5th Congressional District Candidates Discuss Trade issues at Public Forum

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Discussion on US Trade 5th Congressional District Candidates Discuss Trade Issues at Public Forum

The Colorado Springs Manufacturing Task Force and the Coalition for a Prosperous America invited conservative Christians both Republicans and Democrat to discuss US Trade initiatives Tuesday May 20th, 2008. The title of the program was, Our Economy-Trade and Economic Morality: Where Must We Stand? And members of the community were invited to include all 5th Congressional Candidates from Colorado Springs. On the Republican side we had Jeff Crank who received a great loud applause from across the room as he eloquently spoke about the importance of the Trade issue especially in regards to community small business ability to co-exist with bigger business and local job growth. Democrat 5th Congressional runner Hal Bidlack also had excellent humble comments in regard to Trade policies, and answered interesting questions from the audience. Terry Stevenson a cattle rancher from Wyoming who has a degree in philosophy and theology sat between the Candidates. Mr. Stevenson also gave a great talk in which he summarized the basics on Ethics, Trade and Economic Morality especially as that started by our Founding Fathers who had experience dealing with prior Whims of Kings or Ministers that often would just take other’s property or create abusive monopolies. Our Nation he went on to say was founded on ethical and moral principles and by this experience ensured our right to private property and allowed healthy free enterprise and a great form of Capitalism unlike no other around the World.

This is one of a series of talks, debates and public forums on Trade here in the city of Colorado Springs by the presenters. Like a famous quote by Woody Allen that said, “80% of Success is Showing Up”, so we hope many more attend and show up to future presentations on the Trade issue for it affects many aspects of our lives, business and economic success to include the keeping our Sovereignty as an independent Constitutional Republic. The Trade subject could be simple yet also is very complex for others argue that if we had true sound money and if our Congress was the one to truly issue our currency as our Constitution states and not international bankers then Trade would not have been the problem as we face today taking us further into Internationalists bylaws or entanglements. This is one of the reasons that true monetary reform has been discussed this election to include proposed new Legislation like the “Honest Money Act” by Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Grass roots community groups such as prosperous America.org and others like those for sound monetary and banking reform are trying to discuss the issues so that we can continue to Trade without losing our Christian principles, Rule of Law, Nation of Checks and balances (Representative of the people) and not one in the future of un-elected bureaucrats or foreign entities ruling over us and our children. The power of the money interests will eclipse the power of our own government if we continue on this path. The founders not only warned against the tyranny of the monied powers, they also counseled “commerce with all nations, entanglements with none.” The trade agreements that are extending “international economic integration” are dangerously entangling pacts that do little to spread genuine democracy and true free enterprise. Later we could post more information written by David W. Frangel on globalization and our other founding principles for further research into the subject. We wish to thank the Candidates for taking time out from their busy campaign schedules to sit and visit with the public and other business leaders.  Note, In photo from left to right is David W. Frengel, Democrat Candidate Hal Bidlack, Terry Stevenson, and Republican Candidate Jeff Crank.

