gop_organizational_meeting_elpasocounty El Paso county GOP members gathered at Coronado High School February 7, 2009 for an organizational meeting. Three new leaders for county officers were elected to include bonus members. The event started very early in the morning with all the attendees devoted, cheerful and looking forward to the dialogue for improving all aspects of the Republican party. It was a long day however very rewarding, productive and enthusiastic until the very end. There were no free lunches, special accommodations or un-fiscal promises for deficit funds; only individuals with rolled-up sleeves ready to work in the trenches and get the Republican Party in a new direction. These political events take time to conduct, involve very hard work, and take days to plan, however towards the end after the discussions you feel energized. As you leave the event you have a new sense of optimism and look forward ahead to the future. It is outstanding to see so many members of the community coming together for a unified positive purpose in that of trying to improve their local communities, districts, State and their Nation. It’s moving to see individuals that never give up for a second no matter the circumstances and show up to participate. dynamic_speakersWe had excellent speakers during the entire event to include mini-speech introductions by the bonus members and their reasons for running which make you feel so proud of the people of our great Nation. We had several different age groups represented but I was most impressed with the presentations by the young Republicans that reminded the Party that they are ready to take the leadership in a new direction back to its original conservative founding principles. The basic principles of sound created money based on true growth of free markets, of real prosperity not debt, private property and liberty. Young men and women from El Paso County are encouraged to study, share their concerns or skills, and learn more about the Republican Party and its principles.  young_republicansorganizational_meetinggop



 us_rep_douglambornIn summary, our U.S. Representative, Doug Lamborn, a Colorado Springs Republican that represents Colorado’s 5th Congressional District in El Paso County gave information during his speech about co-sponsoring HR 470 that instead of bailout to more spending would instead place money back to the Tax payers to use to invest in their local communities private sector not the outside financial interests. HR 470 is the Economic Recovery and Middle Class Tax Relief Act. He pointed out that the Obama plan in reality will do little to truly create jobs for it would take $275,000 of tax payer’s money via the bailout to create one $50,000 a year job. He asked everyone to remember what the massive federal expenditures did to Japan that did little to impact jobs with almost no growth in gross domestic product (GDP). It actually caused business and entrepreneurs to hold back with the resulting tax increases, inflated money and over regulation diminishing their abilities to invest and market. More info. on this subject referenced here on this article, NY Times Japan Non-Effective Stimulus Article



    senate_district10_billcadmanThanks to all who attended, visited and contributed to the event and congratulations to all the winners to the elected positions for new leadership and direction to the Republican Party.  Special thanks to contributors with input, KVOR radio, Jeff Wright, Jeff Crank, Senator Bill Cadman, Bremers, volunteers, head presenter, Division leaders, the young Republicans, Douglas Jones, Erika Lishock, and so many others. May our Creator continue to guard and inspire our elected representatives to lead our Nation in a Just, productive and positive direction not just for our safety but for all mankind. jeff_crank_interviews_scott_gessler1


The new key officers elected are:

  1. Party Chair- Kay Rendleman
  2. Party V Chair- Darryl Glenn
  3. Secretary- Nancy Meadows