El Paso County Assembly, April 10 2010 in Pictures

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In God we trust to protect our families, ranchers, farmers, business owners, volunteers and our Nation. May our leaders be inspired to serve the well-being of the people under our creator for guidance and not strategic special interests who are so intent in dismantling our rule of law and country of checks & balances under deceiptful transformations. Lets keep all candidates in our daily prayers for challenging times lay ahead of us and may our creator keep them safe with great inner strength. By Theresa Nielsen precinct 391 co-chair

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El Paso County Republican Assembly, Saturday April 10, 2010 (Post Caucus)

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In the caucus, we had the usual Washington DC push down candidate status quo aficionados attempting to forge the event mostly in their favor; however true democracy as in our Constitutional Republic prevails with very determined volunteers to include myself trying to represent all voters not just pro Nation building and pro tax entities that call themselves fiscally responsible yet are not. Nation building brings profits mainly to bankers and special interests world wide; not the American people. After several attempts were made by unkown persons setting business appointments for Caucus evening to sabotage my attendance, I made delegate to the county assembly for April 10th and new term co-chair precinct leader for our new precicnt #391. The caucus is a special event and great if we could keep it by perhaps simplifying the forms and educating more the public and not just at election time but through out the year. To many in our area it is not so much about the political party but about the people’s well-being, their families, their jobs and other voters concerns like to be able to live a life with dignity, chance at prosperity, harmony and not in servitude to the government but in self-reliance.

The focus for 2010 and in our precinct 391 will be for state’s rights, local economy, entrepreneurship, small business and State sovereignty, so that regardless of the inimical anti-family or anti-business programs coming at the federal level our citizenry can survive. After all the States created the federal government and not the other way around and must be kept within its proper bounds and to not infringe on the rights of the people to be secure in their property and in their persons. For our precinct area and for the State of Colorado I have created a Colorado Small Business web page to help promote small business and local business productivity sponsored by a Colorado State attorney for guidance.

Enclosed are the list of candidates running for office for 2010. As a delegate I prefer candidates that are running for office from the heart; the ones that truly care for the people of Colorado and not the special money interests that tend to groom candidates for their future pet projects that often work against the American people. For senate I endorse Ken Buck, for Governor Dan Maes with executive business experience very much needed today not bureaucracy, and for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder, Dr. Charles Corry. I would like to say that second best choice for me is Scott McInnis for the governor race since he will also do well in performance and has been improving all aspects of his work.

Here is a list of the proposed Resolutions posted by the El Paso County GOP office and please print for these are very critical if we are to remain a Constituional Republic and not a future Nation ruled by wolves. Resolutions to review for the County Asssembly, Click Here. To learn more about schedules, parking, and other more specific information here is a link sent to everyone by Kay Rendleman, Click Here. Individuals from our precinct wish to thank all the volunteers that help with the events and the candidates for their dedication in trying to show face for the American people and for their hard work in studying the issues to try and restore our country to sound principles. Lets keep them in our prayers and in good will.

    Announced Candidates Running for Office

Yoon Mager

    House District 18:

Larry Liston

    U.S. Senate:

Steve Barton
Ken Buck
Robert Greenheck
Vincent Martinez
Jane Norton
Cleve Tidwell
Tom Wiens

    House District 17:

Mark Barker
Catherine “Kit”Roupe

    House District 18:

Karen Cullen

    House District 19:

Marsha Looper

    U.S. Congress:

Doug Lamborn

    House District 20:


    Attorney General:

John Suthers

    House District 21:

Bob Gardner

    Secretary of State:

Scott Gessler

    Commissioner District 1:

Darryl Glen


J.J. Ament

    Commissioner DIstrict 5:

Peggy Littleton

CU Regent At Large:
Steve Bosley

    County Assessor:

Mark Lowderman

    State Board of Equalization:


    County Clerk and Recorder:

Dr. Charles Corry
Sandra Damron

    State Senate 9:

Kent Lambert
Tom McDowell

    County Coroner:

Dr. Robert Bux

    State Senate 11:


County Sheriff:
Terry Maketa
Jacob” Jake” Shirk

    House District 14:

Dr. Janak Joshi

    County Survevor:

G. Lawrence Burnett

    House District 15:


County Treasurer:
Bob Balink