Resolutions and Caucus Today Tuesday February 7th, 2012

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Caucus Place: Stetson Hills Elementary, 4910 Jedediah Smith Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Precinct 391 is now new Precinct 405
Senate District: 10
Commissioner District: CC2
House District:15

Bobby James, HD15 Chair
Linda Shannon HD15 Vice-Chair
Vicki Broerman HD 15 Secretary
Ryan Parsell, CD2 Chair
Chuck Broerman, CD2 Vice-Chair
Nielsen, CD2 Secretary

Dear neighbor,

By now, odds are that you’ve heard from me either with a flier at your door, or a call reminding you of the time and place of this caucus. Thank you for coming to this opportunity to make a difference at the grassroots level. I have attended the official GOP El Paso County precinct training since 2008 to present, and I would appreciate your vote for me today as a Precinct 405 committeeperson (one of two positions), and/or also as a delegate to El Paso County Assembly, and or State assembly, Congressional, and Judicial Assemblies, respectively so that I can cast votes to keep freedom-oriented conservatives on upcoming primary and general election ballots. In addition to these votes, I hope that you will vote in favor of the following resolutions. When similar resolutions are approved by like-minded Republicans, at precincts across the state of Colorado, they will have the power to help set the agenda for our party on your behalf. Thank you for your consideration.


Theresa Nielsen, Business owner, independent contractor and member of Republican Party
Right to Shield from body harm and to be secured in our persons and private Property in Colorado Whereas, Our Constitution states that we as a people have the right to be secured in our person and in our private property be it that Chemical aerosols coming from the sky via military type aircraft of undisclosed origin and spray materials landing into our yards, place of business and land harming crops, human and animal health be stopped and made illegal in the State of Colorado;especially without population informed consent for such actions impact our citizens health and ability to earn future income.

Chemtrail Aerosol Colorado Skies

Chemtrail Aerosol Colorado Skies

Whereas, the government should protect its citizens from unreasonable environmental hazards and controls which could give advantage to competitors and interfere with Colorado citizens ability to have access to their own health, ability to grow their crops and animals and in not being compensated for loss of income but conducting these secretive activities without proper informed consent. Whereas, the U.S. Department of Defense or other undisclosed aircraft should not have orders to spray civilians with any kind of undisclosed aerosols that affect animal and human health for it it out of their jurisdiction to spray civilian populations without proper disclosure nor in willing to disclose about its contents, country of origen or spray dates timelines. Whereas, all states have the right to protect their offspring, health, land, farms and future ability to earn income from daily activities which are being harmed by aerosols these activities are out of their jurisdiction and power.

Therefore, Be it resolved that, it shall be the position of the Republican Party, its members and elected officials must work to dramatically limit the ability of federal government to destroy states sovereign right to farm, breathe clean air, earn income from ranching and other daily activities impacted by such actions of hazards chemical aerosols emanating from such aircraft as evidenced by population and to have the right to refuse such assaults to our citizenry in having the ability to be secure in their person and private property that all aerosol sprays coming from the sky be stopped immediately and made illegal and a threat to our right to self-shield and protect ourselves from harm as stated in our second amendment as an assault to our person and right to shield from external harm.

Votes for this resolution _______

Votes against this resolution _______
Life and Liberty Resolution
Whereas, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is at the heart of our American ideals in this constitutional Republic, and

Whereas, federal court judges threaten this Republic through activist reinterpretation of its Constitution and have legalized the deaths of over forty million unborn Americans;

Therefore, Be it resolved that, it shall be the position of the Republican Party and its elected officials to support the passage of legislation, which would serve to reinforce the 10th amendment to our U.S. Constitution and negate the effect of Roe v Wade by removing the ability of federal courts to interfere with state legislation to protect life.

Votes for this resolution _______

Votes against this resolution _______

Border Security and Immigration Resolution

Whereas, a nation without secure borders is no nation at all; it makes no sense to fight terrorists abroad when our own front door is left unlocked, and

Whereas, the current system is incoherent, unenforced, and unfair, and current reform proposals would allow up to 60 million more immigrants into our country; and as long as illegal immigrants think that their illegality will be rewarded, the incentive to enter the U.S. illegally will remain strong.

