The following are post election commentaries and feedback responses via-email by J.W., a long time active voter and member of the community who has attended and organized different election activities over the years; concerning 2010 elections and results.
J.W. feed-back commentary Re:Information sent to GOP Leadership,

Memo below is clever misdirection, propaganda piece by DickWad hams. The only reason the GOP won what was won is not because voters ran to the GOP but because it was the only place to run away from the Dems. Except, that is, where the GOP candidates were either simply too odious or chose too many of the wrong issues to run with that it could not be stomached.

He doesn’t say anything about Guv’s election and instead focused on Dems messaging for lost races and supposedly great GOTV calling….all utter bullshit. Just like the Dems pronouncements on what they lost. Instead of focusing on the errors in their own messaging, the Dems and GOP try to blame the oppo messaging as the reason they lost. All complete BS by both establishments. Everyone can either continue to deceive themselves or begin to look at issues objectively.

As long as the GOP and certain so-called conservatives can keep lying to themselves, misdirecting the truth and failing to deal with objective politics, in two years the voters will either switch horses again or start a concerted movement to some kind–or any kind–of 3rd party.

Buck lost not only some of the women’s vote but also a lot of conservative independents because of his absolutist pro-life stance. That is born-out (pun intended) here in EPC by the vote on Initiative 62. The initiative went down with 74K “yes” and 109K “no” votes (and 12K undervotes!). This is THE most socially conservative county in Colorado. Buck only pulled 113K votes here while Suthers pulled 130K. Where do you think those 17k votes and 3K undervotes went?

Suthers never talked about the life issue and never made any “high heel” comments. Buck would have clearly walked away with another 10-15K EPC votes, that Suthers and the other statewide Republicans had, if not for the absolutist pro-life stance.

And even though narrow, the MMJ county-wide ban went down. Again, in the most conservative county in Colorado.

Social Conservatives have to be convinced that, objectively, their message is mostly toxic to Conservatives in general and should quietly disappear from the issues list at this point leading up to 2012. Emotions must not guide here but instead, hardball politics

Mail-in voting was 50% of all votes cast here. Most were already mailed when the so-called ‘Victory calling’ got heavily underway the last week or so. Calling should be near-history as a GOTV tool, especially as accomplished now. It’s so 2004, but certain people in the establishment cling to it. At minimum, it should move to only an ancillary role for very narrowly targeted voters.

The opposition moved the issues to social issues because Ken and other candidates allowed that to happen. He was advised several times not to actively run right on any social issues. He should only have run right by sticking to the TEA Party/Conservative message of Constitution, limited government, low taxes, free markets, individual rights and responsibilities. STOP.

The fallout of the Governor’s race hasn’t even begun. Thank goodness that Tancredo didn’t both lose and the GOP drop to minority status (came within a whisker, though!). In that event open warfare would ensue but it will be bad enough as it is.

Wadhams should emphatically be history. If they have any honor whatsoever, the establishment Repubs that went over to Tancredo need to hang their heads in shame and move off the stage for some time to come. The True Conservatives in the Liberty movement and TEA Party can now move forcefully to take over the GOP. That is, if they can learn to VETT THEIR CANDIDATES and learn the electoral and party process effectively to guide it, instead of it running over them.

We’ll get to the failure of all the initiatives next and what that portends for Colorado. Essentially, it’s was initiative process and huge economic/monetary/fiscal ignorance. Yet another area where establishment Republicans and co-opted TEA Partiers ought hang their heads in shame that neither actually understand free market principles nor its monetary systems. There were nearly as many economically ignorant and misguided statements made in writing and by mouth by mainstream and so-called ‘conservatives as liberals.

And maybe they’ll understand why in 2012, if they pay attention to the results of this election and the economics about to explode all over them the next two years. Given the results so far, I’m not hugely optimistic they’ll even get it then. Even with the last 3 years as a warm-up.

QE 2 will be dead by next summer if the Fed ramps it up quickly. Otherwise, just a little later, if slower to ramp. Any fiscal stimulus passed will be DOA within a quarter or two. We are in the Austrian ‘end cycle’ and the QEs and stimulus will come faster and faster now as they fail in succession. This is classic, except for those living in the Keynes/Monetarist past. Let’s see how long it takes for the “fiscal conservatives” to cave-in completely.
by J.W.
Re: E-mail information to GOP leadership.

Friday, November 5, 2010

To: Colorado Republican Leaders

From: Dick Wadhams, State Chairman

While we had much to celebrate on election night, there is no doubt we are all disappointed in the races for U.S. Senator and Governor.

Republicans won a 33-32 majority in the Colorado House of Representatives for the first time since 2002 and narrowed the margin in the State Senate to 15-20.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn and Congressman Mike Coffman were overwhelmingly reelected. Congressman-elect Cory Gardner unseated Betsy Markey in the Fourth District while Congressman-elect Scott Tipton unseated John Salazar in the Third District resulting in a 4-3 Republican advantage in Colorado’s U.S. House delegation. The last time two incumbent members of Congress were defeated in the same election in Colorado was 46 years ago in 1964.

Attorney General John Suthers and CU Regent at-large Steve Bosley were reelected while Walker Stapleton unseated Democratic incumbent State Treasurer Kerry Kennedy and Scott Gessler unseated Democratic incumbent Secretary of State Bernie Buescher resulting in a clean sweep of the other statewide offices.

There is no doubt the malicious and deceitful ads by Michael Bennet were largely responsible for Ken Buck’s defeat. Bennet and his leftist allies spent millions during the final three weeks with despicable ads narrowly targeted to undecided unaffiliated women voters attempting to make Ken Buck unacceptable. They wanted to move the debate from the economy and spending to abortion and other social issues with those voters. That narrow slice of the electorate was still up for grabs as Buck was clinging to a narrow lead going into election day. Unfortunately, their strategy worked.

Despite the myth already being propagated since election day that Democrats had a more effective turn-out operation, the Colorado Republican Victory voter identification and turnout operation was successful and superior to the Democrats.

According to the Denver Post as of today with 96 percent of precincts reported, Buck had 783,426 votes as opposed to Suthers with 908,026, Stapleton with 815,715, and Gessler with 804,953. Clearly there was a drop off between Buck and our other statewide candidates. While the Bennet/leftist media strategy moved those unaffiliated women voters away from Buck, they largely went on to vote for Republicans Suthers, Stapleton, Gessler and Bosley.

The Secretary of State race certainly bears this out. Scott Gessler was an outstanding candidate but had very little money to spend in his campaign against Secretary of State Bernie Buescher. Voters knew very little about Gessler and not that much more about the incumbent Buescher. And yet, Gessler unseated Buescher.

Had the vaunted Democratic turnout operation been as effective as post-election mythology is portraying it, Democrats would have swept all of the statewide offices we won…