2008 El Paso County Republican Party Resolutions

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This list was courtesy of the local GOP office so that everyone could read, review and be informed with all the condensed resolutions from submissions of all precincts during caucus and presented at County Assembly. Your voices and concerns have been heard, reviewed and all submissions documented on file. Thanks for your concerns and participation during your caucus across the State, County Assembly and to all volunteers.
Resolution #1 Second Amendment I. WHEREAS a strong, armed citizenry is a deterrent to military dictatorship and one of the necessary pillars for individual
and national liberty and safety, for the general welfare, and for the prosperity of a nation
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party supports to the fullest extent the 2nd Amendment
right to own and bear arms.
Resolution #2 Second Amendment II.
WHEREAS ArticleII, SectionIII of the Colorado Constitution establishes their alienable right of persons to protect and defend themselves and their property:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party endorses legal protection, including criminal and civil immunity, of persons using necessary physical force, including deadly force, against threat of serious bodilyharm or
imminent death including, but not limited to a person dwelling or automobile
Resolution #3 Right to Life
WHEREAS we believe in the founding principle that all human beings are “created equal” and entitled to equal recognition under the law:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party affirms our support for a Human Life Amendment
to the US Constitution; endorses legislation making clear that 14th Amendment protections apply regardless of size, age,
illness, intellectual capacity, or physical ability; and opposes the use of public revenues for abortion and for the cloning of, or destructive experimentation on, any human being, from the single-celled ~!age until natural death.
Be it further resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party wants delegates and alternates to the National
Convention to adopt a plank stating: “On behalf of the most vulnerable, we call for the legal protection of the preborn,
the disabled, the elderly,and the ill.”
Resolution #4 Tax-Funded Embryonic Stem-Cell Research
WHEREASvembryonic stem-cell research requires killing tiny humans while adult stem cell research does not; and
WHEREAS embryonic stem cells cause rejection problems and tumors while adult stem cells do not;
WHEREAS embryonic stem cells have not helped a single patient while adult stem cells have been used in 1700 FDA-
approved human clinical trials to treat more than 70 diseases:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party –recognizing that destructive embryonic stem-cell
research is unethical, unsafe, and unnecessary –opposes the use of state or federal monies to fund it.
Resolution #5 Colorado Human Life Amendment
Whereas the God-given right to life from our Creator comes not at birth but at our creation, and in the pro-abortion Roe vrs. Wade Supreme Court Decision, Justice Harry Blackburn wrote that “if personhood is established, the {abortion}case, of
course collapses, for the fetus’ right to lifewould be guaranteed…”
Therefore, let it be resolved that the EIPaso County Republican Party supports the 2008 Colorado Human Life
Amendment sponsored by Colorado for Equal Rights that affirms that human life begins at conception and should be
protected from that moment on.
Resolution #6 Federal Marriage Amendment
WHEREAS the State of Colorado has passed a state constitutional amendment stating that marriage is a union between
one man and one woman:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party supports a Federal Marriage Amendment defining
marriage in the United States as consisting only of the union of one man and one woman.
Resolution #7 Federal Balanced Budqet
WHEREAS federal spending is out of control and is causing harm to the national economy:
THERFORE be it resolved that the EIPaso County Republican Party supports a plank to the National Party Platform
which commits elected Republicans to support a balanced federal budget.

Resolution #8 Fiscal Restraint in Congress
WHEREAS federal spending is out of control and earmarks are causing harm to the national economy;
THEREFOREbe it be resolved the EIPaso County Republican Party calls on every federal elected representative to stop
inserting earmarks
into the federal budget.

Resolution #9 Stop Earmark Abuse
WHEREAS federal spending is out of control and earmarks are causing harm to the national economy;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party calls upon every federal Elected Representative
who inserts earmarks into the federal budget to release all information about those earmarks.

Resolution #10 Abuse of Frank Mailing Privileges
WHEREAS Congressional franking privileges are often applied to the dissemination of frivolous information or to
campaign pieces masquerading as constituent updates; and
WHEREAS that money would be better spent fighting the global war on terror;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party compels all federal elected representatives to use
franking privileges only for personal handwritten correspondence between themselves and their constituents.
Resolution #11 Death Tax
WHEREAS the estate tax (death tax) is unconstitutional because it doubly taxes Americans who have worked their entire
lives to accumulate savings for their children:
THEREFORE be it resolved that Congress retain the federal law prohibiting the death tax.

Resolution #12 Bush-Pelosi Economic Stimulus Plan
WHEREAS the Bush-Pelosi Economic Stimulus Plan will increase the national debt by 1 trilliondollars; and
WHEREASthis action willhave an inflationaryimpact on our economy; and
WHEREASinflationtends to most impact those who are on a fixed income; and
WHEREASthe true causes of the slowing economy are out-of-control state and federal spending:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EIPaso County Republican Party urges its federally-elected officialsto boost our
economy by 1)balancing the federal budget and 2)enacting the fairtax

