Contributed article: The Bait and Switch History of Fraud

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This article was contributed by a retired professional of law Joyce Rosenwald who is no longer with us on this precious earth due to illness and by other concerned US citizens shared via drop box who have been studying the origin of our problems from our original intended Constitutional Republican form of government that today is progressively threatened by those wishing to bring back a feudal system as in the days of old world history which was the original intent all along to deceive the people since our revolutionary war in 1776. It is important to learn that in the event this country ever gets taken back from the many inimical interests; the very next day they will once again attempt to deceive and even a minor term or word in the fine print could be used to once again deceive the masses and this must not be allowed to occur for humanity in general will once again embark on a path to unneccessary suffering. The new in the works feudal system (accelerating under right vs. left confusing the masses electoral process) will be even more bizarre than the ones of days of old for the entire world resources will be owned by the few (or super class: by Carnegie’s own definition) that often will forget that there are real human beings existing on this earth while they maximize each others shares holders worth; that will be affected by many of the onerous profit driven decisions when concerning food, air and water. Most weather calamities and other demises are stepping-stones to take America down from its current system of checks & balances and respectful of the people form of government. (all individuals regardless of class or origin since their birth). I will leave you with two researchers who have extensive information along with proof of the many steps that are lately accelerating taking America to a different type of system and to later attempt to merge for a one-world government which is a threat to our liberties and even health for the ends justify the means in their Utility system to include the deliberate destruction of private property which will even include no right to self-shield your own body(or personal space)from their future imposed possible vaccinations or controversial experimental medicines.
This system is a real threat to all mankind and being implemented daily via smart meters and other such future carbon exchange systems which is not a growth system but a FEUDAL one placing all income benefit potential in the hands of the few. Two very prominent American patriots that have well documented information on this subject and the incremental process that has been destroying our nation are; Editor Patrick Wood of the August Forecast Review and Bernadine Smith of the Second Amendment Committee in liberty gun There have been many warnings given by great individuals worldwide sacrificing their limited time, resources and money along with their expertise so I sure hope that some of you appreciated it and that others help out in whatever small way for no one can baby-sit voters nor do all of the work; its up to you each person to get up and do something to make your nation and local community better always looking out for the well-being of yourself, families and communities. I spent countless of hours and to include family time and now its up to you to try and help-out for I served since the year 2008 and while attending University so I must now go to focus on my other pursuits in the world of business which will still be good in that of trying to build a stronger local economy and attempting to further develop thriving American communites while keeping diplomatic ties with our neighbors worldwide. May our creator continue to bless us all and fly your flag proudly.

The Bait and Switch History of Fraud
When the People decide to embark on an extremely important journey to independence
it is wise to inquire as to whether a roadmap already exists, rather than to boldly and
unwisely venture out into the unknown and thus engage the potentially self-defeating
acts of trial and error if they’re at all avoidable. Fortunately, when we search for a
roadmap we find but only one: We discover that we’re actually “reviving” and perhaps
enlarging upon the largest undertaking of its kind in the history of Mankind that already
occurred in 1774, historically known as The Great American Republican Experiment.
There is no other known model of independent Republican Government from which to compare, before or since.
What was the Great American Republican Experiment?
The great experiment was to create a government that was truly in the hands of the
People, not the King or his Representatives, that would provide peace and harmony for
the People and for the Earth itself. More definitive is the Magnificent Supreme
Republican Statute of Rome: OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People, TO the
People, FROM the People of the Natural Family Mother, guided and governed only by
the Devine Providence over all Worldly Men!
It is important to point out that the Natural Republican State is completely defined and
contained in one single statute; and you will find the underlined referenced in the
dedication of the July 4, 1776 Unanimous Declaration of These United American
In order for all the People to fully understand the highly significant elements of this
Great American Republican Experiment, they must first be aware of the application of
the original Latin in which over one third of the text of the original Colonial
Declarations of candid Republican government were written. It is a well-known
principle of law that the exact determination of a lawful or legal document is dependent
upon a precise uniform knowledge of the law of grammar in which the document is
written at the time it was prepared by its framing Deputies; otherwise known as
“functional literacy” preservation.
To prove a very important point here, perhaps a very embarrassing one, at the turn of the
20th Century in America, a very simple qualifying literacy question was asked the
prospective Voter as follows: Sir (or Madam) how many main grammar usages make up
the entire English Vocabulary?
How many folks out there today, whom you know, could readily answer that simple, but
very important literacy question; much less even understand the question?
You can think about the correct answer while we proceed on.
To begin with, original Latin, as in many of its off-shoot languages, is male-singular or
feminine-plural gender sensitive. Therefore, in order to fully understand the law of
Statute, one must be aware of the law of Language upon application, as then applied,
and be very aware of the gender being used. For example, all “manly governments
corporate” of the World are defined by Latin male-singular-gender terms, because the
“flow” of government is only in one direction: from the Ruling Class down, via issue of
an “Enumerated Charter” for that purpose. Only one government in all history is defined
by a Latin feminine-gender-plural term, because the “flow” of government extends to
and from the People in a Natural plenary system at every temporary Deputy level. With
this in mind, one must fully digest the following definitions:
Democracy: Anglicized singular male expression from original Latin “demos +
cratios” meaning “Upon the Majority of anything, including Men (People)”. The
“flow” is singular.
Republic: Anglicized singular male expression from original Latin “res + publicus,”
meaning “For all Men (People)”. The “flow” is singular.
Republican: Anglicized plural-feminine expression from original Latin “res +
publicae” to “res + publicanus,” meaning “Of, By, For, From, and To all Men
(People)”. The “flow” is not only in the plural, but also “plenary” in nature as in the
natural Family Unit free of any corporate influences. Hence “natural checks &
balances” that circulate around the “Heart” (the Mother) to and from her husband to
her offspring! Indeed, the family Mother’s Kitchen Table is considered to be the
most powerful political desk in the World! Some learned writers on American History
and Government often refer to America as “A Mother’s Government” for this reason.
Culture: “Land-water.” Lately this has been extended to include even the “air”!
Colony: Assembly of Farm Families (natural Republican States) within a prescribed
geographical boundary (of culture). This also pertains to “Tribe.”
Citizen: City, Town, and Borough residents transient within the respective established
Colony: A City Dweller.
Republican State: The family members of every Natural Mother, to include her
husband and all of her offspring.
Confederate: A criminal federation involving two or more individuals operating over
and against the lawful and accepted mode of government
Federal: Slang term for Confederate.
What Style and Form of Government did the 1774-1812 American Colonists
The “Form” refers to the written framework of the government; “Style” refers to its
actual operation within the confines of its framework, sometimes referred to as The
Flow of the Government. An important reminder: The present 1846 Hickey & Company
version of the Constitution guarantees only a republican FORM of gov’t, but not a
republican STYLE of gov’t. as “perfected” and set into motion in 1787-1790.
There are only three principal styles and forms of public governments operating
throughout the history of the World: (1) Manly Republic: Rule by King or Queen (or a
Dictator)(“For all of the People Subjects,”) who alone is free (2) Manly Democracy:
Rule by Class (“Upon all People Subjects,”) who alone are free; (3) Republican: “Rule
Of, By, To For, From All of the People,” who are All free.
