Public and Private Partnerships seems to be the new buzz word used; especially when local governments lose funds after the so many by design bail-outs and off-shoring (fake free-trade which is not but managed by WTO world trade organization with its supra-national powers takes over our sovereign independent directives, another stepping stone to centralize world government it seems likely); which to aggravate the situation even worse Obama is merging the small business administration with the Dept. of commerce among others that will later tie our independent sovereign small business sector with the new collapsing by design International but today global, (cute word for globalist-lets centralize all governments into one these days for they know word globalist worked against their initial goals, (good 4 big banks & elitists) but not the working people or independent producers, business owners or workers. Public Private Partnership is but a stepping stone to get the big global players incrementally to put money in the tin eventually taking or buying out via purchasing $$$ power local county and governments assets. Its a bit long to explain but the videos below if patient enough will explain it. The ultimate goal is that it will be easier for Agenda 21 to take hold and guess what we lose? our rights to private property and we all become “serfs” to the centralizers. Why should the U.S. even consider merging small business areas when Europe is collapsing from the plundering of each prior independtly wealthy and self-responsible nation states? Like snake charmers local communities tend to fall for it since it sounds benign but in the later term it truly is not. This area needs more research and someone should volunteer for its a longer masked problem and this area is still new but incrementally taking our local governmental organizations. The firing range at Fort Carson has the Public/Private Partnership so called “collaboration” between government and private individuals from the community and one needs to learn or study the ability of our County Sheriff to be able to remain the true carrier of our law of the land. The county Sheriff is the true Representative of the People in his community and county. No Federal land taking of locals could take place for the county Sheriff has the right to protect the private property of his constituents. Please be careful and study close this issue duing our incoming elections. Lets not fall into possible traps that may take our private property rights and Agenda 21 snake charmers are out there giving their soft-sales pitch.
Video I on Public-Private Partnerships, What is?

Part 2 Public-Private Partnerships, What is?