There is a move towards the selling or give away “to an undisclosed thus far” non-profit ??? Why undisclosed? Future cat in a bag perhaps? And what is exactly a non-profit since in recent years there are new classifications for profits that could fall under the non-profit umbrellas. In times of investment houses recommending business and investment leverage, it makes sense to be very careful on getting rid of assets at a Loss. An asset is better than a liability on the books so why gamble with an asset and not inform the voters of what is at stake or make decisions without their approval or consent?

On the radio program interview with Douglas Bruce; he pointed out that Memorial Hospital was charterd years ago and belonging to the city and the citizens of Colorado Springs and that it should not be sold without their permission or true disclosure of information as it being an asset worth about $501 million and should not be sold for FREE for less than its actual value since that would be equivalent to paying off your house or property and then selling it for only 1% of its value and that is bad math that does not make sense. If the hospital is sold then it should be for the full amount and in increments of payments and then that money go towards the citizens need to pay off for parks, etc., and other such city needs but not a give away for it is part of citizens history and an asset. There is a meeting in January and for those concerned about the potential give-away for less than its value or for decisions without citizenry approval then attend: Attend the Jan. 25th council meeting at 1 p.m. and speak out to oppose the giveaway of Memorial Hospital until more is disclosed to the voting public.

The Business journal has another article here “Memorial…task force” and several other issues that discuss both sides. In days of assets being given away to WallStreet it makes sense for taxpayers to be concerned about the few assets in existance. Some citizens do not agree with task forces or committees for often the members in the groups could be of “special interests” and NOT representaive of the voters. Many remember also that there are task forces today in existence that are working towards a north american union and agenda 21 UN sustainability and not really a group representative of the citizens members of the United States Constitutional Republic, one Nation under God also with Liberty and justice for all. May our creator inspire our leaders to do the right thing for the people, our nation and the city.