Therefore we can clearly see that there is but a “hair’s breadth distinction” between a
Manly Democracy Corporate and a Manly Republic Corporate: “Upon” versus “For.” In
both cases the “flow of government” remains in a single direction – from the top down
(as in direct current).
The idea of a Government “Republican in Form and Style” is a very serious and
diametric departure from the rest of the candid world’s democracies and republics,
because the flow of government is variable (as in alternating current), or “plenary” at
each Deputy level, each of which serves as a “check & balance” against each other
Deputy level. In this sense, what the Deputy does unto others from his temporary
official seat, he also does to himself and his posterity. The People, of course, are the
final “check” against their Deputies, at the election and by jury of peers.
However, the most important and primary “check” against the “natural known manly
corporate enemies from within” is the FORM of the original American Instrumentations
of Government, described as “Republican in Form” to perpetually defend the intended
“National Republican Style” of the government.
Present generations of Americans erroneously refer to these governmental instruments
as “Constitutions”; because that is what has been allowed to happen by a functionally
illiterate society under European Royal Family Confederate Congress University
Publishing House Company dominance over our Schools, Churches, and public medias.
The original American Colonial form and style of government is the only government in
history that is defined by a Latin feminine-gender-plural Term: Republican; obviously
because of the plural flow of government extending to and from all of the People. And
equally important to understand is that by reference to all present “State Enabling
Legislation (Acts)”, the instrument “Republican in Form” is mandatory, and to be on an
“equal footing with the original (American Republican Colonial) States in all respect
whatever.” Remember that in this case “The People” of the original United American
Colonies ARE THE STATES, individually, as well as “United” collectively via their
appointed temporary Deputies for the purposes set forth in their “non-enumerated
Declarations”, sometimes called “American Republican Freeman Letters” for want of a
better term by the European Royal Family Confederate Congress University Clergy.
The official American Government was manned by Deputies at the individual Colonial
level as well as at the new Perfected National Supreme Republican level; and was
originally described as The Supreme Law of the People, NOT of the Land (culture). All
individuals become “Deputies” when performing specific duties for the assembly of
People, because they were “Deputies” even unto themselves and their own families. The
Great American Experiment is the only assembly of people in all history (1774-1812)
that has attempted to employ a Natural (hence National) Republican Government (of,
by, from, to, for) in actual operation (in Style), and in writing (in declarative Form).
There is no other governmental operation in comparison. All other Styles of Worldly
government throughout all recorded history are defined by Latin male-singular terms:
Republic, Democracy, Anarchy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, etc, etc; all most commonly
referred to as Manly States Corporate, whereby all flow of government is in the singular
(i.e. one way only) from Ruler or the Ruling Class downward, and their Written
Documents are in “enumerated” Corporate Charter (Charta) (i.e. Latin Co-Statutere)
hence in “Constitution Form”. Unfortunately we have also just described the present
Confederate system of government that has encroached upon and has, by and large,
taken over via its transposed adopted “Constitutions” and other “enumerated code”
systems of culture control modus operendae.
Therefore there is a vast distinction between a Constitution (a list of “enumerated”
independent statutes for different purposes)” and a Statute (a non-enumerated
declaration of single purpose). Many folks understand the legislative limitations
imposed by their individual state Constitution provision prohibiting the amendment of
an existing statute, or a proposed legislative Bill for statute for another purpose by
simply referring to the original title (enacting clause). However it is important to point
out that your several individual “State” Constitutions are supposed to be in single statute
“Declarative (non-enumerated) Form” in order to be on an actual “equal footing” basis
with the original 14 Colonial Republican States. The 1889 Montana Convention
Delegates were very well aware of this important fact! This explanation will help you
understand why the original Perfected 1787 Supreme Republican Declaration of the
United American Colonies had to be transposed into “Constitution Form” by Hickey &
Company, converting the title (enacting clause) to a mere “preamble”, so that the
desired “enumerated Charter of Confederate Appendages & Index” attached to the end
would not attract immediate functionally illiterate and docile public attention. This
methodology had already worked very well for the European Royal Family and its New
York Confederate Congress University Publishing Company system immediately
following the 1812 American Colonial Archives Depository Fires; in which all of the
destroyed original Colonial Declarations of Republican Government were thus cleverly
substituted for the desired transposed “enumerated Constitution Form” versions without
requiring public vote; and by 1860 most of the American Colonies, now transformed
into “political states” since 1813, were attempting to function via their THIRD new
“enumerated Constitution” of 1787 Northwest Territorial Ordinance Model government,
on the average! Therefore it was actually very simple to slide in the new desired 1846
Hickey & Company Version of “The Constitution FOR the American People, with
Charter of Confederate Appendages & Index”, adopted by “Select” members of
Congress and the Courts by Resolution of Volume Purchase, February 1847, and
distributed to all of America via the new March 1847 Post Roads and Franking Act;
which has gone undetected by the general public. By reference to “volume purchase”
means that the 1846 Wm. Hickey & Company Version of “The Constitution” is actually
a small black hard cover BOOK in excess of 400-pages of similar transposed
Confederate Congress Library documents that were not destroyed by fire in 1812.
By reference to “Select Members” means card-carrying B.A.R. members of the New
York Confederate Congress University Legislative Council who were either elected to
official American Congressional Seats or appointed as Judges presiding over American
Courts, as was Abraham Lincoln an elected President.
You most likely will recognize that this practice continues in America at the present
time; whereby it is now mandatory that in order to hold any high government office
position, a “degree” from a leading “World University” is required by the “qualifying
individual”! However our Framers in Convention held that such “degree of University”
was a “Title of European Royal Family Nobility”!
Can these transposed Constitutions be reversed back into their original Declarative
(Republican) Form?
The answer is YES; and believe it or not, this is still being done as a simple classroom
exercise in some schools throughout America; but was more common in the schools of
higher education prior to, and during the early part of the 19th Century. However this
exercise is limited only to the original transposed Constitutional Manuscripts from the
original Declarations. This exercise cannot operate upon subsequent amendments nor
upon enumerated Charters of Appendage at their inception to include any of the socalled
“new state Constitutions” adopted since 1969.
In conducting this simple but very educational classroom exercise, THE FIVE MAIN
extreme importance. If you answered the foregoing literacy question (four of the five in
any order) correctly as follows: Spelling, Word Order, Punctuation, Capitalisis, and
Signs & Symbols (to include Arabic Numeral Symbols); you are now qualified to vote
in the elections at the turn of the 20th Century. Indeed, all English Grammar Lessons are
broken down into these five main parts. Moreover, when any ONE or MORE of these
main usages is applied to our written laws, A STATUTORY AMENDMENT HAS
OF STATUTE. To be sure, the substitution of a capital or small Arabic Numeral
Symbol for the declarative word “That” in any statute is an AMENDMENT to that
original statute! A “Declaration (A Statute)” is thus transformed into an enumerated
“Corporate Constitution” for “other purposes” well apparent!
Therefore, the People of (name of the Assembly) who are concerned must decide
whether they wish to maintain a Manly Corporate Representative Style and Form of
Government, or erect a Supreme National Republican Style and Form of Deputy
Government. Here it is important to note that “National” and “Republican” are actually
synonymous associations while both being diametric to a mere Union or “Federation”.
