Via e-mail-notification (Reposted since time is of essence and “gun ban”  is a globalist centralists power grab. How will we protect ourselves from Transhumanists embedded in government even at local levels and even the top online technology engineer for Google eugenics singularity transhumanist Ray Kursweil?  Call Now! This is an emergency…

Dear fellow Patriot,

In a few minutes, the Colorado House of Representatives will begin the first round of floor debate on four extremely anti-gun bills.

Among the draconian measures they will debate today, are:

HB-1224: Bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

HB-1226: Bans armed self-defense on college campuses; expanding criminal safe-zones     to all state college and university campuses.

HB-1228: Imposes a Jim Crow-style GUN TAX on all firearm purchases. This     legislation has no limit on the amount the CBI could charge for a background check.

HB-1229: Bans the private sale of firearms and institutes universal background    checks/gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

Anti-gun Democrats are feeling the heat. Capitol sources say that some Democrats may be wavering in their support of these gun control bills.

It’s not too late to late to contact them urge them, politely, to vote against these anti-gun bills.

Below are links to Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail for Democratic House members who need to hear from gun owners like you. They check their email, Twitter and Facebook accounts on the House floor, so this is GREAT opportunity to put pressure on them.

If you’re not sure what to say, here’s some sample language: “Representative: Please do not penalize Colorado’s law-abiding gun owners. I urge you to vote “NO” on these anti-gun bills (HB-1224, HB-226, HB-1228 & HB-1229).”

Representative District Phone  
Ed Vigil HD 62 (303)-866-2916  
Joseph Salazar HD 31 (303)-866-2918  
Daniel Kagan HD 3 (303)-866-2921  
Max Tyler HD 23 (303)-866-2951  
Dominick Moreno HD 32 (303)-866-2964  
Dian Mitsch Bush HD 26 (303)-866-2923  
Leroy Garcia HD 46 (303)-866-2968  
Steve Lebsock HD 34 (303)-866-2931  
Dave Young HD 50 (303)-866-2929  
Tracy Kraft-Tharp HD 29 (303)-866-2950  
John Buckner HD 40 (303)-866-2944  

Please do not delay — every moment counts.

Contact these Representatives, RIGHT NOW. Politely, urge them to vote “NO” on gun control.

For liberty,

Dudley Brown Executive Director

P.S. Thanks homeland security for being my top blog readers. Get a real job like protecting our country NOT just spying and given away to global interests that truly only care for their bottom line NOT the families nor jobs or needs of the American people.