In a perfect nice sunny day a great audience showed up to the Meet-and-Greet current Senator of District 7 Josh Penry, formally announce his running for Colorado Governor wishing to take the State in a new direction. He embraces creating real jobs, a sound school system for todays and tomorrow’s workforce, new and existing energies, a competitive business environment of productivity not dependency, and fiscal responsibity not one at the expense of tax payers or deficits. He introduced his family and without any notes or rehearsed itinerary in front of him spoke to the audience from the heart and said that our concerns are also his concerns and wishes for Colorado not to experience the fate of what is currently happening with California. The time to act is now and that he is prepared to do the job no matter how difficult. As a former member of Toastmaster International I could tell that our candidate for Governor came across as sincere for he had great eye contact with the audience and his delivery was word for word that of really wanting Colorado not to fail but to succeed and not by depending in the federal programs but by true independence and real job creation and support for viable business. Here are some pictures I took as many gathered during the event with the candidate and his wife staying way past the end of the program talking to members of the audience. For more information on the candidate for Governor visit About Josh Penry, in all we had one more beautiful day in sunny Colorado. Thanks for all that attended from our precinct and the community here in Colorado Springs. Special thanks to the Colonel, Chuck Broerman, attendees, other organizers, Jamie and her children for visiting with us and those that sent me e-mails letting me know about the event. I had fun and went inside the museum after and coming back out they were still people out there asking questions and greeting the candidate.

Chuck Broerman