This to point out that in the 1774-1812 American Colonial Republican example, where
the individual People are “The State”, a mere Union or Con-Federation of men cannot
co-exist for any given length of time. Furthermore, the American People already have
the advantage of simply resurrecting their existing original Colonial Supreme National
Republican Form and Style of Government.
If a Republican Form is desired, the true authority of its creators – all of the People –
needs to be identified in its Enacting Clause, an integral part of the statute. This is NOT
a mere preamble to a “constitution.”
The original fourteen (14) American Colonial Declaration “Enacting Clauses,”
extending more or less from the original Virginia Plan, make up the “Enacting Clause of
Purpose” which is essentially the main body of the Unanimous Declaration of 4 July
1776. The July 4, 1776 Unanimous Republican Declaration was “perfected” thirteen
years later in September, 1787 by the very same “Deputy Framers” who penned the
1776 model, and in the very same grammar form and style, known as “Republican in
Form” or in “Letter Form,” for want of a better term. These very unique American
Colonial Republican instruments defining and containing the new untried Republican
government were known as “The American Freeman Letters” for this reason.
(Enclopedia: American Printing Presses: History of)
The Enacting Clause is perfectly authoritative in its source: the People; peremptory in
its action: ordain and establish; definite and exact in its subject: this (Statute); and
distinct, broad, and extensive in its purpose and ends: embracing the defense of liberty,
safety, and welfare of the National (natural) Independent Republican States (every
Natural Mother) of America as its primary objective by its established Deputies.
We have here (1) the Authority: We, the People of these United Colonies; (2) the ends
for which the More Perfect 1787 Supreme National Republican Statute is made, in Six
Particulars of Supreme Importance known to every natural Mother on Earth; (3) the
explicit ordaining of this Statute, including this introductory clause; (4) the Nation of
Republican States for whom it is made: the People of These United Colonies of
America. The only distinction between this Perfected 1787 Colonial Republican Statute
and the individual fourteen Colonial Statutes in place from 1774 to 1787 is the coined
word Nation (National). This, in part, explains why no further oath was required at the
new Perfected National Seat of Government, since the “Deputies” thereof held their
respective National Seats under the same oath(s) as their respective individual fourteen
Colonial Statute counter parts at each respective Colonial Seat of their residence. In
other words in this Natural (National) Republican plenary system, the oath of the seat
and oath of fidelity pertained to every Colonial Deputy regardless of his temporary
appointment level. And the individual Colonial Statute, and the new Supreme National
Republican Statute, placed limitations of action only upon the Seat of the temporary
Deputies identified therein.
In this respect, (1) The Authority, THE PEOPLE, as (4) THE NATION, do not need to
have a “Bill of Rights” involving themselves; because what is not specifically limited to
their temporary Deputy Seats in the non-enumerated Statute is automatically reserved to
themselves, as in the case of any other “King or Queen” of history.
The 1787 Perfected Supreme National Republican Declaration was in the very same
format and graphics style as is the 1776 Unanimous Declaration of the American
Republican States (all of the American Families), which is required of all New
Republican States desirous of National status recognition in order to retain consistency
in Form with regard to the “equal footing doctrine” of the United Colonies. Hence the
term: “Republican in Form.” Again, this has nothing whatsoever to do with a
“Republican Fraternal Political Party Organization of University.” It is, in fact, an
official non-partisan operation of Government, distinctive and unique in its Form
(framework) and distinctly authoritive and unique in its Natural Style (mode of
operation) of checks and balances at every level.
To further clarify the foregoing, the 1774-1812 Great American Experiment was not a
“representative” style of government under any kind of pretext. This is the dramatic, and
most misunderstood distinction between the 1774-1790 Continental Congress versus its
natural enemy from within—“The Legislative Council of the Confederate Congress of
New York and its notorious University Publishing House Company Representatives”.
Obviously a “Deputy Seat” is not an individual or collective “Representative” (implied
power of attorney). Indeed, the original Colonies were possessed of a Senate (Land
Owner Minority) and “House of Deputies” (Colonial Citizens Public Majority)
extending from the original Virginia Plan; which was also applied by the Continental
Congress framers as the basis for their perfected Supreme National Republican Plan that
emerged from the September 1787 Philadelphia Convention and adopted by Colonial
Conventions for that purpose in 1789.
Some so-called “Constitutional” historians, committing a folly against themselves,
argue that the European Royal Family’s Confederate Congress University’s Articles of
1777, designed and intended to regain cultural control over all of the Colonies, did not
grant the Deputies in the 1787 Philadelphia Convention the authority to frame and adopt
the new plan of Supreme National Republican government. This is true from the
standpoint that the 1777 Articles of Confederation is actually a “foreign and/or criminal
Form and Style government”, in flagrant violation of the recent July 4, 1776 Unanimous
Declaration, designed and intended to operate over and against the official Republican
State governments of the several Colonies already in place in attempt to confuse and/or
destroy the idea of a Natural Republican government from the minds of the people of
the Colonies, and especially to the rest of the Candid World lest it would destroy all of
the other “Manly Forms and Styles” of government the World over, thereby displacing
all of the Kings, Queens and other “Nobles”! Moreover the 1777 Confederate Charter,
extending from the original Latin, admits by its title that it is a “criminal” Charter to the
lawful Republican establishment then in place.
Therefore, for easy clarification, the so-called 1777 Articles of Confederation, by that
date, had no more authority over and among the American Colonies than did the
Charters of another other foreign country under Royal Family dominance; and which the
Republican States of America made explicitly clear in their 1776 Unanimous
Declaration by the application to two terms: “absolved and dissolved” from any and all
political connections whatever! This then would necessarily include the subsequent
foreign 1777 Articles of Confederation issued by the European Royal Family
Confederate Congress of New York as well.
What is essentially pointed out here is that for all American Lawful Purposes, the
original individual fourteen (14) American Republican Declarations of Republican
government are still in force and effect by fact of the official July 4, 1776 Unanimous
Declaration that the majority of Americans celebrate every Fourth of July. This holds
for the individual original “equal footing Colonial governments” (called “states”) as
well. Therefore, where the original American Declarations of Republican government
remains in the minds of the majority of the natural American Republican State(s), THE
INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE PEOPLE, fully supported by the fact of this one
remaining original instrument “Republican in Form”, the important American
Framework of, for and by the American People, merely set aside and gathering dust on
the shelves, can be readily resurrected and restored in a very short period of time, IF
Will such a feat be easy? Obviously NO. The criminal Confederate University
Publishing House Company system, driven underground during the Civil War with
prices on their heads, even by the military, as being the primary cause of that deadly war
in the first place, is now very well-entrenched and are manning our lawful governmental
seats at every level, to include our courts. This is compounded by the fact of a 98%
public functional illiteracy problem and University programming of 45-year olds on
down. The good news is that wide spread public exposure remains their primary and
natural enemy, and the internet is serving that purpose very well.
