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Coalition For A Prosperous America

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) is pleased to present:
The Colorado Senate Candidate Forum

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Candidates for the Senate seat in Colorado will appear at the Stargazers Theater in Colorado Springs, CO.
Business and community leaders and voters will learn how they can be part of the solution to fix Colorado’s and America’s economy, and will be able to ask their legislators to be accountable on trade and economic issues.

When: July 20, 2010
Where: Stargazers Theater, Colorado Springs, CO
Cost: $10 for lunch

Register here. For more information, call Sara Haimowitz, CPA Development Coordinator, at 413-203-1410, or email her at e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Ken Buck (R) – Confirmed

Andrew Romanoff (D) – Confirmed

Senator Michael Bennet (D) – Invited, not yet confirmed

Jane Norton (R) – Invited, not yet confirmed

Our Comments: We currently have no real “free trade” since it is managed by the WTO (World Trade Organization) a globalist organization that allows GMO’s, Codex, Genetic modified products etc, by Harmonizing for special interests the food and trade supplies. Definetely it is not for the best interest of the economy or citizens of the United States. Liberal McCain and Republican in name only (flip flopping since many caught on to his inimical deceptive policies) was also supporter of Cap & TRade, global warming for the rich and even tried to pass a law to help the process to regulate vitamins which was so far defeated but probably may be hidden in another bill. (google McCain and vitamins but same globalists supporting Obama are on the same page)
More information on Trade issue which pivots over our Sovereignty and right to choose products that are safe, not harmful as Codex attempts to pass here in US under WTO (World Trade Organization) that will decide with Codex Alimentarious to take away our right to eat our good foods and access to Vitamins to HARMonize with that of other Nations, Read on Trade here Free Trade, Protectionism, NAFTA, and GATT Another article here discussing New Trade Theory that mentions that the world has changed and the old current theory that was perhaps used more to take away our sovereign rights & liberties to entangle us into global governments directives bureaucracy not of liberty and in choosing our good standards. Quote from document, “The globalist myth that free trade is essential to our prosperity, as opposed to a (questionable) layer of icing on our economic cake, is ludicrous”. A good read and another book is at and called “free trade” doesnt work, for as we could clearly see it has placed us at Disadvantage not comparative advantage and this one on origins of Codex and its foundations to former global (had connections around the world) pharma giant IG-Farben The reason our Nation has deteriorated so rapidly over the years incrementally of course and not with under the barrel of a gun as in a direct war but by stealth is under a so called “free trade” that has taken our once responsible might and strength into total deregulation of standards to include having foreign oil global interests gambling with our ecosystem as in todays gulf region and this is the beginning not the end of the total future take over of our right to self-safety, self-health, self-economic vitality and future at liberty not tyranny.
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.