The primary election is August 1oth 2010 and US Senate candidates from Colorado had a chance to share their knowledge, listen, learn, discuss, offer inputs and share with voters and audience their concerns over our economy, jobs and trade issues. The Coalition for a prosperous America and other locals sponsored the event.
The Coalition for Prosperous America is a non‑profit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through farm, ranch, manufacturing and labor membership. “we cannot create achieve full employment and economic growth without fixing the trade deficit,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA.
There will be more information to be added as video and audio files get loaded for publication. This is all grassroots so not as fast as CNN or Fox but as close in timing for voters are passionate about this year elections and very focused on the well being of their Country and the state of Colorado. Several isues were brought forward such as problems with foreign currency manipulation, our record trade deficit, foreign value added taxes that act as tariffs on U.S. exports and how all this is affecting our ability to produce jobs at home. Another point discussed is the fact that trade country rivals do not play by the rules and later cause us a double taxation by subsidizing it via imports. More information will be available as more video gets loaded for publication. The forum was non partisan with both Republican and democrats attending to hear their US Senate candidates discuss the issues openly. Democrat Andrew Romanoff spoke eloquently and is putting up a strong challenge towards Michael Bennett, the incumbent appointed to take interior secretary Ken Salazar’s Senate seat. Republican Ken Buck suggested that we need to get our house in order. We have to stay competitive, discuss the issues, take action, continue to strive and come up with answers. The Washington DC establishment backed candidates Michael Bennet and Jane Norton were a no show. Another interesting question in the afternoon session was, Why do we continue to call our trade “free trade” when in reality we have managed trade by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Are we a Nation being conquered by a keyword? US senate candidate (D) Romanoff replied, Good question, this is something we must discuss and this forum is one way where with the dialogue we could all learn something.

Comments: This is the most critical election for taking back what is left of our country. WE need to elect candidates that although not perfect truly care about our Nation and the people of Colorado. After much research and yes frustrations I hope that Ken Buck gets elected as our candidate for US Senate and Dan Maes for Governor. Note that Dan Maes had sold his business to prepare to run so of course will not have lots of new income. Many entrepreneurs pay for business affairs first and themselves last and yes he could had from the start brought this forward. As Ken Buck mentioned at the Trade meeting we need to get our house in order. If we do not get the ones chosen by the people and get establishment ones then we must still try to support and hold accountable these candidates. I hope that we do not have to start over as we did in 1776 for the corruption in DC is so deep and wide that it is a problem for all of us and most be changed before we lose our country. We need to keep our safeguards as in our Constitution that are often being totally ignored when it comes to voting by both parties due to inimical lobby, banking interests, liberty taking laws, etc and that is a danger to our Constitutional Republic and to democracy for when the will of the people is taken away and the State makes its own rules and pays itself most benefits then it becomes a dictatorship and not a good thing for humanity. All such rulings in the past abused and killed their own people especially for profits and self-serving interests. Why go back to a dark past? Go out and VOTE! Please!
There is an ABC Denver Channel 7 poll for Colorado Governor including Tancredo, sent by E-mail blast,