michael_bennet_public_library Colorado governor’s nominee to replace Democratic Sen. Salazar, Michael Bennet visited Colorado Springs, Saturday January 10, 2009 at Penrose library, Carnegie room. A crowd was quickly gathering at the sign-in desk, with many of the attendees receiving an elegant boxed lunch catered by a local company, Alpine Chef. As the crowd forming inside got seated many were engaging in cheerful conversation as they sat and enjoyed their lunch patiently awaiting the Governor’s introduction of Bennet. I had noticed that many conservatives had questions regarding Bennet’s experience and background to lead in the senate as Salazar moves on to become interior secretary so I decided to go and learn more.


     Michael Bennet has a law degree from Yale, an Ivy League graduate that later in 1997 was hired by Anschutz the owner of Quest. Bennet was part of his investment team and then helped bring some near failing cinemas’ back into being productive. He had contributed to their comeback and owned some shares, “…His biggest deal was leading a movie theater transaction that ranks as one of Anschutz biggest investment successes.” (David Milstead, (2009, January). Bennet headed big-bucks deal for Anschutz, Retrieved December 11, 2009, from http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2009/jan/02/bennet-headed-theater-deal-anschutz/. Some in our precinct wanted to know more about Anschutz past business work. Phil Anschutz is a Kansas native that built his fortune through energy exploration and rail roads before the founding of Quest. He has also business interests in sports, film and the entertainment industry. He has contributed over the years to Colorado’s economic growth and I had a sigh of relief when I found out that he is also a Republican with conservative values. He will be a key player into Colorado’s energy and alternative energy which is kind of refreshing since with the new economic infrastructure development, foreign investors could very well end up owning Coloradans land and or future planned Toll Roads.  We could then end up with an economic problem, reaction and then solution being offered that may end up compromising Constituents independence, autonomy and or later loss in native’s sovereign State interests. 


     michael_bennet_senator_nomineeIn summary I would say that Michael Bennet was a very natural speaker who managed to tell a joke or two as he addressed the audience for his nominated appointed seat by the Governor to the Colorado Senate. He candidly discussed his accomplishments with his most recent work as a Denver public school Superintendent. Several other topics on their platform were conveyed to the audience with questions answered across the room. Some briefly mentioned were infrastructure building, school time increase for Kindergarten students, more educational programs, alternative energy, electronic medical records, broadband into rural areas, and mileage for autos.   I cringed at the electronic records one and auto mileage but managed to have a pleasant time nevertheless. I asked the Governor about his opinion on “free trade” and US sovereignty. In response governor Ritter said that alternative energy development cannot be outsourced. I was curious that if we save on gas a form of energy then why do we need to think or plan on maybe taxing auto driving miles?  Also, I wondered that if we are focusing on education perhaps it would be great to teach Americans at an early age about sound banking, finances, manufacturing, production and earnings following the real coinage of money and not bubbled fiat fractional reserves electronic printing. At times I even wonder if home owners someday may have a place to go as does our Fed to try and keep up with the never ending debt and fiat dysfunctional system. I do wonder where funds will come from without selling our infrastructure since our manufacturing base and jobs are all but gone yet more is wanted from us every day.  What I enjoy most from these events are the excellent people that I see that show such great concern and enthusiasm for a better America and hear them say the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.