El Paso County Assembly of March 2008

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El Paso County Assembly     The El Paso County Assembly of 2008 had a great turn out, and started very early in the morning with many taking the small bus ride out from the back of the Chapel Hills Mall,  parking lot. Every few minutes the bus picked up passengers and on my bus ride where a few of us were standing it was nice to hear laughter with some attendees telling a joke or two, and to see individuals from all over the county being cheerful while holding on to their pamphlets, notebooks, and hopes of a better future.

     At our arrival to the Phil Long Expo it was very interesting to see so many actively walking around getting ready for the assembly and finding their area to pick up their information packets, district and delegate seating areas. As we walked in, there were 2 well organized lines to the sides of you with many eagerly handing out brochures about Candidates, issues, and many other relevant educational and informative material that affect our communities.

     In summary, we all followed the schedule of events and had the opportunity to learn more about the Candidates and even meet them in person. This is very important for it will give delegates, voters and guests an idea as to who is there for the interests of the People and the community and who may have been there mainly as advocates to special interests and or lobby. 

     In our House District 15, Division B, Precinct 368, Senate 10 and  Commissioner 2 area, I was very impressed by our representation. We had Doug Bruce for State House 15 with 43% of the delegate vote and with Mark Waller having 57%. Circulating in small numbers was a caricature flyer made by a Fan, of Doug Bruce in costume fighting with a sword Special Interests while a medieval maiden (labeled a Tax Payer) was safely in a protective circle at the Castle. I had a chance to eat a few jelly beans in between chuckles as I studied the caricature drawing of Bruce fighting fiercely with the sword.

     As the events proceeded in between rest room stops, food court snacks, digital camera charges etc. we had a chance to see Senator Wayne Allard speak and he received an award from El Paso County for his years of service to the community. Later we had Congressman Doug Lamborn speak about his voting record and his work in the armed services committee ending his speech with the words…..”so that we will remain the Light and Liberty to the rest of the World..” This statement resonates with many of us who have witnessed the inimical changes that are incrementally being done to our form of government in the past few years. Towards the end of the event I was most impressed with Amy Lathen for I admit not knowing much about her until the assembly, and who was voted  for El Paso County Commissioner District 2.  She had a speech written for her acceptance however placed aside at the Podium and without any script spoke about her history, values, family, and support for the people here in El Paso County, Our Constitution and Second Amendment rights, Whow! it was an excellent sincere talk from start to finish and with her family nearby supporting her holding signs with her name.  Here is a prior publicity photo of Amy our County Commissioner 2008.
Amy Lathen

     The place was a bit crowded but for some who said that they were not able to see me, well here are a few pics for as a  Delegate and your Committe Precinct person I wanted to keep you informed and give all a summary of events at the Assembly.  An educated well informed healthy public makes a great community, great communities form a great State and great States across the US make an excellent Nation.. Some of us got a chance to check out and try the feel of New Classic cars at Phil Long Auto Mall Loop in case Bush left us some money in the US Treasury or in the State of Colorado.  Humor goes a long way! See you all on the next event.

Committee Person Precinct 368

Autos at Phil Long

A Republic vrs. a Democracy, History of our Nation

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Educational material for review to better understand the concept of a democracy vrs. a Constitutional Republic.  Instead of circulating debt we have the ability to create true wealth.