Vote Mitt Romney to buy America Time

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Vote Mitt Romney, America needs you.
Please vote Mitt Romney to buy America time so as to restore our checks & balances form of government and take back our nation via sound economic policies and responsible business growth. It is deceiving to ask voters to just write in names etc, for we all know that these candidates will not get elected and then we lose the party. We must nurture a future leader starting today so as to prepare to lead us into the future. Run for office and displace the candidates who are there as change agents to communism and one world government for predatory special interests. Our nation and all citizens to include our children are in great jeopardy and we must pull together and work hard in whichever small way during our daily tasks to make America once again a nation of diverse cultures but united in purpose and in opportunities at a better life with liberty to include right to be secure in our persons and property.Trust me on this one, Vote Mitt Romney.  It will be a bumpy ride from this day forward but it is in our destiny to not be slaves to others but leaders to the world living in liberty, prosperity and harmony with our families and neighbors.  Your nation needs you, Vote today.


Time Running out for America due to Deceipt and Corruption

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It’s uncomfortable to face but evidence all around us that America is in  decline. One must study and analyze what is taking place for each passing year we lose more of our liberties. Today, I was told that nobody cares for everyone is very busy caring for their bottom line; however this is the very thing that is leading us into a totalitarian system in which there are no rights just privileges which could be taken away at anytime. Each year more laws are passed that are even taking away our right to practice our professions by legislating them away, Medical doctors cannot really practice good medicine, teachers must follow programs handed to them by planners, people not allowed agriculture to grow their food since plants outside dying from spray trails, our food supply is making us sick due to being altered genetically yet those producing the poisons sanctioned and allowed to do as they please, and overall big players abusing societal system to their favor at every turn. It is neither normal nor moral  for others to take total control of people’s right to self-shield or to protect their minds and bodies from external harm. There seems to be plenty of money to blow things up and place satellites and wacky surveillance sytems all over the place but not enough when they injure or disregard others physical body. The new paradigm developing in today’s society, at deceitful leaders helm is one of taking total control of human beings, abusing them and then taking away their ability to sustain themselves. This situation  is extremely disturbing and should be questioned. So many decades and centuries of challenges and humanity has learned nothing? Why allow ourselves to be enslaved by others? What is occuring in reality  is being made legal via the passing of deceptive legislation but in reality legalized genocide. The military no longer cares how or when they dispose of those serving or that served; most not being ethical in following their oath and our congress no longer serves the people but the banks. Each single institution we enjoyed has been degraded or disrupted to include the deliberate separation of families when they fly on a plane by having to pay extra fees. With this ongoing trend  all of us will be placed at risk and some sooner than others but eventually we will all lose. We stand to lose our homes, our jobs, our nation , our families and yes even our minds for the plan is to take control of that also. Before closing I will say please study more how is it that we got here and if this is what you really wish for your life. In closing, I would say do not join any military for it no longer serves America nor its people and it’s not the same in honor military of years past. Also, there is good use of technology but also there may be plans to use that also to take away who knows what at this point. Another thing the leaders at Fort Polk are worst than self-serving  despicable leaders for voting themselves big paying jobs at my and others expense and all that suffered at that horrible infamous place to include the many suicides even during prior peace time.  Do something before its too late and try no to love your servitude as Huxley predicted in his writings.  Not a Saint but vote for Mitt Romney to buy us some time until we find a better leader or just have a revolution as Bill of Rights & Constitution tried to convey; especially since those ruling are pure Tyrants and destroying us each passing day.

