Summary information on the issues sent by e-mail from campaign to Voters: Ken Buck on the Issues:
Vote Ken Buck for US Senate.

Q: Does Ken want to levy a 23% tax on all goods and services?
A: Ken has never advocated for a 23% tax increase on anything. Ken is the only candidate who has taken a pledge not to increase taxes. This attack is even more outrageous given that Michael Bennet has supported raising taxes 24 times in his brief appointed term, and has refused to give straight answers about a permanent extension of the soon to expire 2001 tax cuts, which will cost Colorado families millions.

Q: Does Ken Buck wants to eliminate the Federal Department of Education?

A: No, but Ken recognizes the importance of local control, and having parents and teachers involved in educational decisions over bureaucrats in Washington D.C. As a nation we need to evaluate the successes and failures and eliminate efforts that are duplicative of what the States are doing.

Q: Will Ken Buck cut or reduce Social Security payments to seniors?

A: Ken believes Social Security is a sacred promise made to our
Nation’s seniors. He will never reduce the payments allotted for existing retirees and will fight to make the system solvent for future generations.

Q: Does Ken want to do away with Student Loans?
A: Ken is a strong advocate for federally guaranteed student loans;
his opposition is to the government takeover of ALL federally guaranteed student loans perpetrated under President Obama. Ken favors a comprehensive approach that includes private banks which have often offered more favorable rates to students then the government.

Q: Does Ken Buck want to ban birth control?
A: This is a patent falsehood. Ken Buck has never said on any occasion that he wants to ban common forms of birth control.

Q: Is it true that Ken Buck thinks being gay is a choice?
A: Ken’s running for U.S. Senate to fight to get our economy back on track by working to rein in out-of-control federal spending. Democrats and the media have tried to distract from the real issues facing our country. Coloradans care about the economy and jobs. We need to give Washington a reality check. The trillion dollars they’ve wasted of our money must stop. We need to get our economy turned around by generating economic growth.

Ken Buck was the first to successfully prosecute a hate crime and receive a conviction. In 2009, Buck filed first-degree murder and hate-crime charges against Allen Andrade, the Thornton man convicted by a Greeley jury in the brutal beating death last summer of Angie Zapata, an 18-year-old transgender woman.

It was the first successful prosecutions in the nation of a hate-crime laws.

“Initially, I was skeptical about the use of the bias-motivated crimes statute,” Buck wrote in an opinion article in The Denver Post. “Through my exposure to the Zapata case, I was persuaded that these crimes are unique. Bias-motivated crimes are particularly heinous because they target an entire community of people, not just the actual victim.”


Q: What did Ken mean when he said that a woman in Weld County had buyer’s remorse?
A: Buck explained with compassion that a jury would not convict because of information the defense would use. He said a jury might interpret her complaint as “buyer’s remorse,” a statement misrepresented by opponents to make it sound as if Buck questioned her motives.

ProgressNow Colorado tracked down and exploited a woman who reported a date rape five years ago. ProgressNow is using the case in a disgusting effort to portray Republican candidate Ken Buck, the Weld County district attorney, as a monstrous misogynist who approves of rape.

Date rape convictions are especially unlikely. Typical cases consist of “he said” v. “she said” and not much more. The defendant has the advantage of a
presumption of innocence; the victim is burdened with providing proof.
Buck advised her of other legal remedies but warned that they may lead to hurtful defense attacks. To be certain he was making the right call, Buck asked the office of then-Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy, arguably the state’s most aggressive sex crimes prosecutor at the time, to review the case. Lacey’s prosecutors concurred with Buck.

Buck has an impressive list of high-profile rape and date-rape convictions. His
department’s relentless prosecution of rapist Brandon Bradshaw resulted in a
192-year sentence.

My Comment: Lastly it was Bennet who gave the deciding vote for the bailouts and who refused to vote in the existing senate to audit the Federal Reserve to see where the tax payers money got spent and sent with most of the money $$ not accounted for but at the tax payers back.
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