2008 Election Results and America’s Future


     One of the leadership principles written about in the book Attila the Hun is that being a leader is often a lonely job. Another is that not all leaders get a chance to see all of their goals accomplished. The key however, is for the goals to be able to match or represent that of your electorate for if not you will have a great disparity and backlash if they get affected adversely by the goals that were not communicated. Leadership today is no longer unidirectional in which the populace would readily accept ideas or changes from the top. Now we have more of a two way conversation with a better informed public and one that is participating interactively in the political process. “There is compelling evidence that a communication revolution is underway, moving from a controlled-one-way model into a decentralized interactive one”, (Scoble and Israel, (2006) Naked Conversations United States: John Wiley & Sons, Inc). Thanks to advancement in technology and communication perhaps we may be able to change society for the better, with the public contributing more and becoming more educated about the issues affecting them.  Regardless of leadership styles or political affiliations the voters, constituents and leaders need to stay in touch with issues affecting our Nation, families and communities.  The world today is a lot more complex however these are also very exciting times in which we could say that we stand at a fork on the road, one in which we could decide to take the more positive and beneficial path instead of the negative non productive one.


     Our community leaders are not perfect nor is it possible to solve everyone’s issues. However collectively and by participating in the political process we could forge better communities and in the process get better public servants. We all need to contribute no matter by what small amount of time by sharing ideas, suggestions, or special skills that could help preserve our American way of life. In order to grow forward and not regress we must be vigilant of those wishing for changes to our way of life and form of government for our Nations’ foundation was not created with an expiration date. The time has come for us to re-evaluate who we are as a people and as a Nation and not allow globalism, financial chaos or so called terrorism to be used as an excuse to change our rule of law and system of checks and balances. It could be said that it is equally terrorizing to allow our families to suffer back into feudalism, despair and economic bondage.  Freedom, fiscal responsibility, honor and respect for ourselves and others around the world while maintaining who we are may prevent our nation from failing. In the 2008 elections perhaps we did not get the Leader that we wanted however we can still actively help out and each day do something that will help make our Nation prosper. Be a better neighbor, work harder, enterprise, be a better parent, have better relationships, and tell your elected officials that you expect them to follow their Oath of Office and to be proactive in making your State better than the year before. Call your house of representatives, department of commerce, the senate, and let the leaders know that you are not just idle watching your Nation being changed but that you are participating and part of the change and not one of a negative direction but a positive proactive one. In conclusion here are the Colorado Springs 2008 election results and some pictures of the candidates that you favored. These potential leaders did not win by numbers, however did by message delivered and that is that we need a better America. Let’s make it happen for our destiny is in our hands and we are able to forge healthy prosperous families, neighbors here and abroad and the best America that we could had asked for.  The elections of 2008 are just the beginning for a much better world and let’s decide to be part of the positive process. 

McCain/Palin REP 58.97%
Obama/Biden DEM 39.59%
Baldwin/Castle CST 0.26%
Bob Schaffer REP 56.70%
Mark Udall DEM 38.15%
Bob Kinsey GRN 1.86%
Douglas Campbell ACN 3.14%
Hal Bidlack DEM 36.68%
Doug Lamborn REP 60.32%
Amendment 46
YES 55.66%
NO 44.34%
Amendment 47
YES 50.76%
NO 49.24%
Amendment 48
YES 37.60%
NO 62.40%
Amendment 49
YES 45.34%
NO 54.66%

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 Summary Elections 2008 Colorado Springs, Co 

Pictures among yahoo voted photos for 2008:Palin family 2008leaders_pres08runcolorado_rocks