Congratulations to all the winners in the Primary Election and please note the after Primary  social for  all the El Paso County Republicans Unity Rally. Regardless of who won in the primary the gopelpaso is having a unity rally for all members and to RSVP contact This allows members to still come together as a group, share ideas, and wish well to the Candidates returning to other sectors of the community while still contributing their skills and insights. Date: Sat. August 23, 2008 doors open 9:30 am to 12:00 noon, Flying W. Ranch. Ok! Western attire.

Polls review: Here some Highlights:
Mark Waller 4110 votes 52.03%
Douglas Bruce 3790 votes 47.97%

He lost by only 320 votes!

John Newsome 19127 votes 38.87%
Dan May 30081 votes 61.13%

Rep. To The 111th US Congress Dist. 5

Jeff Crank  28.60%
Bentley Rayburn 15%
Doug Lamborn  44.25%

 Schaffer vs Udall Debate on the Issues Info.
U.S. Senate Debate: Bob Schaffer vs. Mark Udall!
WHERE: Sacred Heart Church, 2021 W Pikes Peak Ave, 80904 (Pikes Peak Ave. & 21st St.)
WHEN: This Saturday, August 16. PLEASE arrive at 2:45/3:00, Debate is 4:00-5:00. For info contact: (
Other Election information here:

Note: Thanks to all volunteers, voters, Candidates and members of the general community. We appreciate your efforts.