Resolution #13 Tax Reform
WHEREAS federal and state income taxes are taxes on an individual’s labor and productivity;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party supports: the Abolishment of Government
entitlement programs; the return to Strong Fiscal Responsibility and conservative spending policies; and the reform or
elimination of the IRS.
Resolution #14 Enforcing Existing Immigration Law
WHEREAS the United States, a nation of immigrants, has adopted laws and policies ensuring people of all nationalities
can legally enter our country and eventually claim citizenship;
WHEREAS our nation’s illegal immigration population is now estimated to be as high as 20 million, with at least 500,000 new illegalaliens pouring across our borders every year;
WHEREAS the cost of government services (healthcare,education, and law enforcement) for illegal aliens is, according
to a recent economic study, $30 billion a year;
WHEREAS the influx of illegal aliens constitutes an ever-present threat of terrorism;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the federal government must first build the wall on the border to protect our sovereignty
and must fully enforce existing immigration laws.
Resolution #15 Transportation Infrastructure
WHEREAS transportation is essential to growing and diversifying our economy and creating jobs:
THEREFORE be it resolved that we commit our elected leaders at the state and federal level to aggressively fight for our
fair share of the transportation dollars necessary to maintain and expand our economic infrastructure.

Resolution #16 Development of Energy Resources
WHEREAS the United States depends for much of its energy on countries and organizations hostile to our best interest;
WHEREAS Governor Ritter and various state and federal agencies are refusing to allow the exploration of resources
critical to our economy:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party supports a comprehensive local, state, and federal
policy to develop all energy resources, including RoanPlateau,off shoredrilling, and ANWR.

Resolution #17 Global Warming/Climate Change
WHEREAS AI Gore’s documentary on the man-made effects of global warming and climate change contained serious
distortions and questionable science; and
WHEREAS the UN’s Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (ICCG)report on man’s effects on global warming
used dubious research techniques in order to distort findings; and
WHEREAS many well-knownscientists dispute these findings:

THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party supports a plank to the National Party Platform
stating that the Republican Party does not support levying special, punitive, or economy-damaging taxes on private
industry or on private citizens in an attempt to reduce energy or redistribute wealth.
Resolution #18 Congressional Office Term Limits
WHEREAS many national elected office-holders have made a career of staying in office; and
WHEREAS longer terms encourage corruption of public officials:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party supports Legislation limiting the terms of United
States Congressional office-holders to a maximum of 12 years. . .
Resolution #19 Government Pavroll System Ethics
WHEREAS many Colorado government agencies (city,state, school, and special districts) use the public payroll to
deduct interest-group and labor-union membership dues and political contributions:
WHEREAS governmental bodies should remain neutral in the political process:
THEREFOREbe it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party supports a measure that, in the interest of ethical
and efficient government, would prohibit all state and local government payroll systems from deducting union
membership dues and politicalcontributions.

