All Colorado candidates are great individuals with vast experience and who have been working very hard to bring the message of liberty, limited government intervention in the lives of the citizenry and economic prosperity to local communties that in turn will benefit the State and our Nation.  To save some time for the local Caucuses here in El Paso County Colorado Springs, we will address the main candidates who have visited and campaigned non-stop over the year and with their prior service in community activities.

Gubernatorial Candidate for Colorado 2010 Dan Maes

 The two main races for the Colorado elections 2010 are the Gubernatorial race with Candidate Dan Maes coming from the business sector of Colorado, a self-made successful entrepreneur and business executive and Scott McInnis who served as a former Colorado legislator. 


  In the Senate race we have Ken Buck who serves as a District Attorney with a lot of experience in helping implement programs that assist at risk young adults and with family who are small business owners.

The second candidate for the senate race for Colorado is Jane Norton that had served as a prior Lt. Governor and with former experience in the legislature.

For Colorado Springs County clerk we have  Dr. Chuck Corry with experience in IT- information technology and a former Marine now at the Equal Justice Foundation. The second candidate for county clerk is Sandra Damron who serves as a El Paso County Treasurer and the third candidate for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder position is Wayne Williams an attorney. As you click on their respective names you are able to click unto their webpages for more information on their work.  Please go over their webpages to learn about their work  for the country and how they will help improve our economy. Our nation needs all voters and precinct members now more than ever for we need to save our Country.  All candidates will serve Colorado well, however we need the ones that from their heart and soul  will help save Colorado and our Nation from harm and not be there for special interests but for the People, farmers, ranchers, families,  and all who truly care for our Republic. See you all at Caucus this Tuesday March 16th, 2010 at Stetson Hills Elementary. Your country needs you, please participate.  Other photographs from 2010 elections community gatherings click here

Colorado Resolutions posted at the Coalition for the Conservative Majority for printing for your Precinct group to review and vote for – Resolutions click here

Governor Debate video Click here