in local schools, community meeting rooms, churches, and sometimes in private homes that are ADA-accessible. The Precinct Caucus location for your neighborhood is set by your local county Republican Party, and can be found on our Colorado Republican Caucus Assembly System website found at
What happens at a precinct caucus?
-At every Precinct Caucus, the basic agenda is as follows:
-Elect a chairman and secretary to help run the caucus meeting that night;
-Vote in the Presidential Preference Poll, and tally and announce the results to caucus participants;
– Elect two precinct committeepersons who will serve as local officers of the Republican Party and help coordinate voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts in the precinct for the next two years;
-Elect delegates and alternate delegates to the County Assembly, and in some cases to certain district assemblies and higher assemblies and conventions;
-Discuss, and approve or reject certain resolutions relating to the Party platform
If I’m not a registered Republican voter can I still attend my Precinct Caucus as an observer?
-Yes you can attend as an observer, but you will not be allowed to vote in the Presidential Preference Poll or participate in the election of precinct committeepersons or delegates to political party assemblies.

FAQ: Delegate Information
What is a delegate and what do they do?
-Delegates and alternate delegates are elected by eligible Precinct Caucus voters to advance to their County Assembly, and potentially to certain higher assemblies including legislative and judicial district assemblies, Congressional district assemblies and the state assembly and convention. At these political party assemblies, delegates will vote to designate candidates to the 2012 Republican Primary Election ballot. Delegates selected at the Precinct Caucuses may but are not required to pledge their votes to their preferred candidates for elective office.
How do I become a delegate to the National Convention?
-Colorado is allowed to send 36 delegates and 33 alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on August 27-30, 2012. At each of Colorado’s seven congressional districts assemblies, 3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates are elected, and the remaining 12 delegates and 12 alternate delegates are elected at the Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention held on April 14, 2012. The members of the Republican National Committee from Colorado are also delegates to the Republican National Convention.
Do I have to run as a pledged delegate for a specific presidential candidate?
-No. You can run as an unpledged delegate. However, if you wish to be considered as a candidate for National Delegate, you must be first elected as a delegate or alternate delegate to your local county assembly and to the State and/or Congressional District assembly from which you wish to be elected, and you must notify the Colorado Republican Party of your interest by filing a “National Delegate Intent Form” no later than thirteen (13) days prior to the State or Congressional District Assembly. You can obtain the “National Delegate Intent Form” from your local Republican party leaders on the day of your county assembly. Pledged candidates for National Delegate remain pledged to their candidate unless their candidate withdraws from the Presidential contest, releases their delegates, or is not nominated.
When and where is my:
-County Assembly: Please visit your local County Party website to find information regarding your county assembly location and meeting time. To find your county Party’s website.
-House District Assembly: to be announced
-Senate District Assembly: to be announced
-Congressional District Assembly: to be announced
-State Assembly: Ritchie Center, Denver University, Saturday, April 14, 2012
When and where is the National Convention?
-Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida on August 27-30, 2012.

FAQ: Candidate Information

When is the Republican Primary Election?-June 26, 2012
What are the residency requirements to be eligible to run for public office?
-Federal office (U.S. House) – Colorado Resident
-State Senate and State House – minimum 1 year residency within the district
How do I gain access the 2012 Republican Primary ballot?
-Republican candidates for partisan elective office may be designated to the Republican Primary Ballot by participating in the assembly process and securing at least 30% of the votes at the nominating assembly corresponding to their district. If a candidate receives less than 30% but more than 10% of the votes at the assembly, they can pursue Primary Election ballot access via petition. A candidate that receives less than 10% vote at the assembly is disqualified from the Primary Election ballot.
-Candidates have the option to not participate in the assembly process and instead petition signatures for Primary Election ballot access. The amount of signatures required depends on the size of the district’s electorate.
What is the deadline to declare my candidacy?A Republican candidate seeking access to the primary election ballot by assembly is not required to announce his or her candidacy in advance, and can simply volunteer at the designating assembly. Single-county legislative districts will hold their assemblies in connection with their county assemblies in mid- to late March. Multi-county district assemblies must happen after all applicable county assemblies, and will generally be after March 28 through April 13.
If no candidates are designated at the respective political party assemblies, there is a short window of time thereafter where political party assembly vacancy committees can designate a Republican candidate to the primary election ballot if there is a vacancy in designation. But if no candidate is designated to the primary ballot, then the chance to nominate a Republican candidate to oppose the Democrat in the general election is lost.
If a candidate wishes to bypass the caucus and assembly process, and seek access to the primary election ballot by petition, the first day to start circulating petitions is February 6th (the first Monday in February). Petitions must be submitted no later than April 2nd (no later than the 85th day before the primary election).

