Note and personal comment: In order to preserve our liberties we must win the Senate and Governos’ race for the nation and for the people of Colorado. The public at large is being deceived via legislations claiming to be for helping people but in reality are all about the controlling of people and over taxation bringing huge revenues to the centralized system very like much turning humans into units of production to the State. History should not repeat itself, man becomes too comfortable and tends to take his daily liberties for granted. We must unite as a people and as voters and as Karen Maes said, Dan Maes went through the process and we must not jeopardize our chances at winning. This may be our last call and our last opportunity of turning around the huge damage inflicted on our State. This so called new system is very much like the one of old, which we left to escape bondage and feudalism. Definetely no one is perfect, however we must unite and preserve our unalienable rights under our creator and not just for ourselves and our children but for all mankind. In history all governments that took control of all aspects of human life later abused them with orquestrated chaos, over taxation, death and bondage. We must preserve liberty for after all the States created the federal government and not the other way around and with limited powers, not one of dictating the take over of our liberties and freedom nor the surrender of US Citizens to foreign governmental bodies or governments. This so far done by deceipt, via legislations being passed while smiling in front of the cameras selling false promises and citizens out busy working 2 or 3 jobs and this without proper disclosure but by a sell out incumbent congress not doing their job at representing the people of America but themselves, placing our Nation in huge jeopardy and debt. Please, elders in the Republican party talk with both Maes and Tancredo, voters, democrats, alternative lifestyle individuals, young adults, all citizens in general; do not let yourselves be deceived for we all have more rights under our Constitution and bill of rights than under the heavy power of top down Statists. Today they give but tomorrow they take everything away from you to enrich themselves for after all you gave them it, for temporary relief from their own created demises, in exchange of your one of a kind Nation of liberties and representative of the people not bureaucrats form Government. Go Vote! Please, this is our last chance or America will die.