Political Diversity At Risk?
You’ve Been Assimilated!,  Article and political system news  by By Debbie Lewis
Cartoon_America has No Real Choice in electing Political Candidates, taken over by special interests

Columbia, MO – June 15, 2012 – Remember the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation?  The attempt to assimilate us is on, and you better be paying attention!  I receive an e-mail from someone in the Maryland GOP concerning a speech given by Karl Rove at the MD GOP’s Red, White and Blue dinner.  Apparently Rove is calling for support to make Maryland a two-party state! 

The person sending the e-mail is just someone in the “chain” forwarding the “patriot” call to action.  They want “patriots” who believe in limited federal government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, sound money, individual responsibility, economic and personal liberty, American independence and national sovereignty, to attend the monthly central committee meetings of either the Republicans or Democrats. 

There is no other choice, given the e-mail, than to conclude the Republicans and Democrats are working in collusion to stamp out independent political thought in this country.  I can only guess it is has something to do with the HUGE support from those of all political ideologies for Ron Paul and their fervent desire to see him run on a third party ticket.  This country wasn’t designed around party politics!  The Republicans are no better than the Democrats at anything they listed.  They’re both responsible for stripping the American population of precious liberties and for the misinterpretation and subversion of our Constitution.  They’ve failed us miserably! 

Republicans, and dissatisfied Democrats, had an opportunity to reach out to the people, but they chose not to take it.  Not by not nominating Ron Paul for president, but by excluding him and his supporters and their honest desire to return to the Constitution.  Both claimed they wanted to return to our constitutional principles, but it’s painfully clear neither has any intention of doing such.  Until they do, I will continue to look elsewhere for candidates to support. 

They want to farther suppress the opinions of liberty-loving truth seekers by stifling our politically diverse thinking.  They don’t care about our right to choose our political ideals.  They only care about providing us with their version of a “choice”, which is no choice at all.  It’s an easier way to control politics, something of which they can take FULL control. 

Ron Paul may (or may not!!!) be out of the race, but we still have choices.  This movement grew because we had a national voice, and we’re all still here!!!  We aren’t defeated unless we give up!  I don’t know about you, but I am not backing down.  It’s time to ask ourselves some VERY important questions.  Do we want to fall in line behind the likes of Romney and Obama, or are we going to stand up to the machine?  Are we going to fight for our rights, or are we going to be complacent and lose even more freedom?  Do you REALLY believe in liberty and justice for all or are those patriotic words that make you feel better in the moment?

There is something you can do.  Understand what’s going on.  Unlearn what you’ve been taught in the public schools and educate yourself.  There are well-researched documentaries out there to help you on your quest for truth and freedom.  Don’t Tread On Me and Blood of Patriots talk candidly about the 9th and 10th Amendments and our Bill of Rights, respectively.  Camp FEMA and Enemy of the State talk about possible internment and the plans in place to control your every move.  You can believe the media lies, or learn what’s really going on! 

It’s time for you to figure out what you believe and get involved.  Otherwise, you will be left with nothing, and they will have all the power.  Believe me, it is going to be a whole lot easier to stand up for yourselves before they take your freedom, than to do it afterwards!  When it’s taken, it will be even harder to get back…we’ll have been assimilated and by that time, resistance will be futile! 

Article and political system news by By Debbie Lewis

Note comment: This has been a horse and pony type of elections and clearly the congress is no longer truly representing the interests of the people but that of mostly special interests. As a precinct leader it is my duty to inform that we no longer operate as a Constitutional Republic and it has come under attention that congress even allocated $$$ money for Nanotechnology and some of those projects WILL alter natural biology and in my opinion an Abomination for that is un-Godly and Un-natural and jeopardizes our right to self-shield. Also, there are way too many catastrophes which seem to be more for harnessing further power thrumping the Bill of Rights and trampling over our once beautiful Constituional Republic and its independent citizens. America as it stands will die if we do not change course and get a decent truthful leader or if we do not ask for these self-declared dictators to step down for they are hurting the American public. Bad enough we cant even breathe here in Colorado from fire smoke further deteriorating our health as if Rome is burning. If nothing gets done then I guess we all march to the other side to the Brave New World which is of Top Down Leadership incrementally taking over all of our rights to include water, land, air and food.

Partnership with corrupt governments? we are the only Constitutional Republic not a plain democracy and VOTERS did not vote to merge their independence and sovereign nation with that of others under so call Special Ops with guns, ammo, helicopters, drones etc, which are not cute
but deadly and more aligned with Dictatorships and Tyrannical governments- next Nato wishes to go to South America? like their special interests and Corps. dollars plus one-worlders funding $$$ not caused enough harm and death on northen hemisphere with Radiation, oil spills, wifi house wireless meters “Technocracy must be seen for what it is: An attempt to impose a totalitarian, scientific dictatorship. In 1933, it called for the inaguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as dictator in order to “pave the way for economic revolution.” (AugustForecast.com, Technocracy Grid) , tweaking natural biology with nanotech endorsed without people’s informed consent, natural weather tweaking regardless of health changes to people
and fire catastrophes in the northern hemisphere? America’s gov. then has officially been taken over under the “guise” of Regionalism, fake “free trade” that over- rides individual or sovereign nations
health safety with altered seeds etc,
so call cooperation with what seems a global army being able to deploy in any region or area of the world? This is very disturbing for no one has voted nor consented for these super powers over individual people’s
rights and to self-shield from body harm not just of America but the world.

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Article Political Diversity at Risk? by Debbie Lewis. Columbia: MO