Time is near for the closing of this blog. Many other individuals all across the United States have worked very hard over the years to try to educate working Americans as to the dangers to losing our liberties and States independence to bureaucrats. America must have the hunger to remain free and feel the desire for it deep down in their belly for if not then our nation then dies plain and simply. If Americans truly wish to keep their liberties then they must fight for them and with all their might while working daily to make their lives and economy stronger and better while running despots out of office. The clock is ticking and many of the changes occurring will be irreversible and trust that from this day on forward many more unexplainable events will come to light until our beautiful America may be no more unless the people stand-up to the injustice. This has all been in the works for years and no coincidence that according to Professor and book author Anthony Sutton financial elite have always funded all sides in all wars to include communism which today they have made come full circle as the so called new economy and profited handsomely but now move to expand their power worldwide and a threat of course to all people across the world for a one world centralized army may be more tyrannical than the threat posed by any indepedent nation in comparison. There will always be those at the top running the show and may not always have the worlds best interest in mind; especially when controlling basic necessities such as land for shelter, food, air and water. Under our existing yet falling Constitutional Republic elected officials had to represent the will of the people but with each passing day they do not for if we are not in charge of our own money then obviuosly then we could never in reality be in charge of our nation. All of our elected officials are serving below those that hold our financial system and then why can they not coin their own money interest free as our Constitution more clearly stated? So, should we just start over by way of 1776 or continue down the slippery slope of total slavery to self-declared masters, America you must decide now for time is running out. If our country gets taken back by a miracle from heaven then of course we must not trust the new infiltrators that will once again attempt to fool everyone just like they did during our first attempt at independence.

(Csper.org, Financial System).