Included here is new information and commentaries as we work our way forward with our elections and candidates for the Colorado
Republican party to help restore our economy, values and liberties.

In the midst of busy schedules many have come forward to assist with our attempt at preservation of our liberties, economy, family care, self-determination, general wellness in all areas for our Nation and for the present and future well being of the state of Colorado. At times its not easy to get to know the names of all volunteers; however we wish to thank all that regardless in which small way did help with elections and fundraisers etc., a sincere thank you for all that you do. We all share in common our devotion and hope with our action steps for a better present and future for our families, friends, business associates and Nation in prosperity not bondage or dependency on inimical interests to our well being. I share the same time constraints and in spite of a busy schedule with my University classes, family and part-time business wished to post important information sent by e-mail from leadership at our headquarters.
This from our chairman, “So, what is our way forward?, … People want to see our candidates win this fall. And we will win if we remember our principles and act accordingly. For those few who have chosen to attack others, I ask you to think about this one simple question, “What principle are you demonstrating when you make personal attacks on another Republican?” I can’t think of a single positive principle that would be demonstrated, so let’s all try to step back and examine our own conduct and show some civility to each other. I know that for the overwhelming majoirity of you reading this, your conduct has been exemplary, but it never hurts to be reminded. Let’s set the standard!
…”As for Tom Tancredo and his Third Party candidacy, I am not buying it. He could have chosen to go through our nominating process, but he did not. He has tried to dictate who is and who is not acceptable for our Party. He has left our Party and registered with another. But most importantly to me, he has failed his own stated principles. He pledged to serve only three terms in Congress when he first ran, and then he served four. He also voted for the TARP bailouts before he left Congress. I could go on, but I think my point is made… “As I think back to our founding fathers, I realize that they didn’t all like each other personally, There were strong wills involved and some differences of opinion. In their political careers, they didn’t all support each other. But they united in the common purpose for the good of the people. This election is not about you or me individually. It is not about John Suthers or Dan Maes or Owen Hill or Ken Buck. This election is about the direction of our State and Nation. I intend to fight with everything I have to restore and preserve this Nation – will you join me?

Andy Merritt
El Paso County Republican Chairman”. (Andy Merrit, from an e-mail message September 6, 2010).

Another great summary of events following the primary is from a fellow citizen who also like many of us has a busy schedule yet has taken the time to take notice of some circumstances and wrote this interesting article. It seems that many of the grassroots candidates across the states are facing difficulty with the establishment, however here in El Paso County it is much better and they have shown that in fact they are sincere individuals that truly care about Colorado and are of great principle. Republican new faces have not done so well in other states and more information could be found in this article by Craig Steiner, Why I Support Dan Maes. To view click on title and below are some key points…

“Want to vote for someone who hasn’t engaged in negative campaigning? Vote for Dan Maes. He hasn’t engaged in it.

Want to vote for an outsider? Vote for Dan Maes. Virtually no-one had heard of him a year ago.

Want to vote for someone who isn’t a career politician? Vote for Dan Maes. He’s never held elected office.

Want to stick it to the political ruling class? Vote for Dan Maes. The ruling class is is against him.

Want to oppose the Republican establishment? Vote for Dan Maes. A lot of the Republican establishment is against him.

Want to vote for a third party? Vote for Dan Maes. According to an opponent, Dan Maes is the third party candidate.

Want to vote Republican? Vote for Dan Maes. He is the Republican candidate.

Want to vote against politics as usual? Vote for Dan Maes. Shake it up a little.

Whether it’s Specter, Scozzafava, Crist, Castle, Murkowski, or Tancredo… the game is the same all around the country. The ruling class is not giving up without a fight. And unfortunately it’s a fight we must have before we can take back our country. That’s why I support Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Marco Rubio in Florida, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, and Joe Miller in Alaska.

And it’s just one more reason I’m voting for Dan Maes in Colorado.” (Craig Steiner, (2010). Why I Support Dan Maes. Retrieved from 303).

Please continue to help out and keep our state, nation and candidates in our daily prayers. Our future is at stake and this is our last opportunity at taking our nation back, so please help in all that you can. We may not have all the answers and yes there are some flaws; however in God We Trust. Theresa