"2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Penry Exits Race"

 The Fight Still Matters, The Cause Remains…. words by Josh Penry.

     Josh Penry graciously exits Colorado’s 2010 Gubernatorial race and sent announcement to all constituents while asking for us to continue with our efforts to bring awareness into the perils of big government. He entered and exited the race with grace, valor, enthusiasm and great determination to march ahead assisting in preserving American values. My instinct tells me that we will see more of this promising conservative Colorado politician. In all gatherings attended we observed great enthusiasm for Josh Penry and his family. The gubernatorial race efforts will be of great  value for future times ahead.  Josh Penry stated in his message, “In the last two days I have had two meetings with Scott McInnis.  No deals, no job offers, no promises, no endorsements.  The conversation was meaningful.  We don’t agree on everything, but he’s ready for the job.” He hopes Scott McInnis, a remaining candidate for 2010 Colorado gubernatorial race will continue with all plans for preserving a conservative agenda. Now we could all work together in helping our candidates like Scott McInnis who has prior experience working in the legislature and help gather not just conservatives but other new voters that are not happy with the growth of big government and the infringement on our liberties. Also, there is another candidate running for Colorado Governor Dan Maes who has a background in business development. He will be visiting Colorado Springs and other areas of the State to tell the people more about his platform and business ideas for our economy. Thank you Josh Penry and family for all your time and efforts and for having the courage to have come forward for the people of Colorado.