Insight into the Net history:

United Nations, Kyoto Accord and bases such as Fort Polk

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Well, after world war II which was in itself funded by the usual special power players and with the excuse of reconstructing war torn Europe the League of Nations which then became the United Nations (engineered by the of course banking financiers) along with the newly formed World bank and International monetary fund pretty much decided that they would lead the new post war world into recovery. What most nation states or individual countries failed to see was that in actuality on paper the trio  created a self-serving bureaucracy that would incrementally make them the centralizations of power and of course passing over the world assets for themselves to own and manage regardless if it makes sense or not such as the insanity they are allowing to occur all over Europe and the middle east to include endorsements of nanotechnology, technocracy, wifi- radiofrequency power grid that affects human health and altering plant/animal biology with genetic engineered patented new life forms and polluted food supply that they will further own via the so call “free-trade” harmonizing nations ways of growing food even if polluted as in China. One could add to their new repertoire plans at shaping the world according to their self-serving apocalyptic views and profits a trans-humanist society in which they plan to merge human biology with robotics and if you have any doubts watch the meeting being planned for Russia and the movie the Transcendant man in which politicos such as Obama, Clinton, Col. Powell etc, make an appearance and actually endorse such monstrosities’. These transformations of man is so that no one will be able to revolt or take the power back from them for they are self-declared autocrats and un-Godly. The promotion of all kinds of human societal degradation is not because they truly care about gays, the poor, individual nation’s empowerments, health etc, but to use these wedge issues as useful to divide and conquer later to destroy and enslave all of society. Slowly but surely they have destroyed the sovereign economies of many nations in Europe with Spain and many others experiencing about 100 suicides per day. The so call Fed- reserve plans one more round of bailout money Q3 quantitative easing 3 which will further destroy the dollar plus add to that all the outsourcing of our jobs, and a trade policy that deliberately allows China to gain over and surpass our economy.

Even many bases such as Fort Polk, Camp Lejeune etc, were allowed to deteriorate so poorly to the point of some exploding if by poisons such as bad water, radiation, gases etc. and the military wellness of soldiers and their families compromised for they just plain do not care. Today many bases temporarily fixed up to ease and make a bit better the transitioning for the further wars and further fire power to further along their madness and futuristic evil world where there will be no privacy and no liberty.  Many at Camp Lejeune got cancer and no one got compensated. Obama even blocked a male soldier that got breast cancer from getting any kind of compensation then later extended bill for medical care but many died before that signing due to block delays to not pay yet they wish for them to so easily volunteer to go to fight and die in the never ending wars. These entities need to be taken to court for abuse and crimes against humanity. The logistics to carry on a centralized one world type of governmnet is tyrannical to include almost impossible and would require a suffocating grid of weird drones flying all over the place not to count their record for potential total human abuse and degradation to the people.

After WWII the dynamic Smart-grid, appliances, weapons, surveillance system etc, trio created the BRAC base realignment bureaucracy so that little by little after they accomplish their harnessing of the world; then bases will once again begin to start closing or as they label themselves Base Realignment Committee–realigned for shut down down the road so a small town should not depend on their bases as a source of supporting local economies for best to grow your own economy out of the weapon dependent economy.  Once bases shut down then China et al., will move in with the cash reserves to buy out the US to make ready for the “One world centralized by autocrats elitists economy taking society back to a feudal system.  Public law 87-297 Freedom for War- is still in the books that allows everything to be transferred over to the United Nations and no one will be allowed to have the 2nd amendment that we now enjoy to protect ourselves from harm; especially our right to protect ourselves from an autocratic Mao like Madmen & women that love central government under a United Nations so elitists can run it all and the financiers monarch’s from the old world taking over world assets just like the good old times when only Queens and Kings ruled the world.  It all seemed to work and convinces others until their killing-sprees and lack of respect for human life has become ever so more evident. I was one to suffer under their yoke and still machinations delivered so that I lose my military retirement care after being a spouse over 20 years and being exposed to their evil chlorine gases no different than the ones allowed at Auschwitz. I risk a lot but Americans need to wake-up and protect themselves for this existing and future evil that is being incrementally unleashed on our nation and the world. The carnage has to stop and it is totally madness to attack Iran and many other nations for they keep exposing the world to more and more poisons just to continue their dysfunctional archaic world of old same power players evil- ran society that is actually stopping real progress and the potential for people to live a real beautiful productive world that is not dependent on old sociopaths but a check & balances society that will respect individuals worldwide. Do something each day to stop them for we all stand to perish.

