Note: Our precinct 368 cor (Colorado Republican) is now precinct 391 for it had grown and normally area split into a new precinct when it grows over a certain level. We still vote and hold Caucus at the same polling place and the address for both precints 368 and 391 is: Stetson Hills Elementary, 4910 Jedediah Smith Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Caucus is Tuesday March 16th at 7:00 p.m. Calls will be made to notify all voters and to review the caucus process for this March 16, 2010 view video here  by your GOP El Paso County webpage. 

What is the Purpose of a Caucus?
  A: A Caucus is held every 2 years to elect Delegates to represent your neighborhood Precinct inplaced on the Primary ballot)At Caucus 2 new Precinct Leaders will also be elected, and a Straw-Poll will be conducted, (an the Assembly Process. (The Delegate votes at various Assemblies will determine who will be
 unofficial vote to determine which of the U.S. Senatorial & Gubernatorial candidates the
members of the Caucus prefer)
Re-Elect Theresa Nielsen for Precinct leader

Theresa Nielsen for Precinct Leader –Precinct 391

Re-elect Theresa Nielsen for Precinct leader- Elect at Caucus March 16, 2010

  • Prior experience as Precinct Leader for precinct 368
  • Dedication to our Constitutional principles
  • Believe in Limited Government Support 2nd Amendment
  • Small Business supporter
  • Prior Military background experience
  • I support candidates that believe in a strong economy
  • I believe in Tabor and Candidates who will limit taxes
  • I believe “we the people” have a responsibility to be involved in Government
  • I wish to restore America to its Founding Principles
  • I believe in strength through economic vitality, local job growth and Family values
  • I support State’s rights and economic independence.

Theresa Nielsen