To best describe this remarkable American Colonial Republican system, it was (and still
is to some extent in the minds of the American People as above-mentioned) a Plenary
System of Revolving Temporary Deputy SEATS at every level: Township, Parish
(County), Colonial (State), and Supreme National (originally diametrically opposite of
federal); and in each level, the flow (style) of the government is in the Plural; and the
whole system was completely defined and contained within one single non-enumerated
Statute (a Declaration Letter) in Form, following its “Enacting Clause” of Authority
(We, the People) and Purpose (limitations of action imposed only upon the temporary
Deputy Seat). In other words, the “Limitation of Action” was imposed upon the “Seats”
of all of the Colonial Deputies uniformly, regardless of their station, as set forth in that
one single non-enumerated Statute. The Colonial Oath(s) pertained to all Deputy levels
extending from their respective Colony of Residence, to include the perfected Supreme
National Republican level established September 1787. In all actuality, the perfected
Supreme Republican system of 1787 served as an extension of each individual Colony
while establishing and maintaining an enforceable uniformity of checks and balances
between all of the Colonies already in existence; because the National Senate Seat
Deputy was appointed by the individual Colonial legislative Deputy assemblies.
The single July 4, 1776 Statute, the non-enumerated Unanimous Declaration of these
United Colonies of America, a compilation of all of the individual Colonial Declaration
Enacting Clauses then in place extending from the originating 1774 Virginia Plan, in no
manner, shape, or form, implied or established any kind of alleged Representative
(unlimited Power of Attorney) Government, contrary to the adverse 1777 Articles of
Confederation, and the July 1787 Northwest Territorial Ordinance (Compact of the
Confederate Congress of New York calling only itself and its “representatives”
individually and collectively “The United States”) or the later transposed 1846
Confederate Congress’ Hickey Version of “The Constitution FOR the American
People” elaborated upon below.
Therefore it must be clearly understood that only the Confederate Congress and its
private University Publishing House Company system has referred to itself, individually
and collectively—“The United States” from 1777 to the present time; and is now more
commonly known as “The United Nations” at the same address. In the 1787
Philadelphia emergency Convention of the Colonial Continental Congress (May-
September), the criminal Congress of New York and its private University was the
reason for the emergency; and was described by the Convention Deputies as “The
Jeffersonian Leopard”!
The Republican State is a direct reference to the Family Members of the Natural
Mother; hence, the true Independent State of America, and which includes the Mothers
of the Republican States of (name of country or colony) of all other parts of the World,
candid nor non-candid Peoples. For this reason, all 1774-1812 American instruments of
government were also Republican in Style (operation) as set forth in the Republican
Form (written framework). The Form was a Single Statute (a Declaration) – explaining
why the Colonial Framers never referred to their written frameworks as Constitutions
(Latin: co-statutere), i.e. in “corporate charter form.” The July 4, 1776 Declaration, for
example, is in single Statute (letter) form, and therefore does not require a “committee
of arrangement”. The original fourteen Colonial Declarations of government and their
Unanimous 1776 Declaration, and as Perfected thirteen years hence were often referred
to by the Royal Family clergy as the Freeman Letters or Letters of American Republican
Government, for want of a better description! Indeed, the 1774-1789 American
Continental Congress was possessed of only a “Committee on Style.” A Declaration
(one single non-enumerated Statute) does not need to be arranged. This is what is truly
unique about the 1774-1812 American Colonial System of Republican Government; in
that not one of their primary instruments even remotely resembled the typical European
Royal Family River Basin Enumerated Corporate Charter instruments. A most unique
“check” all by itself; while establishing that any incorporation between two or more
men was considered to be a felony against the natural (National) Republican States!
The majority of the people, especially new immigrants from manly corporate countries,
have a misunderstanding of the manly Democratic-Republic state (corporate) versus the
natural Republican State (non-corporate). Remember, Republic is male singular;
Republican is feminine plural. This misunderstanding is normal because of the
European Royal Family University programming that has been instilled in the minds of
the Worldly Posterity gradually since the American Colonial Archives Depository fires
of 1812 to the present time, thus serving to create a blind trust (discussed in more detail
below). Some folks might relate to the Confederate Congress and its private University
Company as “The Devil’s Creature”.
Neither a manly republic corporate nor a manly democracy corporate can operate within
the intended feminine natural (National) non-corporate Republican system that is wholly
defined and contained within a single statute for that purpose. One single statute,
following its Enacting Clause of singular purpose, does not need any Arabic Numeral
Symbols between its clauses because it does not need to be “arranged” or “codified” in
any order; and this very unique design serves as a natural “check” against outside and
internal corrupt Corporate University political influences that rely upon “enumerated
Charters and “Codes” for their desired “culture-control” agenda or modus operendae of
design and purpose (i.e. “Supreme Law of the LAND” 1846)! In this respect, all
“Lawyers” and “Lawyer Judges”, are best identified as “Natural Corporate Creatures of
University”; while our Framers in Convention considered anyone possessed of a
“Degree of University” to be therefore possessed of “A Degree of European Royal
Family NOBILITY”; hence the reason for the “Nobility Clause” in the original Supreme
National Republican Declaration of the United American Colonies, further clarifying
the “absolved & dissolved” clause of their original July 4, 1776 Unanimous
What Style and Form of government did the King want for the Colonies?
Unfortunately, the European Royal Family’s Confederate Congress and its University
Publishing House Company system has reversed the intended American Colonial
government, both in Style and in Form, by cleverly transposing (altering the grammar)
of all original American documents and private writings, gradually upon all subsequent
Republican State generations from 1812 to the present, for the purpose of regaining
complete CULTURE control over all of the North American Continent. “Confederate”
is an original Latin reference meaning a “criminal private federation of several men”
(synonym to Oligarchy) in opposition to the intended “Lawful Republican (we, the
People) Authority.” “Con” is old Latin for “criminal”, as in “CON-MAN” for example.
ALL of the original American Colonial Instruments of candid Colonial American
Republican government from 1774 to 1812 were completely destroyed in the Arlington
and Richmond depository fires, excepting only the Unanimous Declaration of the
United Colonies of America July 4, 1776, and The Records of the Colonial Debates of
the 1787 Convention of the American Continental Republican Congress of Philadelphia,
which had been placed into the custody of Mr. Jonathan Elliot for printing and
publication. The careful reading of the original Records of The Debates, from the
original Plates, by Elliot can put a great deal of this discussion into proper perspective,
supported further by the original 1911 publication of Professor Max Farrand, of Yale
University, RECORDS OF THE FEDERAL CONVENTION, in three volumes, who
obviously experienced a rather rude wake-up call himself, discovering the very
extensive altering of documents prior to admission into the refurbished Library of
Congress since 1816. The works of Farrand is mislabeled as well, because it actually
involved the DEBATES OF THE UNITED COLONIES, therefore the proper label
It is essential to understand that during this same period, from 1774 through 1812, there
was only one organization operating on American soil that called itself “The United
States”; and that was, and still is, the Confederate Congress of New York and its Select
European Royal Family University “Representative Membership, i.e. “One House
Legislative Counsel.” The term “con-federate” in its original Latin reference describes a
criminal federation operating against the lawfully established style & form of public
government; the slang term of which is Federal.
