Proposition 103: Raising Taxes for Education Pro and Against Study

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Vote on Election day November 1, 2011 or by mail ballot prior.
This is information from the League of Women Voters brochure and other pertinent information from other civic leaders view points for info. click here, Proposition 103: What is the cost to Taxpayers.

Againts the measure viewpoints:

Those opposed say:1. In this poor economy, the last thing families and small businesses can handle is yet another tax and fee burden. Proposition 103 presents an 8% increase in income taxes for individuals and corporations and a 3.4% increase in sales taxes over current levels –approximately a 7% increase in the government budget at a time when the economy is growing at less than 1%. The increased fees would also apply to monthly telephone and energy bills. Raising sales taxes burdens lower-income consumers the most because they spend a higher percentage of their overall budget on everyday necessities that are subject to sales tax.
Finally, Proposition 103 is a job killer with a projected 30,500 jobs lost over the next six years. Higher taxes on businesses mean less money to hire new employees, or to pay higher wages and benefits.
2. The petition was sold deceptively as a “rollback” to 1999 levels, but taxes were higher then. This theme of deception also tells taxpayers the money will go to education, but the increased taxes actually are deposited in the General Fund, which legislators may direct as they see fit. Although this proposal is sold as a temporary tax increase, will the fiscal climate change enough in five years to allow the elimination of these increases?
3. Until we really reform our educational system to meet the needs of the 21st century, it’s foolish to continue to throw the scarce resource of hard-earned money into a failing system. More money for schools has not improved student performance. We’re just paying more for teacher pensions and administration.

Those in favor say:
1. Investing in public education will lead to a stronger and quicker economic recovery. For Colorado to thrive, we need a well-educated workforce and good public schools that can attract quality businesses and good-paying jobs. Businesses value a robust public education system that provides an educated workforce, and employees want to live in communities with good schools for their children.

2. Our schools have experienced irresponsible and short-sighted cuts for three years, raising class sizes and reducing the educational opportunities for students. Our schools are now being asked to do more with less. Districts have been forced to close schools and lay off teachers, hurting education services and the local economy. Even before the recent budget cuts, Colorado ranked at the bottom of education funding, spending $1,781 less than the national average on k-12 students. The funding cuts to higher education have forced tuition to increase rapidly. Average tuition has increased 43 % over five years, making college less accessible for lower and middleclass families.

3. Now is the time to stop the drastic cuts and start reinvesting in our local schools and colleges to make Colorado competitive. Proposition 103 is a modest proposal which provides much needed relief from further education funding cuts, allowing policy makers, including voters, time to implement a long-term solution. By temporarily restoring the tax rates we had throughout the economic times of the 1990s and directing the revenue to education, Proposition 103 will provide the resources to begin reinvesting in our children’s.

Summary and some research material follows:
More debate into this matter needed to be done for the truth is that the more money that gets thrown into a problem the worst it seems to get such as the with the war on drugs, illiteracy, health system etc., with bureaucracies benefiting the most while the public pays for the increases. Why not leave the money in the parents pockets so they can purchase schools supplies, private tutoring, etc. vs. giving it to the government that often gives away TAX PAYERS money to foreign banks, foreign governments and to a plethora of foreign wars that buy weapons while our voters, schools and small business suffers; and who were once the pillars of the free-enterprise and local communities strength. As long as we indulge these mega spenders by allowing them to pass the brunt of their irresponsibility and reckless spending even syphoning our money with not audits or oversights the more that they will be encouraged to SPEND and SPEND some more. I would just send Bernanke a bill so we get some of our money that was vaporized back for our educational system. Also, some countries are outsourcing their students to the United States while they benefit by having no middle class but depleting the middle class in the US who have to pay for some of the bureaucrats wish of a future NORTH AMERICAN UNION that they wish by merging Canada, Mexico and the United States but have our schools and tax payers slowly paying for the process and the incremental integration. Tax Payers need to stand-up to the plundering our our General funds going into speculations and money vaporizing unfunded projects.

Excess taxation is becoming a form of serfdom and abuse to our rule of law. Also , many corporations are not paying any tax when going global and offshoring our jobs often forgeting to help our US communities. This is just my opinion but taxes on top of job loses does not make a lot of sense. Spending should be cut from the federal excess bureaucracies or departments that do nothing but incrementally take our Nation towards a global fiscal irresponsible form of central global government that has many money missing and countries bailing each other out perhaps leading to a world collapse. NO, we do not need to keep taking on the burden at tax payers shoulders and more solutions need to be studied not just placing the brunt of bureaucrats irresponsibility at the shoulders of barely working at a good job citizens.

Other information on job loss impact via domino effect video and view at your own discretion; especially after reading white paper on how these jobs may be lost or affect existing business, home owners or not.

American Utopia

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The America "Freetopia" video is Kind of funny but so true and America's demise accelerating at a very rapid pace.


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