Elect Mitt Romney To Buy America Time

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We all know that Ron Paul wont be allowed to win the election for his going back to Constitutional Republic nation of checks & balances type of nation drastically and even his son is far from us when siding with insiders on certain issues so for now all we have left is voting for Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Voting for Romney is like placing a band-aid on a huge problem that America has; however it will buy us time to later come up with a more truly caring of America leader. We need a leader that will support and lead our nation as a Constitutional Republic not a future nation of vultures for democracy only where mob rules over the rights of individuals nor a candidate that supports The Transcendant Man movie ideology (endorsed by  Obama even making an appearance in the movie)  of turning humanity into a robotic controlled  dictatorship led by transhumanists central control top to bottom society of feudal workers to the State. We are all in great peril and in a way both parties act like a one monster with two heads slowly  taking America to an Orwellian dark path of reinvented feudalism which is nothing but the Monarchs of years past taking back control of all assests in the entire world, subjugating nation states to their whims and future plans of even Altering  later human biology with robotics via Nanotechnology and biotech transforming food, seeds, altering the environment/ climate  without our input nor consent. Wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage, war positioning  etc., are just distractions wedge issues that mask the real destruction of our individual  rights we enjoy regardless of backgrounds with Bill of Rights & as a Constitutional Republic (checks & balances between branches of gov)  to self-shield, sovereinghty, prosperity, ability to enjoy privacy, private property and to be secured in our persons and homes.

Today, without our consent we are being subjected to harmful altered food, seeds, radiofrequency, climate/biology incremental changes, wars for centralization of power or central one-world government bureaucracy etc, you get the picture. Please, do not be deceived nor waste your vote with those destined to not win and vote for  Mitt Romney and yes to many of us is a band-aid but will buy us some time until we get the hero and honest candidate that believes in the right of individuals to  have liberty, private property & to be secured also in his person with liberty & Justice under one nation indivisible for has many cultures,  under one creator of our natural and beautiful humanity.

Political Diversity At Risk? Article by Debbie Lewis

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Political Diversity At Risk?
You’ve Been Assimilated!,  Article and political system news  by By Debbie Lewis
Cartoon_America has No Real Choice in electing Political Candidates, taken over by special interests

Columbia, MO – June 15, 2012 – Remember the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation?  The attempt to assimilate us is on, and you better be paying attention!  I receive an e-mail from someone in the Maryland GOP concerning a speech given by Karl Rove at the MD GOP’s Red, White and Blue dinner.  Apparently Rove is calling for support to make Maryland a two-party state! 

The person sending the e-mail is just someone in the “chain” forwarding the “patriot” call to action.  They want “patriots” who believe in limited federal government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, sound money, individual responsibility, economic and personal liberty, American independence and national sovereignty, to attend the monthly central committee meetings of either the Republicans or Democrats. 

There is no other choice, given the e-mail, than to conclude the Republicans and Democrats are working in collusion to stamp out independent political thought in this country.  I can only guess it is has something to do with the HUGE support from those of all political ideologies for Ron Paul and their fervent desire to see him run on a third party ticket.  This country wasn’t designed around party politics!  The Republicans are no better than the Democrats at anything they listed.  They’re both responsible for stripping the American population of precious liberties and for the misinterpretation and subversion of our Constitution.  They’ve failed us miserably! 

Republicans, and dissatisfied Democrats, had an opportunity to reach out to the people, but they chose not to take it.  Not by not nominating Ron Paul for president, but by excluding him and his supporters and their honest desire to return to the Constitution.  Both claimed they wanted to return to our constitutional principles, but it’s painfully clear neither has any intention of doing such.  Until they do, I will continue to look elsewhere for candidates to support. 

They want to farther suppress the opinions of liberty-loving truth seekers by stifling our politically diverse thinking.  They don’t care about our right to choose our political ideals.  They only care about providing us with their version of a “choice”, which is no choice at all.  It’s an easier way to control politics, something of which they can take FULL control. 

Ron Paul may (or may not!!!) be out of the race, but we still have choices.  This movement grew because we had a national voice, and we’re all still here!!!  We aren’t defeated unless we give up!  I don’t know about you, but I am not backing down.  It’s time to ask ourselves some VERY important questions.  Do we want to fall in line behind the likes of Romney and Obama, or are we going to stand up to the machine?  Are we going to fight for our rights, or are we going to be complacent and lose even more freedom?  Do you REALLY believe in liberty and justice for all or are those patriotic words that make you feel better in the moment?