For the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the Law of Statute we will use the
Perfected September, 1787 American Colonial Supreme National Republican State
Declaration of Government (erroneously referred to by subsequent generations as a
Constitution) for an example:
The first sentence of the Constitution is often called a Preamble. But that term was not
applied to it by those who framed the instrument, and is not found in the original
manuscript. It is not a preamble in form or substance, but is the Enacting Clause – an
integral part of the statute itself. A preamble gives reasons why a resolution should be
adopted or an enactment made, but is not a part of the resolution or enactment. The
enacting clause, to the contrary, is mandatory. No other part of a statute is more
important – such as is the introductory sentence of the 1787 Supreme National
Republican Declaration (the Constitution): “We, the People of________, for certain
Purposes, do ordain and establish this (Statute) for the (United Republican States) of
America (for the ends as follows); That, That, That, etc.” Again, in this official one-ofa-
kind case example, the “States” are in fact each individual family unit collectively
within each respective “Parish,” “Colony” AND all of the Colonies collectively; and
NOT in reference to the Deputy Seat(s) of the government as is now the case due to the
cleverly-transposed American instruments that gradually occurred between 1812 and
In this perspective, by application of a simple school classroom pencil, paper and eraser
exercise, the Constitutional Preamble reverts back to the original Enacting Clause, and
all Arabic Numeral Symbols are deleted wherever they appear in the text and are
replaced by the declarative word “That”. After you have completed this simple
classroom exercise upon the present American transposed “1846 Hickey Constitution
version”, you will be among the growing number of people who know what the original
perfected American Colonial Declaration of Republican Government looked like when
it emerged from that historic 1787 Philadelphia Continental Congress Convention. Of
course, some words and punctuation were also transposed by the Confederate Congress
and its private University Publishing House Company, most of which are quite obvious
once you properly apply “The Law of English/Latin Grammar” as then uniformly used
and understood.
Bill of Rights
Needless to point out in this case, whatever actions a Deputy takes he also takes against
himself, or herself, and against his or her posterity. In this sense, the question arose in
the 1787 Philadelphia Convention as follows: What King or Queen, throughout all of
history, ever ordered or consented to a “list of rights against themselves” after he or she
had just declared himself or herself King and/or Queen over their own Culture (land &
water)? In other words, their family farm and their family home! The debate on this
issue in Convention lasted only a few minutes; because only the National Deputy was
limited of action by the new Republican Plan. Do you personally know of any such
King or Queen?
It is strongly suggested that you are not standing in front of a mirror when you ask
yourself this question; lest you might spot such a King or Queen. One must fully
understand that the only time in history when a People required a “bill of rights” in
defense of their private God-given liberties was when someone other than the People
themselves, individually and collectively was the King and/or Queen or the Royal
Family/Dictatorship ruling class issuing River Basin Culture Control Enumerate
Charters limiting the actions of their subjects.
“During the 1787 Philadelphia Convention as it was preparing to adjourn sine die, a
member who had been absent rose with the need for a bill of rights to be appended. The
silence in the chambers was instantly deafening with all eyes fastened on the Deputy
with the motion. The chair finally broke the silence with a question to the now
bewildered gentleman: ‘Does the learned gentleman know of any instance in history
whereby any king or queen ordered a list of rights against themselves after they had just
declared themselves King and Queen over their very own Culture?’ The now very red
faced gentleman’s knees seem to buckle as he slumped back into his chair as he
withdrew his motion on the way down! As soon as the assembly adjourned sine die, the
embarrassed gentleman rapidly made his exit leaving his papers scattered on the table.
Several curious deputies went over and examined his abandoned papers to discover that
the gentleman had obviously committed the folly against himself by taking his notes in
the enumerated corporate charter form familiar to his profession as a lawyer!” (Records
of the Convention, Max Farrand, Yale University, 1911)(Private Writings, of Jefferson,
Madison, Washington, and Story)
The term “human” is original Latin for “manslayer,” or “destroyer of People or a
Society” as in the case of “Hu a tree”; and is officially-applied by the American
Framing Deputies in their Unanimous Declaration listing the dastardly Events imposed
upon the Families of the Natural American Mothers and the reason(s) for their
Separation, in addition to the Mothers of All Mankind by those World Rulers of
“Human Tendency”, specifically by King George III at that point in time. Thus the
relation to “Human Events” in this case pertains entirely to the control of the Natural
Republican State of the World by “the controlling of All Worldly Culture (land &
water) by a very small class of people.” The Unanimous Declaration is the only known
“official” document that uses this term. This goes hand in hand with whomever controls
the Worldly Public Education and therefore the Currency. We should all feel extremely
embarrassed to have allowed ourselves to be led into this flagrant assault against our
Natural Mothers, at our expense via the disguise of public education at the public
expense (property tax) and should use the word “Human” very judiciously in our
vocabulary to self-describe ourselves and our own actions of neglect and ignorance.
In every human (manly corporate) example, the flow (Style) of the government is
obviously in the singular: from the Minority Ruling Family, Class, etc. authority down
to, or upon the Majority of the Natural Family (i.e the Republican State). It occurs in
every possible aspect, commencing with the control over all public education, then
control of the currency, to finally complete ownership and control of All Worldly
Culture (land & water) and all life activity there upon. Hence the European Royal
Family University’s (Confederate Congress of New York) goal to control all World
geography, naturally would thereby assume complete control of all Life Activity thereupon
which is clearly set forth of purpose in its privately-owned 1777 Articles of
Confederation, the 1787 Northwest Territorial Ordinance (Compact), the Constitution
For the American People, 1846 by Hickey, and United States Code Statutes at Large
Publication (USC), 1926 to present. It is therefore only these particular Human
University Regency Order (sometimes referred to as “Devil Worshipers”) select
members who have been, and still are today, calling only themselves, individually and
collectively “The United States” by direct reference.
Call it “The Parade of the Humans” for want of a better term to describe only the
History of the Rulers of the World and only their related events imposed upon the
Natural Republican States (All of the People), as we study the Covenants of the Arks.
Governments do not make history – only people make history.
Remember the History of “Modern” World Warfare – it’s primary purpose is to destroy a
Mind Set within a particular Class of Republican People (a Colony) to the advantage of
the Human Class Mind Set. Time has well proven that the lives of the Republican State
of the World, as well as America, has little or no value to the Human Class at any given
There are but only two WORLD classes – the majority Natural Republican Class
(Families of all People) within each of their respective Geographical Boundaries, versus
the minority Royal University Human Class desiring to Control All World Geography
(Culture); and therefore All Life Activity there-upon. Prior to the introduction of the
July 4, 1776 Unanimous Declaration to the rest of “the Candid World” by the founders
of the untried 1774 Great American Republican Experiment, only The European Royal
University Human Class existed in its various “manly styles” of Corporate government,
also Corporate in Form; and which, unfortunately, is what now prevails in America.
We are not dealing with, nor establishing communities, but in fact with assemblies of
People in which their Seats of Government in no manner resemble the typical and more
familiar “manly corporate Representative (power of attorney) state” vested in entirely in
a King, Ruler, Monarchy, Anarchy, Leader, or such other singular synonymous terms
grouped under the title of Human Events to which the term “Federal” can apply.
