There is plenty of blame to go around for the insecure and unstable state of affairs concerning our nation and the election results for 2010. The truth is that we all need to be more active in contributing that which is our best and forging the present and future of our communities and country for the better with each citizen regardless of political party affiliation doing something positive to help. One should not sacrifice individual lives and dreams at a great future in order for the end to justify the means being used in the present. Not everyone believes in giving their taxed labor or fruit of their labor to neither end human lives elsewhere nor use for inimical scientific Orwellian experiments in which the few could rule the many. As we look into past history one would think that a better more productive and efficient society would be developing but instead one finds one even more enslaving and society degrading at many levels than in the past. I often wonder that if Moses descended from heaven today he would find us even more enslaved than our ancestors for in the past it was mostly corporal or physical bondage yet today we are being enslaved at all levels and aspects of humanity even via our own breath such air under so called Cap & Trade (carbon credits), food (S510) and water (so called water bills) that makes it even illegal for communities to even collect rain water in their yards and today the human mind via frequencies. What is it that makes humanity not learn from past mistakes? How is that the population so easily falls back in complacency even at the expense of their children’ future and well being? Why can’t we continue to strive forward to appreciate the world’s beauty and in all people yet have allowed death and destruction to be so prevalent? Gradually yet efficiently both political parties continue to vote regardless of the will of the people and behind their back by not publicly displaying to voters at local post office, radio and local papers what is truly being voted on and the real impact that many of these bills will have on their present form of government and the transformation into one ruled by Oligarchs’ or self-declared kings or Queens no different than the tyrannical ones from years past who told the populace to just eat cake when things went wrong from the splurges and squandering of money. Instead of blaming others we must all look into the mirror and blame ourselves for not speaking out in time fearing criticism or ridicule and waiting until perhaps it was too late. As Americans and people coming from other diverse cultures who have contributed to the fabric that makes America such a great nation; lets come forward this New Year 2011 and try our best ever no matter in what small way, in making our nation the best ever. Lets have the determination to be more productive, smarter, healthier and efficient and develop a better paradigm shift or reawakening for America. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, pleasant holiday for all other religions and Happy New Year 2011. May our creator bless us all and help us in becoming a better people.