There is something you can do.  Understand what’s going on.  Unlearn what you’ve been taught in the public schools and educate yourself.  There are well-researched documentaries out there to help you on your quest for truth and freedom.  Don’t Tread On Me and Blood of Patriots talk candidly about the 9th and 10th Amendments and our Bill of Rights, respectively.  Camp FEMA and Enemy of the State talk about possible internment and the plans in place to control your every move.  You can believe the media lies, or learn what’s really going on! 

It’s time for you to figure out what you believe and get involved.  Otherwise, you will be left with nothing, and they will have all the power.  Believe me, it is going to be a whole lot easier to stand up for yourselves before they take your freedom, than to do it afterwards!  When it’s taken, it will be even harder to get back…we’ll have been assimilated and by that time, resistance will be futile! 

Article and political system news by By Debbie Lewis

Note comment: This has been a horse and pony type of elections and clearly the congress is no longer truly representing the interests of the people but that of mostly special interests. As a precinct leader it is my duty to inform that we no longer operate as a Constitutional Republic and it has come under attention that congress even allocated $$$ money for Nanotechnology and some of those projects WILL alter natural biology and in my opinion an Abomination for that is un-Godly and Un-natural and jeopardizes our right to self-shield. Also, there are way too many catastrophes which seem to be more for harnessing further power thrumping the Bill of Rights and trampling over our once beautiful Constituional Republic and its independent citizens. America as it stands will die if we do not change course and get a decent truthful leader or if we do not ask for these self-declared dictators to step down for they are hurting the American public. Bad enough we cant even breathe here in Colorado from fire smoke further deteriorating our health as if Rome is burning. If nothing gets done then I guess we all march to the other side to the Brave New World which is of Top Down Leadership incrementally taking over all of our rights to include water, land, air and food.

Partnership with corrupt governments? we are the only Constitutional Republic not a plain democracy and VOTERS did not vote to merge their independence and sovereign nation with that of others under so call Special Ops with guns, ammo, helicopters, drones etc, which are not cute
but deadly and more aligned with Dictatorships and Tyrannical governments- next Nato wishes to go to South America? like their special interests and Corps. dollars plus one-worlders funding $$$ not caused enough harm and death on northen hemisphere with Radiation, oil spills, wifi house wireless meters “Technocracy must be seen for what it is: An attempt to impose a totalitarian, scientific dictatorship. In 1933, it called for the inaguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as dictator in order to “pave the way for economic revolution.” (, Technocracy Grid) , tweaking natural biology with nanotech endorsed without people’s informed consent, natural weather tweaking regardless of health changes to people
and fire catastrophes in the northern hemisphere? America’s gov. then has officially been taken over under the “guise” of Regionalism, fake “free trade” that over- rides individual or sovereign nations
health safety with altered seeds etc,
so call cooperation with what seems a global army being able to deploy in any region or area of the world? This is very disturbing for no one has voted nor consented for these super powers over individual people’s
rights and to self-shield from body harm not just of America but the world.

For more info about the films and to get your copy, visit William Lewis Films Catalog Page
Image .Reality, (2012) Retrieved from
Article Political Diversity at Risk? by Debbie Lewis. Columbia: MO

Some Videos from the Local Candidate Forum February 21rst.

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Pray for your candidates and review their material carefully; especially since at elections many more promises could get made but not followed. The reality is that the interests of the people are not being served and our nation and local communities are incrementally taken towards inimical agendas not aligned with a Constitutional Republic nor the American way of life. Each year we have lost rights to our land, water, air quality, liberties and current economic stability.

Presidential Candidates on Gun Control by Dudly Brown

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E-mail blast on Presidential candidates record on gun control issues by Dudly Brown:

With “Super Tuesday” voting just hours away, I want to make sure you are fully aware of the gun rights records of each Republican candidate for President.

As you know, NAGR has mailed every candidate for President an official NAGR Gun Rights Survey.

