It does not take a rocket scientist to note that our Nation seems to be coming under attack at all fronts- economic, political, social and health. Legislation was there to protect the people and their property but today it is being used to take away liberties and property. In other words the law has been perverted and used today to take away all aspects of our humanity. This past few years we have lost our rights to clean food under food bill S 510, water with the so called water bill (Clean water Act) which gave the right of the no longer representative of the people so called governing system to control even the water falling from the sky as rain which in some states one could be cited for even collecting water in a bucket. The irony is that even that water may now be contaminated via the radiation coming from the Japan nuclear/tsunami/disaster which as of late there seems to be one disaster after the other destroying sovereign populations. One would suspect so many demise’s as an attempt to create an order out of chaos in that of destroying local and national economies in order to create the much desired One World Government that the few so much desire and have been planning since after WWII. The United Nations stemmed from the League of Nations after WWII both of which came from big $$ financial planners and inimical interests (funded to profit from both sides of the war) that to this day wish to own the world and all that lives on the planet. The debt of course in the financial system can never be repaid for that would be almost impossible so citizens worldwide become debtors that eventually may over-burden the system and those at the very top have reason to worry for the bubble eventually will burst for real productivity is what drives the market NOT wishful thinking, electronically produced money not backed by gold (easier for them to spend), derivatives, toxic swaps or corporations 24/7 calamities stemming out from their greed, corruption and just plain wish to control people & markets regardless of the consequences. Eventually the problem with how pension funds get paid when coffers may be empty or how social security will be paid when so many in US have reached an age to collect their well deserved retirements which they paid over the years but funds not there, so what is the solution, population control? why so many altered genetics even in our food supply which causes possible organ damage? Silence implies consent and quite frankly there are responsible ways to deal with problems and yes it is our duty to protect our NATION and our bodies from harm and from abuse.

Coming Together as a Nation

Enough evidence by citizen journalist’s worldwide is showing abuse, planning and gross negligence of power players delivering fake news, profiteering and plunder of others economies and even right here in the US a weather monitor station owned by inimical interests which by their ownership and foreign ties pose a threat to the well being of the Citizens of the United States.
Now there is a lot of concern for the State of Tennessee and flooding occuring all over our southern States which are the heartland of America since these have been transportation hubs for the United States and farmland. Citizens must be on the look-out for any unsual activity and be on the watch for your land, property and economic vitality. There seems to be general efforts via so many calamities as of late in destroying or dismantling of our economy and land. Citizens have the right to protect their land and health; especially with the ramifications of the existing radiation coming out into the atmosphere from Japan which could eventually contaminate our populations, crops and or food supply. The course of events are extremely unsual and each with huge ramifications to health, economy and nation’s independence. Be alert and pray.