Stetson Hills Elementary 4910 Jedediah Smith Rd.

   The elections for the year 2010 and the Republican Caucus here in Colorado Springs  March 16th wil be  the most important one in the history of the United States and for the state of Colorado. Our Nation is at a turning point in which we must decide if we are to remain free enjoying our liberties and economic prosperity with self reliance or if we are to forever be entangled towards Federal pre-planned bureaucracy. Please take the time to try one more time to restore our nation to its founding principles with an independent sound economy;  for our health, our children, our neighbors, and our future.  A few of  our goals are to be economically independent, prosperous, safeguarding our childrens education, building small business,  keeping good international relations without giving up our rights or liberties and to keep our strength through economic vitality not constant conflict. The time has come for us to ride as Paul Revere did for the sake of our future and that of the world.  Below is information on the caucus agenda for the evening of March 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm Stetson Hill Elementary.  Please check the office of the county Clerk for other applicable locations on your unique precinct if out of our area.

Sample Caucus Agenda for March 16th 7:00 pm


  1. Welcome/ Sign in with ID verification. Please remember to bring your picture ID.
  2. Invocation-Pledge
  3. Select temporary Precinct Caucus Chair if no one is serving in the position & Secretary – They will conduct Caucus meeting, however their temporary roles end at end of Caucus meeting.
  4. Select 2 Volunteer Teller People. (they help tally the votes)
  5. Conduct a Preference Straw Poll for Governor & U.S Senate Republican Candidates in the race. (by secret ballot) These will be placed in an envelope for counting.
  6. Tally & Announce Straw Poll Results. Caucus Secretary will call in Straw Poll results to Republican Headquarters via speaker phone. (Attendees please bring a speaker cell phone with you if you have one just in case).
  7. Elect New Precinct Leaders (Their 2 yr. term begins at the end of caucus night).
  8. Elect Delegates & Alternates to County Assembly.
  9. Elect Delegates & Alternates to higher assemblies (Not all Precincts will be allotted higher delegates & Alternates at their Caucuses). Get some volunteers just in case.

10.   Recruit Election Judges for the Primary & General Elections.

11.   Collect Donations for the local El Paso County Republican Party. We have a new nice place thanks to the donations of individuals like you.

12.  Discuss Issues & Consider Resolutions.

13.  Collect Delegates & Alternate Fees. (It is $20.00 and helps defray costs)

14.  Solicit Volunteers for the Party; especially Poll Watchers for Election day

15.  Adjourn -You have helped forge a better community for Colorado Springs, El Paso County by your participation and helped your Nation. For more information go to