Ron Paul is the only remaining Republican candidate who has returned his survey 100% in favor of gun rights.

Over the last few weeks and months, I’ve asked you to call the campaigns of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich to demand that each candidate return their gun rights survey 100% in favor of the Second Amendment.

Believe me, your calls worked.

Repesentatives from each of those campaigns called NAGR offices demanding we instruct our members and supporters to stop calling and to send them another copy of the survey.

Each candidate has the NAGR Presidential Survey in hand — but Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are still stonewalling gun owners by refusing to respond.

Each of the remaining candidates needs to know that gun owners have a powerful voice and we assume that silence is a sign they are hiding an anti-gun position.

I have serious concerns about Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich.

It’s their long anti-gun records that worry me.

Let me take a minute or two right now to remind you of the anti-gun positions of the three Presidential candidates who have so far refused to return their National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey.

Mitt Romney:

So far, Mitt Romney has refused to respond to his NAGR Gun Rights Survey, perhaps because when Romney was Governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts he signed a bill to ban an entire class of firearms.

Would he do the same thing — or even worse — as President of the United States? His record indicates that he would.

Mitt Romney supports the Brady Registration Act, mandatory 5-day waiting periods, mandatory firearms ID cards, the Federal Feinstein Gun Ban (so-called “assault weapons ban”) and he signed the Massachusetts Semi-Auto Ban in 2004.

He even went as far as to say that he supported Massachusetts’ tough anti-gun laws: “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them… I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety.”

And to throw fuel on top of Mitt Romney’s anti-gun fire, he received the endorsement of John McCain recently, who himself has recorded promotional commercials for anti-gun groups hell-bent on restricting our Second Amendment rights.

Rick Santorum:
If you’ve watched any of the Presidential debates, you’ve noticed that Rick Santorum claims time and again to be a “fighter” who has “led on conservative issues.”

Rick Santorum’s record on the Second Amendment, however, tells a different story.

In the 90s, he voted to support the Lautenberg Gun Ban, which stripped law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights for life, simply because they spanked their children or did nothing more than grab a spouses wrist.

He voted for a bill in 1999 disguised as an attempt to increase penalties on drug traffickers with guns… but it also included a provision to require federal background checks at gun shows.

In 2000, Santorum voted to force pawn shops to require a background check on anyone coming into the store to sell a firearm.

And then he voted with gun-controlling Democrats Dianne Fienstein and Frank Lautenberg to mandate locks on handguns in 2005.

But worst of all, Rick Santorum has a storied history of bailing out anti-gun Republicans facing reelection.

Rick Santorum came to anti-gun Arlen Specter’s defense in 2004 when he was down in the polls against pro-gun Republican Pat Toomey. Specter won and continued to push for gun control during his years in the Senate.

He also supported and openly campaigned for anti-gun New Jersey governor, Christine Todd Whitman.

It certainly appears that Rick Santorum has no regrets about his past anti-gun record. Worse, it appears he’d be happy to continue along this path as President.

Newt Gingrich:
For those who have followed Newt Gingrich’s career, the revelation that he talks out of both sides of his mouth won’t be a surprise.

Despite claiming to be pro-gun, Newt Gingrich’s reign as Speaker was downright hostile to our Second Amendment rights.

Newt supports the Brady National Gun Registry, a national biometric thumbprint database for gun purchasers, the Lautenberg Gun Ban and the “Criminal Safezones Act.”

Newt doesn’t think the Brady Instant Gun Registry goes far enough — he wants thumbprints:

“I think we prefer to go to instant check on an immediate basis and try to accelerate implementing instant checks so that you could literally check by thumbprint… Instant check is a much better system than the Brady process.” — June 27, 1997

Gingrich may claim to be pro-gun . . .

But his record indicates otherwise, and his refusal to answer his NAGR Gun Rights Survey should give any Second Amendment supporter cause for concern.

You and I know we have the most anti-gun President in the history of our country right now in the Oval Office . . .

. . . but perhaps even more dangerous would be a Republican in the Oval Office with a proven anti-gun history of cutting backroom, anti-gun deals.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

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