Whereas, immigrants from all countries should face the same rules and waiting periods, and immigration officials should track visa holders and deport anyone who overstays their visa or otherwise violates U.S. law, such as a number of 9/11 terrorists who had expired visas.

Therefore, Be it resolved that, it is the position of the Republican Party and its elected officials, that we must secure our borders now through the following steps:

•First and foremost, physically secure our borders and coastlines.

•Second, fully enforce existing visa rules.

•Third, oppose amnesty in any form.

•Fourth, adopt English as the official language of the United States.

Votes for this resolution _______

Votes against this resolution _______

Oath of Office Resolution

Whereas, the people, through the Union of free and independent states of the United States of America, ordained, established and ratified the Federal Constitution as the “supreme law of the land” and

Whereas, the People are expected to enforce that Constitution and hold all public servants accountable to their oath of office to obey said Constitution, in the case of city, county and state public servants, the state constitution as well, and

Whereas, the oath of office implies an understanding of our U.S. Constitution and (except for federally elected positions) each state constitution as well,

Therefore, Be it resolved that, the Republican Party and all of its members will support, defend, enforce and obey the literal meaning and original intent of the U.S. Constitution and, in the case of city, county and state public servants, of their state constitution as well.

Votes for this resolution _______

Votes against this resolution _______

Debt and Taxes Resolution
Whereas, conservatives have always supported low taxes and low spending and have endeavored to enforce the principles of limited government as written in the U.S. Constitution,

Whereas, the U.S.A. is in trillion dollars in debt as a nation and that mounting government debt endangers the financial future of our children and grandchildren, and

Whereas, the Federal Reserve, a private central bank run by unelected officials, fosters runaway debt by increasing the money supply at will — making each dollar in our pockets and bank accounts worth less, and

Whereas, our economy and our very independence as a nation is increasingly in the hands of foreign governments such as China and Saudi Arabia, because their central banks also finance our runaway spending, and

Therefore, Be it resolved that, it is the position of the Republican Party that the United States of America cannot continue to allow private central banks, wasteful agencies, lobbyists, and governments collecting foreign aid, to dictate the size of our ballooning budget, and that spending must once again be prioritized and specified as directed by our U.S. Constitution.Votes for this resolution _______

Votes against this resolution _______

Precinct 391 and 405 Republican Caucus February 7, 2011

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Colorado State holds its GOP Caucus and to find your information particular to your area go to, or

Prior Precinct 391 is now new precinct # 405 and its Republican Caucus is February 7th on a Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Stetson Hills Elementary. Please attend and show you care about your country and the grassroots process. Thank you.
Stetson Hill Elementary is still the Caucus and public voting area for this district.
Feb. 7, 2012 Colorado Springs, Caucus at 7:00 p.m.

Precinct:5101521405Caucus Location:Stetson Elementary
Address:4910 Jedediah Smith RdCity:Colorado Springs 80922
* Caucus begins at 7:00pm. Please arrive 30-45 minutes early.
* Some counties may require photo identification to participate.
* Only those voters that were registered Republicans by the deadline are eligible to participate.
* Those eligible to participate in this caucus are eligible to be elected as a precinct committee person and/or as a delegate to county and higher district assemblies.

Caucus Agenda
•Pledge ofSign-in and verify registered voters in attendance
•Elect caucus chair, secretary and tellers (one night only)
•Chair (leader): runs the caucus meeting
•Secretary: completes paperwork
•Tellers: tally the votes
•Begin passing caucus donations envelope
•Elect two precinct committee-people (2 year commitment)
•Presidential candidate discussion (not required) and straw poll
•Elect delegates and an equal number of alternates to higher assemblies
•Consider resolutions

•Recruit Election Judges
•Recruit Precinct volunteers to help Precinct leaders
•Solicit ongoing donations to the county Republican Party

Theresa Nielsen 4 Precinct Leader and Delegate