Colorado Springs Mail-in Ballot Issues November 3, 2009 Voting

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       In a time when manufacturing is losing  jobs and a health crisis swine is pending in the horizon now more than ever citizens need to focus and decide how to vote. Once the proposed issues pass they will be permanent. We still do not know the effect that the health so called “crisis” will have on business or the workers ability to stay employed if ill.  It would have been nice to see the very same individuals proposing tax hikes to also propose along side it a financial system reform starting at the State level moving us out of the fiat “print money like no tomorrow”  money system.  We must be realistic and study all the angles. Now the so called “health” care bill will also affect business and there seems to be no end in sight to deficits, taxes, spending with one gimmick after the other thrown in front of us. We need monetary reform and jobs, not more bureaucracy. If workers had their manufacturing plants , jobs and income then they could buy the things that they need like insurance and buy things so the city could have its share of income from the purchases. The Fed, Wall Street, and bureaucrats, et al will continue to do as they please with other people’s money for they know they can count on those at the community city level to just pass the costs on to the citizens. What really saddens me is that we have such great people in this country and all families stand to suffer. Already many could not even afford the higher utility bills last year and now more taxes are being proposed. We must pray and hope that things will work out. We need now more than ever to keep our eye on the 8th ball for we stand to lose a lot.  We had a meeting October 3rd trying to trouble shoot the four major areas of concern to study such as Economy, Health Care, Taxes and Law & Order.  Here is a brainstorming sheet that we had which I jokingly call it the Republican Party Economic dead sea scrolls.




Economic Dead Sea Scrolls Republican Party Meeting

Economic Dead Sea Scrolls Republican Party Meeting

  300-City of Colorado Springs

“Shall an initiated ordinance be adopted by the City of Colorado Springs to read as follows:

Excluding sales and use taxes forwarded from enterprise customers, all enterprise payments to the city shall phase out in eight or fewer equal yearly steps

starting in January, 2010, with all yearly savings passed on as reductions to each customer bill in dollar amounts as equal as possible. Hereafter, all loans,

gifts, and subsidies between an enterprise and the city or another enterprise are prohibited?”

___    For the Ordinance

 __   Against the Initiated ordinance





___ Yes

___ No
Ballot Issues in Plain English
Issue 300 will END the stormwater fee when voting for the ordinance on ballot and phase out other taxes the city calls “fees” bypassing word tax.
Issue 2C raises property taxes and they will become permanent if passed.
Note: The two ballot issues are opposites, so the storm water fee you would vote “for the ordinance” so as not to support storm fee.
In 2c a vote No is no for the property tax hike.


City of Fountain Fall Festival & Parade Celebration on Labor Day.




 The quaint yet small urban city of Fountain celebrated its Fall Festival & Parade on Labor Day that started with the parade on Santa Fe Avenue  later proceeding to Metcalfe Park where citizens, military,  family and friends enjoyed  the holiday that is symbolic with the end of summer.  What better way to have community members gather together to share in cultural folklore dance,  music, arts, crafts, local information and craft booths, food and in addition celebrate the City of Fountain 40th year Anniversary of its local Chamber of Commerce.  It is excellent to see well planned urban growth while maintaining small town charm for after all the City of Fountain was the 2002 All-America City.  This small town feel is most appreciated when you see the Chamber of Commerce itself that also happens to have a city museum on the top floor. City_of_Fountain_Museum_ChamberofCommerce 

The picture here to a business enthusiast and wanna be historian is priceless.  It is enjoyable to get to experience small town America, a bit more  modern today yet still keeping up with its history, roots, charm and quaint atmosphere.  This is a great way for many to experience Labor Day which has always been celebrated the first Monday of September-“The form of celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday: a street parede to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations, followed by a festival for the workers and families”.  ( Labor Day. (2009, September 8). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
Retrieved 02:27, September 8, 2009, from   This became the pattern of Labor day celebrations and no surprise since the City of Fountain is one of the All-America-Cities.



Here are a few pictures of the activities and it is excellent to see parents that take great effort to take their young ones to dance classes and later allow them to participate in community celebrations.

Folklore Dance

Folklore Dance

 Folklore dance enriches a community and it gets passed down to younger generations so as to preserve cultural heritage and appreciation. Here at the Fall festival we got to experience the talents of different age groups. Also the event had individuals from many cultural backgrounds participating in the parade and celebrating together at the Fall festival craft booths. 



 Parent with participating children during the Fall Festival & Parade.