So, essentially what we are actually engaging is the Revival, and Enlarging of the
greatest undertaking in the history of all Mankind, to make it fit the demands of Natural
Republican States in this new century of nearly complete University Human Geographic
Control of all Worldly Culture, and thus all forms of life activity thereupon.
How was the initial new American Republican experiment derailed in America?
The framework of all candid Colonial American Republican Government was in
Declarative Format until 1813, following the American Colonial Archives Depository
Fires at Richmond and Arlington in 1812. All original American Colonial Instruments,
to include the “perfected Supreme National Republican Declaration of September 1787
and related Convention papers, described as being “Republican in Form”; or sometimes
referred to as “the American Republican Freeman Letters”, were completely lost when
these Depositories were burned to the ground during the so-called “War of 1812”. The
Confederate Congress of New York Archives Depository remained intact with only
some “select original Colonial document contents” taken out in the streets and burned
with some furniture. Coincidently, little other additional damage was inflicted during
this very short incursion.
The year 1812 was when the European Royal Family sacked Washington, D.C. and the
American Colonial Archives Depositories in Arlington and Richmond were burned to
the ground from within by Confederate operatives posing as librarians. This is in
reference to the librarians who were actually Confederate Congress University
operatives (equivalent to Rhodes Scholars today) posing as trustworthy American
Librarians. Only some of the New York Confederate Congress Library contents were
taken out in the street and burned with some furniture by its librarians; thus leaving only
the desired “transposed versions of the official American Colonial documents.”
After the “burning” the University Press, Crown Press, and several other related private
Confederate Congress Code Publishing Houses printed hundreds of different versions of
the destroyed documents and scattered them throughout the land. With the help of
Carnegie libraries, select members of the Congress and the Courts, the Sir William
Hickey, Esq.1846 version of “The Constitution” was chosen as the “Standard Version”
adopted by resolution of volume purchase by the select membership in the U.S.
Congress and the Courts in February 1847. The U.S. Congress then ordered it “Franked
(mailed at the government expense)” to the public by the new March 1847 Post Roads
and Postal Franking Act. This officially established the date in which the so-called
Twelve Articles (Charter) of Federal Amendment (commonly known as the Bill of
Rights) were first officially published in America. And this is how they were actually
From 1813 forward, the Confederate Congress and its University Publishing House
Company system virtually took over the government from within by replacing all of the
original American non-enumerated Declarations with cleverly transposed “enumerated
Constitutions” in typical Royal Family River Basin Corporate (Magna Charta) Charter
style, by simply transposing (substituting) the word “That” wherever it appeared in the
text with a capital Arabic numeral symbol, substituting semi-colons with ordinary
commas, changing words and word order. In some cases, involving the original
individual Colonial Declarations, a capital Arabic Numeral Symbol was added before
the declarative word “That”. Later versions included the addition of small Arabic
numeral symbols within the “Capital Enumerated Articles” of the Constitution(s). After
the 1812 Archives Depository fires, all such American official assemblies under
Federal, i.e., Confederate Congress control and authority via the bastardized (Revised)
American documents, were possessed of “A Committee of Style… and Arrangement.”
The clear objective was to remove the potential widespread global threat of candid
Republican government from the minds of the People, while directing the operation of
the government back to the desired European Royal Family’s control over all Worldly
Culture agenda.
Therefore, from 1813 forward, the original fourteen American Colonies no longer had a
“Senate and House of Deputies,” but instead consisted of a “Senate and House of
Representatives,” simply by reason of clever Private University Publishing House
Company substituting the original American Republican Instruments with the
transposed “Constitution Versions” to eliminate the need for a public vote. Interestingly,
the records show that by 1859 the original remaining 13-American Colonies were
attempting to function via their THIRD NEW CONSTITUTION VERSION (The 2nd
and 3rd Versions by Public Vote) on the average; while the 14th Colony (Providence
Plantations & Western Territory) simply vanished from record, and is now known as
“Canada”, to even include the Northern part of the Louisiana Purchase!
“Representative” simply means implied unlimited or limited power of attorney. By 1816
all original “Fourteen American Republican Colonies” had been cleverly transformed
into “Corporate Democratic Republics” by the Confederate Congress of New York and
its notorious private University Publish House Companies; and the 14th Colony,
Providence Plantations, extending from Rhode Island to the Northern tip of Nova Scotia
and Territories West, had been cleverly ceded from the United American Colonies by
the Confederate Congress of New York and its private University Publishing House
Company’s manipulation of the original American Colonial records.
This points out that from 1813 forward, the University transpositions remained
continuous and uniform to coincide with United States Statutes at Large (i.e. formerly
known as Lawyers Guides of Great Britain…for the American Colonies). The
connection here is “When in the course of Human Events, it becomes necessary for one
people…, etc, etc.” (July 4, 1776). This Unanimous Declaration made it clear to the rest
of the Candid World (this one People), that henceforth all connection (all ties whatever)
is absolved and dissolved from the European Royal Family and its University clergy
(lawyers and professors of Degree), and its diverse Culture Control agenda. That would
include those lawyers’ Guides too, wouldn’t it?
The foregoing research references disclose that our undertaking to restore National
Republican government is certainly much greater now in this century than what
confronted those American Framers between 1774 and 1812, primarily because of the
massive increase of the World’s Republican (Family) population compounded by the
University’s near-complete control of all World Media and Public Education at the
public expense from 1910 forward to the present time, compounded even further by the
University-induced functional illiteracy problem involving 98% of the present
population. Other than these features, the only thing that has changed is technology, and
the speed of communications.
At this point, we must necessarily switch our focus to another very important Natural
Law known as Law of Language (grammar) in order to establish the desired
“Uniformity of Understanding (The element of Functional Literacy) among the Natural
Republican State of the World,” which is the most important single element dealing
with any public issue, to include the National Defense of, by and for our Republican
States from without as well as from within, and the winning of any war without as well
as within.
Law of Language
Interestingly, the Law of Language was formerly the sole property, so to speak, of only
The Candid English/Latin Speaking World at the time of the 1776 Unanimous
Declaration. Since the turn of the 19th Century, the Law of Language has extended,
more or less, to include a major segment of The Non-Candid Indigenous World
adopting the English/Latin language due to the development of global communications
and commerce. And this is a good thing. However, the Natural Republican State of the
World exists and extends to both the Candid (white) World and the Non-Candid (nonwhite)
Indigenous World equally, regardless of the mode of communications between
individuals thereof, especially for the subject purpose of this writing. Essentially no
man, woman or child is exempt from the importance of this Republican State reference
subject, free of corporate influences.
The European Royal Family Rule has been in fact, up to this time, Rule by Class via an
illusion of “Collective Sovereignty.” It’s been an illusion because the People have been
barred from assembling as a whole due to the lack of knowledge and technologies, and
their elected “representatives” have, by default of the People, taken on the role of
“Collective Representative Sovereignty for the Common Good”, and have even become
so bold as to allege that they are “qualified public leaders”! The University Company
has cleverly substituted “equality” in lieu of the actual state of being “equal.” But now
the People have the necessary technology – the Internet – to assemble for the first time in
history, and, in fact, as “Equals,” but the real key at all times is “Uniformity of
Understanding what is written, read, and said.” During the American Revolutionary
period, the concerned European Royal Family University Clergy applied the reference:
“The candid American Farmers are all as Lawyers”! Perhaps that is again taking shape
in America, as well as in other parts of the World, thanks to the Internet.
