Nominee for Governor of Colorado Dan Maes, Primary Winner Voted by the People

Our grassroots leaders against all the odds and huge opponents’ budgets win August 10, 2010 primary. The entire Republican party came together in support of the candidates voted in by the people with ken Buck for US Senate and Dan Maes for Colorado Governor. Voters are very concerned about the many inimical changes affecting their jobs with over regulation and federal mandates, declining local economy, and families need to be self sufficient and not dependent on government rescues that often comes back many times more costly via taxes and fees while also taking away individual liberties. Most of the green jobs promised by Ritter went to China and Bennett’s/Udall votes in giving away the taxpayers money for bailouts that also went to undisclosed global locations making now China a superpower buying out US Assets around the clock. Our wealth to create jobs at home, fund state budgets and sustain our economy has been transferred from our coffers to that of other global interests under the lies or promises of change which were actually not change but looting and turning us by default into a third world economy. Also under the health care bill the executive branch gives itself dictatorial powers to include the reporting of gold ownership among many other usurpations of powers in text inside the bill and hard to reverse since it was voted in by the congress with the many against liberty directives hidden and buried within the text. There are so many hidden rules inside bills that a book dedicated to uncover many of them is available at amazon, written by David Limbaugh titled, Crimes Against Liberty. Right after November elections; I am sure it will be part 2 of more wacky bills and liberty infringements but in oder to try to get re-elected most will lay low on new bills for a little and smile for the cameras until they can continue with business as usual after November taking us into bureucratic oblivion.

Now more than ever individuals are working hard to get candidates that truly care for the country, for the State of Colorado and all the hard working people in our Nation. All leaders graciously came together here in Colorado in support of the people’s choice with Richard Randall of KVOR comparing Dan Maes’ win with the determination and hard work ethic portrayed by the boxer in the movie The Cinderella Man.
Thanks to all that have helped and voted and please work smarter and harder for this is only the beginning. We cannot depend on others to do the work that is needed. Someone speaking on the radio is one person on the radio with a microphone trying to help. We need to actively work by the numbers to improve our state of affairs. Each drop of water fills up a glass and no matter in what small way you could help, please do so. Think about our community, our children, our future, our Nation and the vitality of the State of Colorado. We can become self sufficient and do a better job in all that we do each day with great determination and a hard work ethic. Each day try to do something that will empower you, help our elected leaders and help our State and Nation in a positive way. Let’s be a better mother, father, teacher, neighbor, worker, business person, leader, good voter, family, and together we could all improve how we live. Please also when possible take the time to reflect and thank our creator to include prayers, especially for our Leaders to do what is best for the people and to bring back our nation into prosperity. In God we Trust.

Dan Maes shaking hands with a party leader at Road to Victory Celebration