Resolution #20 A Resolution of support for the men and women of the United States Armed Forces
WHEREAS the Armed Forces of the United States are currently engaged in a great global war; and
WHEREAS previous wars have been undermined by criticism and doubt from public figures who lacked the resolve to
prevail against our enemies;
WHEREAS some in our country are playing into the hands of the enemy with their rallies and calls for immediate or
“phased” redeployment and timetables forwithdrawal; and
WHEREAS public broadcasts of disunity damage the morale of the American and coalition forces, and undermines-the
credibilityof the United States across the globe; and
WHEREAS national leaders, pressed by the anti-war movement, are once again, considering resolutions and legislation
that undermine the Commander-in-Chief’sability to prosecute the war; and
WHEREAS these actions will only prolong the war and serve to provide aid and comfort to the enemy; and
WHEREAS the sacrifices of these brave young men and women serve to remind us that freedom is not free and that
every American has the responsibilityto defend that freedom:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party has deepest respect for the sacrifices of those
honored dead who gave the last fullmeasure of devotion to the cause of freedom; reaffirms its unwavering admiration of
and commitment to the men and women of the Armed Forces serving in harm’s way; and insists that our national
leaders liveup to the sentiment expressed by President JohnF.Kennedy: “Let every nation know,whetheritwishesus
well or ill,that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure
the survivaland success of liberty.”
Resolution #21 School Choice
WHEREAS parents are the primary directors of their children’s education and should be given deference in the type of
education their children receive; and
WHEREAS school choice programs have repeatedly proven to improve academic and other outcomes,
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party supports the growth of public school choice
programs (includingcharter schools and cyberschools) and private school choice programs (includingvouchers and
tuition tax credits).
Resolution #22 Home-School in a home
WHEREAS home schooling remains a practical alternative for American families; and
WHEREAS returning control of education to parents is the centerpiece of the conservative education agenda; and
WHEREAS reduced taxes make it easier for parents to home school by allowing them to devote more of their own funds
to their children’s education; and
WHEREAS parity in scholarship consideration between public-school and home-school graduates should be central to
any education reform; and
WHEREAS the NoChildLeftBehindlaw, must include the protections for home schoolers included in Section 9506
(enshrininghomeschoolers’ rights)and Section 9527(guaranteeingnonationalcurriculum),
WHEREAS federal monies must never be used to undermine the rights of home-schooling parents or the culture of
educational freedom throughout the nation;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party, its members, and it selected officials seek to
protect the rights of parents who wish to home-school and to support all legislation which promotes participation in the
home-school movement toward academic excellence.
Resolution #23 Prayer in Schools
WHEREAS the United States of America was established in the Judeo-Christian tradition and WHEREAS its founders
believed a Supreme Being was guiding them;
THEREFORE be it resolved that prayer or a moment of silence be included In each school day.
Resolution #24 Healthcare Freedom
WHEREAS the people should be free to choose their own health care and health insurance, rather than be required to
participate in those stipulated by the state or any of its political subdivisions;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party believes no law should be enacted which either denies
the right to make or receive direct cash payment for lawful health care services or denies the right to purchase private
health insurance products which are legal in any other state in the Union.
Resolution #25 Regarding Trade and U.S. Sovereignty
WHEREAS so-called free-trade deals and world governmental organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC),
are a threat to our limited, Constitutional Government and to our Independence as a
Nation, in that they transfer power to unelected foreign elites; and
WHEREAS the WTO has forced Congress to change our laws; and
WHEREAS NAFTA’s superhighway is just part of a plan to erase the borders between the U.S. and Mexico;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party wants the United States to withdraw from any
organizations or trade deals that infringe upon our country’s freedom and independence.

Resolution #26 Judicial Ethics I
WHEREAS citizens have a right to expect Judges and Justices to follow, without evasion or reservation, the Constitution,
the law, and their own ethics rules and to enforce attorney ethics rules and court procedural rules; and
WHEREAS citizens have a right to have their grievances resolved in an expeditious manner;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party believes any district Judge, appellate Judge, or
Justice who refuses to hear a lawsuit regarding constitutional matters must, as soon as it is practicable, be subject to a
statewide retention election.
Resolution #27 Judicial Ethics II WHEREAS the citizens have a right to expect the Colorado Supreme Court to follow,without evasion or reservation, the
Constitution, the law,and its own ethics rules as wellas to enforce attorney ethics rules and court procedural rules;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party believes that if the Colorado Supreme Court
refuses to use its authority to enforce its own ethic standards,
it should lose the right to regulate the Legal profession and
the Colorado courts.
Resolution #28 Protection/Restoration of Personal Property Rights
WHEREAS the right to individual property and ownership is an essential pillar of a free society; and
WHEREAS that right has been eroded by an outrageous Supreme Court ruling which expands eminent domain to justify
the taking of one man’s property for the benefit of another,
under the guise of a community’s economic growth;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso Republican Party calls upon Congress to reverse this egregious Supreme
Court ruling in order to restore the protection of individual property rights.
Resolution #29 EI Paso County Water Rights
WHEREAS we live in an arid climate and depend on the free flow of water to sustain vital national defense security
interests and local economic activity:
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party encourages expeditious and common-sense
approaches to solving EL Paso County’s growing need for water, including a commitment to building the Southern
Delivery System from the Pueblo Reservoir.

