Theresa Nielsen for Precinct Leader 391 and Delegate 2011.

America is a country like no other and allowed criticism, innovation and even mis-interpretation but please protect it for I grow tired, hurt, bewildered and confused as to how America how has allowed itself to be taking for a ride and even abused but please take a second to take this country back and Not allow yourselves to be conquered since for the sake of your family and our future keep America Free and Independent. Please study your candidates very carefully for all of humanity is at stake.
Ask yourselves? What kind on “new” civilzation is being presented and is it truly better? Why is this book presenting a different type of family structure? Is this new candidate a statesman or just an investor looking to make a profit and sell America just like Obama?, We had the best form of government in the world so why change it? Why is this book endorsed by Newt and Left crowd Obama talk about in Chapter 17th of the Non-nuclear family? the child free culture? The “electronic” expanded family? Why the 2009 chairing of Nanotechnology and spraying of communities with chemtrails without public consent? What kind on new social engineering are they proposing and what is the effect on the future of our entire humanity? America has many enemies and is in great jeopardy. Take great care and VOTE wisely for our country is in great peril. Vote for the candidates that will help your country. I will not be intimidated and will continue to run for office for America is a Nation of all people not just selective fews manipulating our elections and intimidating leaders at the local level.
Merry Christmas and a super great New Year 2012