Gulf_oil_Spill_with added millions of gallons of dispersant chemical Corexit

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there are many usurpations of power, deceit, incompetence, and plain abuse with plenty of disregard towards the American people and all voters.
The federal government seems more intent in aiding inimical interests that hurt our economy, our communities, safety, rule or law, health, immigration directives according to the constitution etc., to name a few among so many other abuses.
The reason there are immigration laws is first of all to protect local communities from being overburdened by others not taking responsibilities in order to benefit by outsourcing their problems and lack of care unto us.
There are plenty of existing legal ways to come into a country and basic good benefits already in place. A community has the right to protect itself from too many disregards and potential crime that may result from too many people with increasing unemployment along with the added over-regulation of small businesses who are the number one future employers. What we do have is special interests here and abroad who wish to dismantle America for a future centralized type of government which as we could clearly see by their actions only truly care about making money and their own self-interests yet profess to various groups that these changes are to help them. On the contrary, what we are witnessing is more profiteering, regulations that benefit the selective worldwide not community enterprises nor minorities, and suspecting created chaos to later take more power from the people in the financial, political and health care sectors to later profit even more. If this trend continues then we will no longer be the nation born from liberty, self-created prosperity and independence. No one here I believe wishes to go back to a Feudal system reducing us to mere production units and serfs to the State or rulers. Your help is needed for these inimical interests have plenty of funds from their many scams and abuses, just think that $2.4 trillion dollars according to Bernanke went to un-disclosed banks but yet it is our tax dollars being used to benefit that very same dysfunctional tape worm that is destroying America and our people. Austere severe taxation and measures are in the works that will hurt our ability to sustain ourselves and our children. We must take action and call the senate, congress, EPA, white house, local representatives, “President” line etc, for the abuse must stop.
Oil spill is just one more event that could lead to our fast approaching demise so please call, walk precincts, read and educate yourselves on the issues, take 20 minutes a day, one day a week, write a schedule, and lets take our communities back from the wolves salivating over our taking over our country . How could we continue to help others and serve as an example when we cannot help or save ourselves? Please, our only option is to take charge.
Call today to include:
A- Doug Lamborn Colorado 5th Congressional district
437 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4422
Fax: (202) 226-2638

B- Michael Bennet – D
DC Phone: 202-224-5852
409 N Tejon, Suite 107
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Mark Udall – D

DC Phone: 202-224-5941
2880 International Circle, Suite 107
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
C- Call EPA & let them know that we hold them responsible 4 chemicals added to oceans by BP
Also that their lack of action is being accounted for in that of letting us know that claiming ignorance while further toxic chemicals added just to profit Nalco, stock sells and swaps by Goldman etc, will not be tolerated to later regulate as an excuse small communities trying to work locally.
EPA-202-343-9620. 202-343-9620(fax) (press3), 1-800-411-4EPA, 1-800-367-1044
D- Contact the White House– “President” line-
Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121
And lets ask, How is it that we have allowed a Constitutional crisis by allowing a non-native born to be our president and walking around giving speeches about new economic world orders, the post american world book by world summit davos aficionado globalist 4 the rich Fareed Zakaria (wolves in sheeps clothing selling Kool-Aid), and other such anti-american directives, laws in the making and entanglements with foreigners who do not have our interests and that of our families at heart but pure Profit?

Birth Certificate of Obama finally found after millions spent in concealing.

Finally, American men, fight and protect your women and children.
Voters and community citizens go out and protect your children and your homeland every single day or America will die plain & simple no sugar coating here like establishment leaders enjoyed doing but will voted out in 2010 elections or we will be in the “austere economic taxation without representation division of the world taxed and legislated to death until our America born from liberty may be no more. This is serious: GO VOTE and fight for your country of checks & balances before we die.
Think about our kids please who may face a world full of poisons for profit and bondage, act today and every day.