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Well, the time is close for ending of blog for I wanted to post information concerning relationship between Agenda 21, United Nations plans in the works since league of nations, Military installations deterioration like Fort Polk, known risk and injury to family members while serving over the years (lack of informed consent while the future global government was in the works all along) and the deliberate ignoring of their safety or health concerns during attempts at seeking medical care while many living at those assigned destinations (Camp LeJune another example). A woman with a phd. will publish that for me and save me the time for has collected most information all across and it is no coincidence that our monetary system is collapsing nor the push over the past 40 years of the take over of our country; regardless who gets hurts or suffers in the process. I believe both political parties have been taken over by the same inimical interest who will march us all the way to a different type of America. The sad part is that the global players admit that it is a tricky process for who will regulate the elite? At 41 or so minutes of this video David Rothkopf of the Department of Commerce and Carnegie Peace expert; also book writer of the Super Class or Ruling class something admits that problems could occur for global elite wont be restrained by any one group of people or nation since all borderless and no one has done studies to what could happen in such a scenario. Well, I guess the regular citizens will just work and work and America should had never allowed these autocrats to have such power over them and our once safe and ruled by checks and balances Constitutional Republic.

To me it was never about a party or a special interest group but about our country; for if we cannot save ourselves and our prosperity how is it that we could save someone else? Also, religion should not be used as the main platform for there are many conservatives that vote Republican who belong to different religions or worldviews and yes some people may also be conservative but gay and that is their right. I always wondered at the begining of most campaigns why people were being rude to newcomers and even portraying an excluding type of attitude. I was attending University and often with my books on my arms but attending public events and invitations to gatherings but later find that many of these stemmed from some religious type of group which perplexed me for I could never imagine religion per se to be an issue but for globalists this has posed a useful tool for now religion and in my opinion extreme religious viewpoints have been coming to dominate parts of elections by some groups. If we cannot save America, how is it that we could save our freedom or religion? Also, I do not believe that anyone should use their power from religious organizations to even think of excluding any curious new comer to conservative principles or the Republican Party in general. Many wedge issues such as gender orientation, social views, religious preference, choice of giving priority to own districts or if someone goes to church or not should not be used as platform but to teach by example and education. This is why I no longer will keep an affilitation with any political party but will vote for Ron Paul for he is the only one with a sound voting record and the last hope in saving this nation without a global expansion agenda as others who promote ties with NATO and other pro-war types of organizations. Obama is no different since has taken America to unConstitutional wars and expansionism taking us further to globalization and world government.

