Health Care Bill in Name Only Bulletin Alert

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     There are many reasons not to have a government health care bill for starters it is un-Constitutional for the Federal government should not be mandating nor penalizing citizens over what health provider they choose. Our form of government is that of limited power not one to use power over the citizens. Most governments that took over health care of citizens ended-up abusing the citizens and after time allowing mishaps or problems to occur and be covered-up. Russia, China , Cambodia, Germany etc., eventually did just that with many corporations creating disease to bill or be compensated by the money bureaucracy government system. Also, as of today our own government has failed many, today in many areas in which the health of citizens was at stake to save the government money and liability. For instance, in Camp Lejeune  North Carolina the water was contaminated on the base and the government to include both at the base facility and Washington DC knew for 6 years yet failed to disclose or tell the truth to the citizens and the excellent beautiful families and elite Marine soldiers. I have no respect for government officials in capitol hill using nothing but bureaucracy to later fail the public miserably and irresponsibly.  They knew very well that if the people drank the water they would get the cancers  in that area, which many did and died to include their children. Later, at Fort Polk Louisiana with many tons of documents stating how the locals, contractors, special interests would profit from military families salaries etc., and how local politicians would profit from projects of development, allowed bad pipes that for years was allowing water to come out brown and allowing families to drink it and bathe in it. The government again was thinking to save money for they can spend in foreign interests but neglect their own people.  The same banking interests who help forge League of nations after second world war had in store the downsizing and incremental closing of our military interests under Kyoto accord but build out of the country for future centralization and globalization that benefits the few. In God’s Commandments, Thou shall not Kill”  is the same even if overly, covertly or in plain sight to profit under maneuvering U.S. Laws and our Constitution that is supposed to protect U.S. Citizens from plunder and abuse.  If they were so willing to allow such deterioration then, What will these inimical interests do to our Nation and citizens in the over powerful centralized future? Sorry but we are human beings in America not laboratory future Societal experiments. Also, there was no accountability of tax payer dollars being spread to undisclosed foreign banks during bailouts, yet locally everyone wishes to burden citizens into given out more money without increase of productivity, neighborhood security nor jobs. Just recently CO-Governor Bill Ritter came to visit Colorado Springs to suggest to county commissioners a driving miles Tax. We are already paying more to renew our license plates, what next? are we people or just taxing units. We need people to go to work not to be penalized in driving mileage to go to work. I say enough is enough for this is plain disregard and abuse of the citizenry. Tax your global special interests that are driving the U.S. economy deliberately into the ground and bankruptcy. We are being led to serfdom and total enslavement with the present administration using every excuse under the sun that helps foreign banking and elite interests not the American people. This is our Land not theirs yet Ritter.

     People need Jobs not more deficit In my own situation after being  injured as I walked my dog at Fort Polk  by an exploding chlorine gas valve that cause burning to my skin I was given the run around by the so-called government bureaucracy care. How are the people of this country later be able to stand up to a bureaucratic government health system? It will be impossible for us as citizens to file lawsuits especially if they give Big Pharma more research money that in my opinion will research more where they can profit over others health situations. Citizens need jobs,  production, manufacturing  to buy their own choice of care not to buy into more deficit bureaucracy or government mandates over their health. So Wake up now!

     In Anniston Alabama the state knew that Monsanto was burying Pcbs in the soil but looked the other way and in the records released later by freedom of Information Act, the corporation place a $1.00  (one dollar) value on those citizens and the descendants of those future families. So, in reality government should never be allowed to run any kind of citizens health care for obvious reasons and that medical model is straight from Communist, Fascist and national socialist countries as was Germany under Hitler.  So, please just ask for JOBS not more bureaucracy and control over our bodies. We already have enough pharmaceutical companies pushing medical drugs, enough is enough!  Call right now: TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON CLOTURE on Senator Reid’s healthcare bill!  Call, fax, email, tweet, blog, post… and share this information with others in your state! 

vote NO on cloture

1)  ALERT:  Call Your Senators Today!
If so, CONTACT your listed Senator and DON’T STOP until the battle is over. 
A vote for cloture is a vote for the bill!
TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON CLOTURE on Senator Reid’s healthcare bill!  Call, fax, email, tweet, blog, post… and share this information with others in your state! 
• Mark Begich (D-AK)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202) 224-3004
o DC FAX: (202) 224-2354
o State Phone: (907) 271-5915
• Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202) 224-4843
o DC FAX: (202) 228-1371
o State Phone: (501) 375-2993
• Mark Pryor (D-AR)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202) 224-2353
o DC FAX: (202) 228-0908
o State Phone: (501) 324-6336
• Michael Bennet (D-CO)
o Email: 
o DC Phone: (202) 224-5852
o DC FAX: (202) 228-5036
o State Phone: (303) 455-7600
• Joe Lieberman (D-CT)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202) 224-4041
o DC FAX: (202) 224-9750
o State Phone: (860) 549-8463
• Evan Bayh (D-IN)
o Email: 
o DC Phone: (202) 224-5623
o DC FAX: (202) 228-1377
o State Phone: (317) 554-0750
• Mary Landrieu (D-LA)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202) 224-5824
o DC FAX: (202) 224-9735
o State Phone: (504) 589-2427
• Jon Tester (D-MT)
o Email: 
o DC Phone: (202) 224-2644
o DC FAX: (202) 224-8594
o State Phone: (406) 728-3003
• Ben Nelson (D-NE)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202)-224-6551
o DC FAX: (202) 228-0012
o State Phone: (402) 391-3411
• Mark Warner (D-VA)
o Email:
o DC Phone: (202)-224-2023
o DC FAX: (202) 224-6295
o State Phone: (804) 739-0247
• Jim Webb (D-VA)
o Email:  
o DC Phone: (202) 224-4024
o DC FAX: (202) 228-6363
o State Phone: (804) 771-2221

2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Penry Exits Race

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"2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Penry Exits Race"

 The Fight Still Matters, The Cause Remains…. words by Josh Penry.

     Josh Penry graciously exits Colorado’s 2010 Gubernatorial race and sent announcement to all constituents while asking for us to continue with our efforts to bring awareness into the perils of big government. He entered and exited the race with grace, valor, enthusiasm and great determination to march ahead assisting in preserving American values. My instinct tells me that we will see more of this promising conservative Colorado politician. In all gatherings attended we observed great enthusiasm for Josh Penry and his family. The gubernatorial race efforts will be of great  value for future times ahead.  Josh Penry stated in his message, “In the last two days I have had two meetings with Scott McInnis.  No deals, no job offers, no promises, no endorsements.  The conversation was meaningful.  We don’t agree on everything, but he’s ready for the job.” He hopes Scott McInnis, a remaining candidate for 2010 Colorado gubernatorial race will continue with all plans for preserving a conservative agenda. Now we could all work together in helping our candidates like Scott McInnis who has prior experience working in the legislature and help gather not just conservatives but other new voters that are not happy with the growth of big government and the infringement on our liberties. Also, there is another candidate running for Colorado Governor Dan Maes who has a background in business development. He will be visiting Colorado Springs and other areas of the State to tell the people more about his platform and business ideas for our economy. Thank you Josh Penry and family for all your time and efforts and for having the courage to have come forward for the people of Colorado.