No to Tracking & Economic Control S.1261 Biometric
No to Tracking & Economic Control S.1261 Biometric

This is an EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT to stop S.1261, The Pass Act which is worse than Real ID.  We need to contact all the members of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to kill this before it gets to the Senate floor. 
Tell them:

1. We are opposed to Real ID and the PASS Act
2.  We are opposed to being enrolled in a Biometric Identification System
3. We don’t want Social Security Numbers in our DMV databases
4.  No RFID chips in our Driver’s Licences
5.  No federal intervention with the issuance of our State driver’s licenses

6. We are not willing to trade our freedom for security.
All of these actions are unconstitutional and a direct attack on our civil liberties and our unalienable rights.

This ID is a GLOBAL BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (see this video for more details: ) and is a direct attack on our national security.

This will take you 16 minutes (one minute for each committee member) see their contact info:

Sen. Joe Leiberman,  DC voicemail: 202-224-4041,
fax: 202-224-9750, CT: 800-225-5605 Committe Chair

Sen. Susan Collins,  DC phone: 202-224-2523,   fax 202-224-2693  Maine numbers

Sen. Daniel Akatta, DC phone: 202-224-6361, fax 202-224-2126,
HI: 808-522-8970  Bill SPONSOR

Sen. Michael Bennet,  DC phone 202-224-5852, fax: 202-224-5036,  Colorado numbers

Sen. Roland Burris,  DC phone 202-224-2854 , fax: 202-228-3333,  Illinois numbers

Sen. Thomas Carper,  DC phone: 202-224-2441,
fax: 202-228-2190, Delaware numbers

Sen. Thomas Coburn, DC phone: 202-224-5754, fax: 202-224-6008, Oklahoma numbers

Sen. John Ensign, DC phone: 202-224-6244, fax: 202-228-2193, Nevada numbers

Sen. Lindsey Graham, DC phone: 202-224-5972, Fax: none listed, So. Carolina numbers

Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, DC voicemail: 202-224-5824,
fax: 202-224-9735, Louisiana numbers

Sen. Carl Levin, DC phone: 202-224-6221, fax: 202-224-1388, Michigan numbers

Sen. John McCain, DC phone: 202-224-2235, fax: 202-228-2862, Arizona numbers

Sen. Claire McCaskill, DC phone: 202-224-6154, fax: 202-228-6326, Missouri numbers

Sen. Mark Pryor, DC phone: 202-224-2353, fax: 202-228-0908, Arkansas numbers

Sen. Jon Tester, DC phone: 202-224-2644, fax: 202-224-8594, Montana numbers

Sen. George Voinovich, DC phone: 202-224-3353, NO fax, Ohio numbers

If we do not do our part to protect freedom, Independence Day will be meaningless.
Thank you Donna for drafting this text. See for more information. Visit to hear the EMERGENCY Broadcast with Mark Lerner. Watch the short EMERGENCY ALERT Video here: Information provided by Gary Franchi of Restore The Republic and photo by thesignguysays a citizen that helped many during the Presidential Elections with signs for their true Patriots US caring running candidates.

Your drivers license with all of your information to include social security number (tied in with your taxes etc.) will be linked with your body (ability to buy or sell) for there are pilot programs in which this enhanced biometric (your face scan on global data base to include foreign governments) drivers license may be used as a credit or debit card. This is a total intrusion into our privacy, warned about in the bible and an attack on our civil liberties for if you go to a Tea party or Voice your concern over potential abuse of the populace by the State, your digital global bimetric wont allow you to buy or sell even if you leave your country.

All of these actions are unconstitutional and a direct attack on our civil liberties and our unalienable rights. 
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