Resolution #29 Proof of Citizenshipto Vote .
WHEREAS Colorado Statute requires American citizenship prior to voter eligibifity;
WHEREAS Colorado Statute requires the County Clerk & Recorder to register all “eligible” electors,
THEREFORE, be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party supports new legislation in Colorado that requires
proof-of-citizenship when a person registers to vote in our State.
Resolution #33 Photo ID Requirement to Vote
WHEREASpreventingvoterfraudisessentialtothe conduct of-fairand honest elections;and
WHEREASvoter fraud cannot be prevented ifeligiblevoters cannot be identified;
THEREFORE be it resolved that Colorado law require a person to present a government-issued identification card before
being given a ballot.

Resolution #32 Colorado Right to Work
WHEREAS no Colorado citizen should be denied the right to work in the State because he chooses not to support or join
organized labor;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party endorses an amendment to the Colorado
Constitution which states that no person may be required, as a condition of employment, to be a member of a labor
union or to pay any dues, fee, or assessment to a labor union.

Resolution #33 Commendation for US Senator Wayne Allard
WHEREAS the Honorable Wayne Allard, Colorado’s senior United States Senator, will retire at the end of this Congress;
and WHEREAS Senator Allard learned early on,from his parents, the necessity of hard work,the commitment tofamily
values, and the importance of being an active member in society; and
WHEREAS Senator Allard’s colleagues of ten relied on his intellect, ability, integrity, and judgment to help them steer a
path eA-through the most difficult and controversial issues of our times; and WHEREAS Senator Allard has always been a champion of the conservative ideals and values of the Republican Party,
and has worked tirelessly, campaign after campaign, to elect its candidates and advance its goals; and
WHEREAS Senator Allard has been one of the ablest champions of the working people of Colorado and of the entire
nation; THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party extends its congratulations to U.S. Senator Wayne S. Allard; and
Thanks him for his many years of outstanding service to the people of Colorado, the entire nation, and the Republican
party; and ,
Be it further resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party offers Senator Allard its best wishes -and its hopes that
his retirement from the Senate will not mean his retirement from the great causes for which he has already labored long and hard.

Resolution #34 Governor Ritter Executive Order

WHEREAS Governor Ritter’s November 2007 executive order rewrote state government labor policy without due debate
and discussion in the General Assembly; and
WHEREAS the order to create “employee partnerships” is a euphemism for introducing collective bargaining to state
government; and
WHEREAS the order threatens to unnecessarily increase the cost of state government services,
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party declares that the Colorado General Assembly
should revoke Governor Ritter’s executive order pertaining to “employee partnerships” in state government.

Resolution #35 Fee increase on Automobile License Plates

WHEREAS an increase in Colorado vehicle registration fees is a form of regressive taxation that will most adversely
affect hard-working middle-class families; and
WHEREAS no serious attempt has been made by the Colorado General Assembl yto prioritize the state budget to fund
needed transportation projects without raising taxes or fees,
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party opposes Governor Ritter’s proposal to raise
Colorado vehicle registration fees.

Resolution #36 Governor Ritter’s Mill Levy Freeze (Tax Increase)
WHEREAS the enacted state legislation to freeze school district mill levy rates has increased taxes without a proper vote
of the people;
WHEREAS the tax hike is estimated to generate an additional $3.8 billion in revenue from Colorado homeowners and
business owners,
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EL Paso County Republican Party opposes the 2007 action of the Colorado General
Assembly to freeze mill levy rates and also calls for a referendum of Colorado voters on this question.
Resolution #37 Caucus Procedures
WHEREAS past caucus materials were easy to follow and execute;
WHEREAS the current caucus manual created confusion, errors, and delays in the inputting of post-caucus data;
WHEREAS this delayed the delivery of important delegate and alternate information to candidates; and:
WHEREAS the current process hampered the ability to plan for the county assembly;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party returns to the previously-proven process for the
development and recording of caucus documents.
Resolution #38 Caucus & Assembly Process
WHEREAS the citizens of the State of Colorado voted in 2002 to retain the caucus and assembly process by a
62%-38% margin;
WHEREAS the citizens of Colorado believe that the caucus and assembly process is the best process to vet qualified
WHEREAS the petition process used by other states tend to yield candidates who are more moderate and less likely to
support the Republican Platform;
THEREFORE be it resolved that the EI Paso County Republican Party urges-its candidates to commit to the caucus and
assembly process since it is the most effective way to secure our party’s conservative values.