The good news is that even though it has taken more than 230-years for the European
Royal Family Confederate Congress University Company Culture Control (Land &
Water, to now include Air) modus operendae to mature to the point it presently has;
widespread public exposure of its criminal activity from within remains its greatest
natural enemy as history has very well proved, with its operatives being driven
underground three times in American history. Perhaps the Fourth time will be more

America’s Future in Peril and Elections Alert.

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(Young Republicans, Funny Soda establishment drink)

Well, the time is close for ending of blog for I wanted to post information concerning relationship between Agenda 21, United Nations plans in the works since league of nations, Military installations deterioration like Fort Polk, known risk and injury to family members while serving over the years (lack of informed consent while the future global government was in the works all along) and the deliberate ignoring of their safety or health concerns during attempts at seeking medical care while many living at those assigned destinations (Camp LeJune another example). A woman with a phd. will publish that for me and save me the time for has collected most information all across and it is no coincidence that our monetary system is collapsing nor the push over the past 40 years of the take over of our country; regardless who gets hurts or suffers in the process. I believe both political parties have been taken over by the same inimical interest who will march us all the way to a different type of America. The sad part is that the global players admit that it is a tricky process for who will regulate the elite? At 41 or so minutes of this video David Rothkopf of the Department of Commerce and Carnegie Peace expert; also book writer of the Super Class or Ruling class something admits that problems could occur for global elite wont be restrained by any one group of people or nation since all borderless and no one has done studies to what could happen in such a scenario. Well, I guess the regular citizens will just work and work and America should had never allowed these autocrats to have such power over them and our once safe and ruled by checks and balances Constitutional Republic.

To me it was never about a party or a special interest group but about our country; for if we cannot save ourselves and our prosperity how is it that we could save someone else? Also, religion should not be used as the main platform for there are many conservatives that vote Republican who belong to different religions or worldviews and yes some people may also be conservative but gay and that is their right. I always wondered at the begining of most campaigns why people were being rude to newcomers and even portraying an excluding type of attitude. I was attending University and often with my books on my arms but attending public events and invitations to gatherings but later find that many of these stemmed from some religious type of group which perplexed me for I could never imagine religion per se to be an issue but for globalists this has posed a useful tool for now religion and in my opinion extreme religious viewpoints have been coming to dominate parts of elections by some groups. If we cannot save America, how is it that we could save our freedom or religion? Also, I do not believe that anyone should use their power from religious organizations to even think of excluding any curious new comer to conservative principles or the Republican Party in general. Many wedge issues such as gender orientation, social views, religious preference, choice of giving priority to own districts or if someone goes to church or not should not be used as platform but to teach by example and education. This is why I no longer will keep an affilitation with any political party but will vote for Ron Paul for he is the only one with a sound voting record and the last hope in saving this nation without a global expansion agenda as others who promote ties with NATO and other pro-war types of organizations. Obama is no different since has taken America to unConstitutional wars and expansionism taking us further to globalization and world government.

Barry Goldwater-The media is very silent about the fact that Barry Goldwater was himself Jewish but often not mentioned so an excuse could be given that anyone who dares to criticize the pro-war, pro-entaglement or pro-one sided stance could be labeled anti-semite or Anti-something? Regardless of strange events or outcomes like 911, Oklahoma city bombing, Gulf of Tonkin, Afganistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Egypt etc etc etc., we are supposed to support any status quo and not our own beliefs or independent opinion. I thought I could be a precicnt leader of our nation not that of AIPAC, NATO, Rand Corporations etc.
Anyway, here is a University paper I did on Barry Goldwater:
Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona), served in the United States senate for more than thirty years and was influenced by two worldviews; that of Christianity as an Episcopalian and by Jewish cultural influences as the son of a prominent Jew. These two worldviews are at the pivot of American politics today with many Christians often taking onerous views on religion which Barry Goldwater warned us about since these stances could become a divisive element taking our representative system of government apart. The behaviors of the worldview are often not being practiced and instead replaced with confusion, fear and talks of more wars while America fails to humanists. I have greater understanding of voting struggles today thanks to the great work by Goldwater.
Main Paper:
People around the world come from different backgrounds, cultures, levels of education and individual worldviews that often shape their actions and behaviors. This is an important concept and one of concern since many do not fully understand or follow their worldview principles. According to a research conducted by Barna in 2003, “Ninety-one percent of all born again adults and 98% of all born again teenagers do not have a biblical worldview.” (Other: Lecture Seven). It is not just ok to say Christians feel spiritual but to actually follow the Christian worldview in actions; especially since the new birth in Christ means a lot more than a label. (John 3). To truly experience new birth with Christ one has to become like our spiritual father and reveal the God of the Universe in the way we think, feel and live. (Cosgroves, 2006). Today in the name of the humanist social justice movement and via other onerous religious organizations worldviews, America is losing its liberties, economic stability and Christian foundation. This is not just affecting our educational system but also our world of politics. This is one of the many reasons that I admire greatly Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona) who had served in the senate for more than 30 thirty years and who warned us about allowing religious divisive issues to be followed blindly or dominate politics. He has been a great role model to me for it is palpable the consequences that we are suffering due to ignoring many of his warnings and a volatile topic across political voting district precincts.
Barry Goldwater was influenced by Christianity and Jewish cultural worldviews. He learned a lot about hard work ethics, taking care of family needs and business while serving as President of his inherited Jewish father’s department store, Goldwater Inc. (Goldwater Barry, In Culture wars). He also had a strong military background while serving first as a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot (1941-1945) and later retired from the Air force reserves with the rank of major general. Barry was a very unusual character and reflective of what America stands for since it is a Nation of people from diverse cultures that although many hold dear their heritage; feel and are today American. Many bring their unique worldviews but embrace the liberties in religion and the good Christian foundation that have made America great. For example, Goldwater’s father was an immigrant Jew that came from the way of Poland and Russia. During these times many Jews were scattered over that region and knew firsthand what it was like to live in a country that offers neither liberties nor self-determination which consequently Jews overcame the many obstacles and later migrated to the United States t start a new life. (Shankman, 1975). Once here many worked hard, brought up their children with appreciation for education, passion for business and optimistic outlook for self-preservation so as not to fall again in harm’s way. This is perhaps what may have influenced Barry’s Goldwater guard for religious liberties and limited government intervention into citizens’ lives. Equally admirable was his moderate views on women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies without having extreme religious factions deciding for them. In ultra- orthodox Jewish Hasidic laws women are expected to just work in the house and not even seek education which some enjoy but others who are perhaps born with higher intellectual needs may often be denied any self-expression. (Davidman & Greil, 2007) This is not to criticize but to point out that Barry Goldwater often viewed black and white issues or extreme worldviews as a threat to growth and personal liberties. In America today many Jewish women and Jews in general find some relief from oppression and still are able to live in their special communities without prejudices since America has freedom of religion. Barry Goldwater stated publicly, “ “By maintaining the separation of church and state,” he explained, “the United States has avoided the intolerance which has so divided the rest of the world with religious wars . . . Can any of us refute the wisdom of Madison and the other framers? Can anyone look at the carnage in Iran, the bloodshed in Northern Ireland, or the bombs bursting in Lebanon and yet question the dangers of injecting religious issues into the affairs of state?” (, 1998). He has been a good role model for becoming better informed on this issue; especially since today many precinct leaders and others running for public office are often out casted or made miserable is they do not endorse war or other such segmented onerous religious stances. Many congressmen today are even asked to sign pledges of support to certain foreign groups while often having to neglect their own districts. Are they the representatives of the U.S. tax payers or those of foreign governments or entities which often profit while America perishes? Yearly America loses its liberties due to endless wars that have religious stances and these events are leading us down to the slippery slope of perhaps losing all freedom of religion down the road. The United Nations and their humanism religion will be offered as the solutions while all the while allowed to happen in order to harness America’s wealth and freedoms. Another answer offered may be a central one-world government not too different from the one described by the author Cosgroves when mentioning the book the Brave New World.
