pharmaceuticals One of biggest threats to American health is the constant advertising and push for new profitable pharmaceutical products with the recent product positioning in the consumers mind patented vaccines. “Pharmaceutical companies, for example, now spend more than $ 4 billion annually on direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising, to complement traditional selling and free samples directed only at doctors.” (Kerin, R. A., Hartley, S. W. & Rudelius, W. (2009). Marketing: the core. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, pg. 345). $4 billion spent per year just to advertise us into getting or asking doctors for prescriptions is a lot of money enough that when added in years it could help reduce State budget problems.  It was cute when Chevy Chase portrayed an American father working as a producer and product developer for food additives in the movie Family Vacation; however sad when we allow these type of professions become the norm as if the only thing that we are good at is making and producing drugs now taking it global with the hype on global population vaccinations and even the insane Orwellian talk of forcing them on the citizenry. There is a lot at stake for we had an economic crisis delivered on us and now a second just as bizarre circumstance placing all our loved ones health on the line with very few truly questioning the origin of the situation and now the rush on vaccines being fast tracked almost bypassing the FDA rigorous normal testing. In business this is ideal for a corporation to have such an opportunity to fast track a product and avoid more thorough comprehensive testing and the full documented follow up on the trial subjects.

Vaccine Products The last thing Americans or the general population needs  is more drugs or pharmaceutical products to include vaccines ; especially from companies that in the past have allowed tainted substances to reach consumers. The world today is a lot more complicated and we need to stay focused and already one out of ten adults in the US is taking an anti-depressant so we sure do not need the other 9 out of 10 to be under some after effects from vaccines. Also as a society we should not allow one crisis after another to be allowed to occur and with that the changes and transformations to our form of government.  Corporate social responsibility was not followed when then head of the CDC Davis Sensor claimed not to know that the trial vaccines were switched to an untested version one X53A in 1976.  Sure it is not comfortable to discuss such matters, however the lives of our children and the general  populace wellness is at stake so we need the dialogue and be informed. The picture below is kind of funny however it is a true concern the many demands and changes asked of the American people and as Dr. Rima here explains self-shielding should be the option not force. Rogue governments of years past would often create emergencies so that the populace would accept giving up their liberties and submit to all kinds of personal intrusions. Since the 100 days of office this administration has passed more Orwellian laws that is just too overwhelming to keep up with them all, many stemming from special interests that have taken hold of both political parties. It will be up to us the people to stay vigilant and hold the top leaders accountable and run the ones not representing the people out of office ASAP. Our future is at stake and in addition to firms being expected to follow up on corporate social responsibility we also need to move on this and also be responsible to our communities, ourselves and our families and act to protect ourselves.   Stop flu vaccine by force petition

from Health Freedom

from Health Freedom

If we leave it up to pharmaceutical companies to continue doing as they please then this is how we may end up looking like in the near future.

There is talk of vaccination Teams coming to our homes and this is definitely not normal so please educate your community on these issues affecting our Nation.  (Terence P. Jeffrey, (2009). Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Intervensions’ in Private Homes, Retrieved July 16, 2009 from There is a woman from Austria former scientific reporter that was dismissed from her job for reporting on the fact that some live viruses were sent perhaps deliberately to labs in Europe. She has filed a law suit and perhaps it needs to be researched for we need to be educated on all sides of this serious flu issue. To learn more on other issues you could visit a site placed together by concerned medical professionals Pandemic Flu Online which posts information and provides a community tool box.  Of course please add your own research to educate your family, neighbors and friends. Why do I care so much about this issue?  Well in addition to being a community Precinct leader for my voting district 368, my daughters husband co-worker in Tampa Florida came down with the swine flu where he is manager, so yes this issue is very serious and our lives to include that of our precious children are at great risk. So, please educate yourselves and your loved ones and lets keep our communites safe.