Subject: FW: Time to Face the Facts
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012
From: Charlotte Iserbyt Author of the dumbing down of America and former Ronald Reagan Department of EducationPolicy Advidor.
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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education
In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Time to face the facts. What the GOP fears most is what America needs most.
Neither Santorum nor Gingrich can win the Nomination for one simple reason. Neither of them can collect enough delegates to win the Nomination.

Neither man can be the nominee because neither one was able to get on enough states’ ballots to make a difference. (564 delegates that Newt can’t win ), Same with Santorum (over 700 delegates he can’t win ). And the media as well as the GOP is praying to god that the American people continue to remain ignorant of this fact for as long as possible while they try to come up with a strategy that will bury Ron Paul before Romney is forced to face him on stage alone and the commentators are no longer able to marginalize Paul by giving all the questions to everyone but him.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two candidates that made it on the ballot in every state. Romney will not beat Obama, he’s too similar except he will raise taxes on anyone making 40k a year or less in favor of giving himself lower taxes. Independents are going to run to Obama if Romney is the alternative.

It is a two man race between Ron Paul and Romney for the nomination.

It is also a two man race between Ron Paul and Obama for the White House.

It’s time Conservatives and people with any functioning brain cells in their heads started backing the only real candidate that will beat Obama and save America. And whether you like it or not, that candidate is, by default, Ron Paul.
The facts can’t be twisted to point in any other direction. The Delegates decide who gets the nomination and you can’t get delegates if you aren’t on the ballots. It doesn’t matter how much money gets pumped into your campaign by special interest groups. The facts are the facts.
Fact : Gingrich and Santorum cannot win the nomination no matter how much they get in ” popular ” votes.

Fact : Romney will fail epically against Obama in a general election.

Fact : Ron Paul will decimate Obama on his Foreign Policy stance alone. Add in his Economic and Defense policies ( All 3 of which were policies Obama ran on in 2008 and abandoned once he got in the White House so no one would be stupid enough to believe he’s going to follow them in his second term ) and you have an un-beatable candidate in the general election who the bulk of the American people will vote for when they finally get a chance to see the man unfiltered and unbiased by the media.

America is broke and the average American is tired of hearing about another war on the horizon and seeing more dead soldiers coming home in coffins for no reason…all the while the freedoms they are dying to ” protect ” are being stripped away from us by our own government…one by one.

Obama has 0 chance of beating Paul and Washington knows it. The GOP knows it. The corporations that own Washington know it too so they instruct the media outlets they own to hide it from you.

But now you know. Gingrich and Santorum are mathematically incapable of winning the Nomination and Romney can’t beat Obama in the general election.

Ron Paul is the only choice we have. It’s just nice that, for once, he’s the RIGHT choice and not just the ” lesser of two evils “.

The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil,
But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything.

— Albert Einstein (, 2011).
Personal observation:
Some Issues with Newt:
His investors in the health transformation research group of undisclosed investors-Reason for Newt stance with Pelosi on “health care exchanges” stepping stone to Obamo-care-which has provisions for $$$ money to go to “research” where they can then “transform” or “enhance” health-care(never about health but plain Corp. profits) or humans under the guise of “health reform” which is NOT but post-humanism (trans-humanism) tied in push to destroy family life-“Our clients are made up of org…
• (, 2012).The Center is a non-partisan collaboration of leaders dedicated to the creation of a 21st Century Intelligent Health System that saves lives and saves money for every American.
Trans-humanism- advocates the use of emerging transforming technologies to enhance humans. (Newt’s Atlanta chairing of nanotechnology conference audience consisted of investors’, scientists, and digital tech persons.
• Gingrich Group LLC/Center for Health Transformation Statement in Response to Recent Press Inquiries
Due to confidentiality clauses in our contracts, we are not releasing a list of our clients and members or information specific to any individual client or member. However, we are releasing this document to provide information about the Gingrich Group LLC and the Center for Health Transformation, including overall revenue, scope and accomplishments (Gingrish Group, 2011).
This health transformation involves also the transformation and control of weather which is in itself Un-Godly for only our creator in my opinion along with natural Law of the Universe should naturally allow climate to occur. Big banking and elitists in government wish to control weather and later popluations under some United Nation central gov. Universal Health Care (note the intent is in the name). I could name thousands of reasons to NOT allow governments to dictate “health care for they have history of long corruption and could be used against the population itself to control them or other inimical reasons. Think Cambodia and many other central Totalitarian regimes controllers killed millions of their population via control measures such as farming, industries, health care, education etc. Please open your eyes and do research on all candidates . Other: Newt Issues Click here- No to