In conclusion, Barry Goldwater used his personal experiences or worldviews to work for the liberty of individuals and in followed in actions God’s work for he wished for our nation to be careful so as not to fall into religious divisions, onerous stances against choice and future chaos. He had courage to pursue his own set of beliefs often challenging orthodoxies and demonstrated this when choosing to be an Episcopalian, a form of religion that is mostly formed by individuals coming from other worldviews. A study conducted for that religion concluded, “Most of our respondents narrated their religious transformation as a process of biographical disruption”. ((Hall, Koenig, Meador, 2010). I fully understand Goldwater since could personally relate to the fact that we most often need to question status quo and follow our inner worldviews; the ones that are truly leading us to a life in Gods character and humility not in perpetual wars, loss of liberties and neglecting to call out when great injustice or bondage may be placed in stealth upon the masses. My background is just as diverse with many influences of German, Spanish and American experiences but choosing to truly live a Christian worldview that follows God in character not in servitude to humanists or war propagandists.
Anyway, this was posted for elections will be volatile and Ron Paul supporters will need to be patient for many do not accept the fact that he has won most polls. Everytime Ron Paul comes ahead in the polls I note a lot of disregard in behavior for those that support his limited intervention and pro-American economy views. So, please be careful. I will finish my role as precicnt leader until new elections 2012 so please volunteer. I wish to thank my family for their support in the time I took for serving as a precinct leader. God bless and protect us.

Global elites in their own words…below

Cosgrove, M. P. (2006). Foundations of Christian thought: Faith, learning, and
the Christian worldview. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel
Davidman, L., & Greil, A. L. (2007). Characters in search of a script: the exit narratives of
formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion,
46(2), 201-216. Retrieved from EBSCOhost
Goldwater, Barry. (2010). In Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints,
, and Voices. Retrieved from
Hall, D. E., Koenig, H., & Meador, K. G. (2010). Episcopal measure of faith tradition: a context-
specific approach to measuring religiousness. Journal of Religion specific approach to
measuring religiousness. Journal of Religion and Health, 49(2), 164-178
Retrieved from EBSCOhost., 1998. Church & State. Retrieved from
Shankman, A. (1975). Brothers Across the Sea: Afro–Americans on the Persecution of Russian
Jews, 1881–1917. Jewish Social Studies, 37(2), 114-121. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
Photo Image from product bought from Young Republicans at beginning of a meeting and not an endorsement of this personal Precinct 391 blog. It says, Old Fashioned GOP Soda,
Same damn ingredients since the 80’s
Now with 11.4 % more conservative Tears.

Understanding Financial System and Implications to US Sovereignty.

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Time is near for the closing of this blog. Many other individuals all across the United States have worked very hard over the years to try to educate working Americans as to the dangers to losing our liberties and States independence to bureaucrats. America must have the hunger to remain free and feel the desire for it deep down in their belly for if not then our nation then dies plain and simply. If Americans truly wish to keep their liberties then they must fight for them and with all their might while working daily to make their lives and economy stronger and better while running despots out of office. The clock is ticking and many of the changes occurring will be irreversible and trust that from this day on forward many more unexplainable events will come to light until our beautiful America may be no more unless the people stand-up to the injustice. This has all been in the works for years and no coincidence that according to Professor and book author Anthony Sutton financial elite have always funded all sides in all wars to include communism which today they have made come full circle as the so called new economy and profited handsomely but now move to expand their power worldwide and a threat of course to all people across the world for a one world centralized army may be more tyrannical than the threat posed by any indepedent nation in comparison. There will always be those at the top running the show and may not always have the worlds best interest in mind; especially when controlling basic necessities such as land for shelter, food, air and water. Under our existing yet falling Constitutional Republic elected officials had to represent the will of the people but with each passing day they do not for if we are not in charge of our own money then obviuosly then we could never in reality be in charge of our nation. All of our elected officials are serving below those that hold our financial system and then why can they not coin their own money interest free as our Constitution more clearly stated? So, should we just start over by way of 1776 or continue down the slippery slope of total slavery to self-declared masters, America you must decide now for time is running out. If our country gets taken back by a miracle from heaven then of course we must not trust the new infiltrators that will once again attempt to fool everyone just like they did during our first attempt at independence.

(, Financial System).

Reasons behind the Destruction of Middle Class in America.

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Book author Dr. John Coleman states that powerful global financiers along with some members of our congress are deliberately participating in the planned destruction of the middle class in America since it existence hinders the planned post-industrial society which is one based on less growth. This is one of the many reasons for the controlling of agriculture and the many new regulations over food, energy and water. Th author wrote the book, Socialism: The Road to Slavery and the controversial club of Rome. What is even more amazing is that this video presentation was made around the time Clinton was in office and today the information is even more riveting; especially in view that even our light bulb choices are being regulated. Also, at that time the so-called health care reform was basically in the discussion stage and now after one more President in office a current reality. FDA was conducting studies on implantable devices for a health care reform registration database since 2004. It is of great concern the many unconstitutional laws, violations of our privacy, health, space and even the possible threat to access to the very air that we breathe. Carbon credits are purported to be like a new money-making commodity with Gore having an investment firm ready for that piece of action In London. Also, today there is talk of a Smart Grid which is slowly being implemented with incremental radio-frequency products such as Smart energy meters that benefit the system and planners but not so much the health of the people. Daily exposure to radio-frequency products does have health effects on the human body to include possible violations of privacy and inimical outside exposure to your daily activities on a grid. Many of these so call changes were presented as great since they would lower costs and make things convenient but the opposite has occurred; especially in California which most people’s utility bills actually went up. Americans are daily losing liberties and something must be done for we must not allow ourselves to be subjected to possible abuse nor changed without our consent from being human beings to later be transformed into something more like a battery having our energy and frequencies being monitored or read on a daily basis. I am a woman, mother with children and just have a small chihuahua dog but American MEN in this country need to protect their women, nation and their children and quit being so darn passive by just watching this great Nation being usurped and destroyed to poverty, looting, Treason and enslavement. Everyday there is a new violation to our humanity and our form of government is being overthrown and something must be done before it’s too late. So, Wake-up America and fast unless we all wish to become just someones’ money making profit taxable frequency battery. Enough said.