Last call before ballots get mailed out.

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Vote Republican and limited government intervention into people's lives because it matters

1- There is still a chance that we could reverse a lot of the damage and push for the never ending taxes, fees and spending without truly creating jobs and with the shipping of most of the manufacturing base. Those at the top will continue to sign away our country via new deceiving legislations, tax and spend without appropriating for it or replacing it with creation of real wealth and growing real jobs for the people of Colorado. The so called “green jobs” promised by Ritter were sent to China. Incumbents will continue to tax as long as people agree to give them more with less. Taxation and plain spending is not a good plan for it only takes away and fails to deliver into the business sector. It would be great to see Tax hike proponents quantify, demonstrate and justify how their extra tax funds delivered more to the people. Is the general fund already investing according to prior accounting employees to bring back to pay for projects? What other way or how else could jobs and industry be facilitated in order to make a better taxation argument? Could something be planned so as to bring Colorado native real job industry back? Jobs with good wages being earned? Creating jobs is a better focus than taxing the few who are still working; especially while we get rid of the idea of the left to Cap and Tax even the air that we breathe to make yet another commodity in which to make swindles of Trade with what sustains man’s life itself.Taxing more when many home-owners lost jobs and homes to foreclosure may not be such a great idea. Wall Street will continue to mal invest as long as they can continue to make mainstreet and tax payers pay for their lack of responsibility and misdeeds. In the long term this is not good so in my opinion I would personally vote on protecting tax payers so our State does not become a new California.
Federal accounting reports

Ballot Issues 2010 by the Colorado League of Women Voters Click Issues in green. Issues 2010 on the Ballot to Study are here

2- Please continue to call and walk precincts for failure is not an option. We must win back the Governor and Senate seat. Please continue to volunteer for Ken Buck who is working hard along with supporters to get the message out in the importance of being self-reliant than overly dependent on government.
3- Clear the bench Colorado has done a lot of research in the fact that some justices bypassed the State Constitution by labeling taxes fees etc, and below is some information: Vote “NO” on these unjust justices!
(Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice)

Unconstitutional Property Tax Increases (Mill Levy Tax Freeze)
Unconstitutional elimination of Tax Credits & Exemptions (tobacco tax, “Dirty Dozen” taxes)
Unconstitutionally re-defining Taxes as Fees (Colorado Car Tax, Ritter Gun Tax)
Unconstitutional expansion of eminent domain property seizures (Telluride Land Grab)
Unconstitutional usurpation of legislative power (judicial redistricting, school funding)

4- Tancredo – Continue to support Maes if that is what you all believe to be best, however I will be voting for Tancredo since he is only 8 points away from being head to head with liberal and global aficionado giving America to the U.N., Hickenlooper. Maes is a great man in my opinion and flawless for in all campaign events he and his beautiful wife gave all their best and both charming at all times. However, I personally cannot see our State surviving more radical liberal agendas with more taxation without any representation nor new jobs. This pains me but I will vote for Tancredo for we cannot lose the seat and at this point with elections so near there is no way I would risk us losing to the opposition who is so bent on destroying what is left of America.

The candidates for Governor off the cuff mini interview on taxation:

E-mail blast announcement from Tancredo campaign dated October 16, 2010:
We are in a dead heat!

The latest Rasmussen poll has us within four points of John Hickenlooper — that’s within the margin of error.

It’s a virtual tie!

Hickenlooper is down to 42% and I am at 38%. Dan Maes is hovering just above 10%.

Even though Hickenlooper has all the backing and fundraising of the Obama, Pelosi and the Democratic Establishment, we are in striking distance of winning this election.

Note: Keep walking and calling precincts for we must win both the Governor’s and Senate seat. Never give up for an instant for our lives and that of our children depends on us displacing the current inimical interests taking over our State and the giving away of our Nation to the United Nations. Please support Tom Tancredo for we must WIN. Volunteer and donate to your candidates find their web pages and give even if ten dollars. Thank you. Keep up the faith. In God We Trust.
5- The strong Mayor Proyect YES on issue 300 would give a an elected not appointed mayor who could devote more time to the city and be responsible directly to the VOTERS and on a salary so as to not have to divert attention to other time consuming work. The Full-time mayor will become a chief executive officer of the city and accountable to the people of the city. This provides better checks & balances between city officials and the people of Colorado Springs. More information could be found here. People Elected Mayor

Overview of America.