Barry Goldwater-The media is very silent about the fact that Barry Goldwater was himself Jewish but often not mentioned so an excuse could be given that anyone who dares to criticize the pro-war, pro-entaglement or pro-one sided stance could be labeled anti-semite or Anti-something? Regardless of strange events or outcomes like 911, Oklahoma city bombing, Gulf of Tonkin, Afganistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Egypt etc etc etc., we are supposed to support any status quo and not our own beliefs or independent opinion. I thought I could be a precicnt leader of our nation not that of AIPAC, NATO, Rand Corporations etc.
Anyway, here is a University paper I did on Barry Goldwater:
Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona), served in the United States senate for more than thirty years and was influenced by two worldviews; that of Christianity as an Episcopalian and by Jewish cultural influences as the son of a prominent Jew. These two worldviews are at the pivot of American politics today with many Christians often taking onerous views on religion which Barry Goldwater warned us about since these stances could become a divisive element taking our representative system of government apart. The behaviors of the worldview are often not being practiced and instead replaced with confusion, fear and talks of more wars while America fails to humanists. I have greater understanding of voting struggles today thanks to the great work by Goldwater.
Main Paper:
People around the world come from different backgrounds, cultures, levels of education and individual worldviews that often shape their actions and behaviors. This is an important concept and one of concern since many do not fully understand or follow their worldview principles. According to a research conducted by Barna in 2003, “Ninety-one percent of all born again adults and 98% of all born again teenagers do not have a biblical worldview.” (Other: Lecture Seven). It is not just ok to say Christians feel spiritual but to actually follow the Christian worldview in actions; especially since the new birth in Christ means a lot more than a label. (John 3). To truly experience new birth with Christ one has to become like our spiritual father and reveal the God of the Universe in the way we think, feel and live. (Cosgroves, 2006). Today in the name of the humanist social justice movement and via other onerous religious organizations worldviews, America is losing its liberties, economic stability and Christian foundation. This is not just affecting our educational system but also our world of politics. This is one of the many reasons that I admire greatly Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona) who had served in the senate for more than 30 thirty years and who warned us about allowing religious divisive issues to be followed blindly or dominate politics. He has been a great role model to me for it is palpable the consequences that we are suffering due to ignoring many of his warnings and a volatile topic across political voting district precincts.
Barry Goldwater was influenced by Christianity and Jewish cultural worldviews. He learned a lot about hard work ethics, taking care of family needs and business while serving as President of his inherited Jewish father’s department store, Goldwater Inc. (Goldwater Barry, In Culture wars). He also had a strong military background while serving first as a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot (1941-1945) and later retired from the Air force reserves with the rank of major general. Barry was a very unusual character and reflective of what America stands for since it is a Nation of people from diverse cultures that although many hold dear their heritage; feel and are today American. Many bring their unique worldviews but embrace the liberties in religion and the good Christian foundation that have made America great. For example, Goldwater’s father was an immigrant Jew that came from the way of Poland and Russia. During these times many Jews were scattered over that region and knew firsthand what it was like to live in a country that offers neither liberties nor self-determination which consequently Jews overcame the many obstacles and later migrated to the United States t start a new life. (Shankman, 1975). Once here many worked hard, brought up their children with appreciation for education, passion for business and optimistic outlook for self-preservation so as not to fall again in harm’s way. This is perhaps what may have influenced Barry’s Goldwater guard for religious liberties and limited government intervention into citizens’ lives. Equally admirable was his moderate views on women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies without having extreme religious factions deciding for them. In ultra- orthodox Jewish Hasidic laws women are expected to just work in the house and not even seek education which some enjoy but others who are perhaps born with higher intellectual needs may often be denied any self-expression. (Davidman & Greil, 2007) This is not to criticize but to point out that Barry Goldwater often viewed black and white issues or extreme worldviews as a threat to growth and personal liberties. In America today many Jewish women and Jews in general find some relief from oppression and still are able to live in their special communities without prejudices since America has freedom of religion. Barry Goldwater stated publicly, “ “By maintaining the separation of church and state,” he explained, “the United States has avoided the intolerance which has so divided the rest of the world with religious wars . . . Can any of us refute the wisdom of Madison and the other framers? Can anyone look at the carnage in Iran, the bloodshed in Northern Ireland, or the bombs bursting in Lebanon and yet question the dangers of injecting religious issues into the affairs of state?” (Oxfordjournal.org, 1998). He has been a good role model for becoming better informed on this issue; especially since today many precinct leaders and others running for public office are often out casted or made miserable is they do not endorse war or other such segmented onerous religious stances. Many congressmen today are even asked to sign pledges of support to certain foreign groups while often having to neglect their own districts. Are they the representatives of the U.S. tax payers or those of foreign governments or entities which often profit while America perishes? Yearly America loses its liberties due to endless wars that have religious stances and these events are leading us down to the slippery slope of perhaps losing all freedom of religion down the road. The United Nations and their humanism religion will be offered as the solutions while all the while allowed to happen in order to harness America’s wealth and freedoms. Another answer offered may be a central one-world government not too different from the one described by the author Cosgroves when mentioning the book the Brave New World.
In conclusion, Barry Goldwater used his personal experiences or worldviews to work for the liberty of individuals and in followed in actions God’s work for he wished for our nation to be careful so as not to fall into religious divisions, onerous stances against choice and future chaos. He had courage to pursue his own set of beliefs often challenging orthodoxies and demonstrated this when choosing to be an Episcopalian, a form of religion that is mostly formed by individuals coming from other worldviews. A study conducted for that religion concluded, “Most of our respondents narrated their religious transformation as a process of biographical disruption”. ((Hall, Koenig, Meador, 2010). I fully understand Goldwater since could personally relate to the fact that we most often need to question status quo and follow our inner worldviews; the ones that are truly leading us to a life in Gods character and humility not in perpetual wars, loss of liberties and neglecting to call out when great injustice or bondage may be placed in stealth upon the masses. My background is just as diverse with many influences of German, Spanish and American experiences but choosing to truly live a Christian worldview that follows God in character not in servitude to humanists or war propagandists.
Anyway, this was posted for elections will be volatile and Ron Paul supporters will need to be patient for many do not accept the fact that he has won most polls. Everytime Ron Paul comes ahead in the polls I note a lot of disregard in behavior for those that support his limited intervention and pro-American economy views. So, please be careful. I will finish my role as precicnt leader until new elections 2012 so please volunteer. I wish to thank my family for their support in the time I took for serving as a precinct leader. God bless and protect us.

Global elites in their own words…below

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