Discussion on US Trade 5th Congressional District Candidates Discuss Trade Issues at Public Forum

The Colorado Springs Manufacturing Task Force and the Coalition for a Prosperous America invited conservative Christians both Republicans and Democrat to discuss US Trade initiatives Tuesday May 20th, 2008. The title of the program was, Our Economy-Trade and Economic Morality: Where Must We Stand? And members of the community were invited to include all 5th Congressional Candidates from Colorado Springs. On the Republican side we had Jeff Crank who received a great loud applause from across the room as he eloquently spoke about the importance of the Trade issue especially in regards to community small business ability to co-exist with bigger business and local job growth. Democrat 5th Congressional runner Hal Bidlack also had excellent humble comments in regard to Trade policies, and answered interesting questions from the audience. Terry Stevenson a cattle rancher from Wyoming who has a degree in philosophy and theology sat between the Candidates. Mr. Stevenson also gave a great talk in which he summarized the basics on Ethics, Trade and Economic Morality especially as that started by our Founding Fathers who had experience dealing with prior Whims of Kings or Ministers that often would just take other’s property or create abusive monopolies. Our Nation he went on to say was founded on ethical and moral principles and by this experience ensured our right to private property and allowed healthy free enterprise and a great form of Capitalism unlike no other around the World.

This is one of a series of talks, debates and public forums on Trade here in the city of Colorado Springs by the presenters. Like a famous quote by Woody Allen that said, “80% of Success is Showing Up”, so we hope many more attend and show up to future presentations on the Trade issue for it affects many aspects of our lives, business and economic success to include the keeping our Sovereignty as an independent Constitutional Republic. The Trade subject could be simple yet also is very complex for others argue that if we had true sound money and if our Congress was the one to truly issue our currency as our Constitution states and not international bankers then Trade would not have been the problem as we face today taking us further into Internationalists bylaws or entanglements. This is one of the reasons that true monetary reform has been discussed this election to include proposed new Legislation like the “Honest Money Act” by Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Grass roots community groups such as prosperous America.org and others like those for sound monetary and banking reform are trying to discuss the issues so that we can continue to Trade without losing our Christian principles, Rule of Law, Nation of Checks and balances (Representative of the people) and not one in the future of un-elected bureaucrats or foreign entities ruling over us and our children. The power of the money interests will eclipse the power of our own government if we continue on this path. The founders not only warned against the tyranny of the monied powers, they also counseled “commerce with all nations, entanglements with none.” The trade agreements that are extending “international economic integration” are dangerously entangling pacts that do little to spread genuine democracy and true free enterprise. Later we could post more information written by David W. Frangel on globalization and our other founding principles for further research into the subject. We wish to thank the Candidates for taking time out from their busy campaign schedules to sit and visit with the public and other business leaders.  Note, In photo from left to right is David W. Frengel, Democrat Candidate Hal Bidlack, Terry Stevenson, and Republican Candidate Jeff Crank.